Samaritan Hebrew

Covenant & Law in the Hebrew Bible

No ancient Near Eastern parallels exist for the presentation of civil and criminal law as clauses attaching to a covenant, established between a God and a people…

New Hebraica Fragments from the Genizat Tirolensia: Hebrew and Aramaic bookbinding-manuscripts in medieval Codices of Tyrol-Austria (Xth EAJS Congress 2014, Paris)

In contrast to the East of Austria, its western part and especially the Genizat Tirolensia ist still widely unexplored. Until recently the Tyrolean libraries had…

Qoheleth: The Theology of a Hebrew Philosopher

Dissertation on the theology of Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth קהלת). The methodology is Biblical Theology.

The Hebrew Binyanim between Consonantal Text and Vocalisation: An Undervalued Clue to the History of the Hebrew Language (handout)

Corrected handout to the paper given in the Old Testament Senior Seminar, Cambridge, May 30th

“The Use of Some Particles in the Old Testament Peshitta”

My first article, on language and translation technique in the OT Peshitta…

“The Old Testament Quotations in the Old Syriac and Peshitta Gospels”

“The Old Testament Quotations in the Old Syriac and Peshitta Gospels”

Gutturals in the Tradition of Origen’s Transcriptions (in Hebrew)

"On the basis of Origen's transcriptions Kahle suggested that the gutturals were not pronounced in the Hebrew idiom reflected in the Hexapla. By…
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