Non-formal Education

Jane Austen em Portugal (con)textos

Volume dedicated to Jane Austen's work, includes bibliography of her works translated into Portuguese.

Autonomous Vehicles for Smart and Sustainable Cities: An In-Depth Exploration of Privacy and Cybersecurity Implications

Amidst rapid urban development, sustainable transportation solutions are required to meet the increasing demands for mobility whilst mitigating the potentially…

Nama : Khabibul Aziz NBI : 1311501758

Hukum Nama : Khabibul Aziz NBI : 1311501758

Hukum Pajak.docx

Hukum Pajak.docx

Between history and future of adult education Nicolaj Grundtvig and his concept of lifelong learning

The challenges of the future require (re)defining many of the existing educational attitudes and behaviours. In that creative search we sometimes seem to forget…

Slavonic Kristen Kold or five principles of Ignacy Solarz's educational concept

This chapter presents a proposition to read anew the educational/androgogic achievements of the known Polish adult educator Ignacy Solarz (1891-1940?), emphasizing…

Kashubian Folk High School: almost 30 years at service of Pomeranian, Polish and European adult education

The sketch recalls the role that the Kashubian Folk High School - known Polish non-formal adult education institution has played in civic education, promoting the…

BAB 11

BAB 11

Determination of? s using the next-to-leading-log approximation of QCD

A new measurement of αs is obtained from the distributions in thrust, heavy jet mass, energy-energy correlation and two recently introduced jet broadening…

Women, Politics and Development

Women, Politics and Development
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