W. Somerset Maugham

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Topic: The theme revealed in the novel “The moon and sixpence” Outline: I. II. Summary about writer and the novel “ The moon and sixpence” Two themes…

alpha-Lactalbumin and the origins of lactation

This note suggests a connection between a finding in molecular genetics, the molecular evolution of a-lactalbumin from lysozyme, and a problem that has been…

Viviparity and testability

Viviparity and testability

Histology of abortive eggs sites in the uterus of a viviparous, placentotrophic lizard, the skink Chalcides chalcides

Although abortive uterine eggs are often assumed to be resorbed by females of the viviparous skink Chalcides chalcides, little microscopic evidence of resorption…

Specializations of the chorioallantoic placenta in the Brazilian scincid lizard, Mabuya heathi: A new placental morphotype for reptiles.

New World skinks of the genus Mabuya exhibit a unique form of viviparity that involves ovulation of tiny (1 mm) eggs and provision of virtually all of the…

Do pregnant lizards reabsorb or abort inviable eggs? Morphological evidence from an Australian skink, Pseudemoia pagenstecheri

Although pregnant viviparous squamates are sometimes claimed to be able to resorb inviable eggs and embryos from the uterus, definitive evidence for such…

Means and Ways of Linguistic Reflexivity Manifestation in Iris Murdoch’s The Sandcastle

Means and Ways of Linguistic Reflexivity Manifestation in Iris Murdoch’s The Sandcastle

Государственное образовательное учреждение

Государственное образовательное учреждение
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