John Dewey

Foucault and Pragmatism

Colin Koopman 2011 ISSN: 1832-5203 Foucault Studies, No. 11, pp. 3-10, February 2011 INTRODUCTION Foucault and Pragmatism: Introductory Notes on Metaphilosophical…

Eugenio Coseriu and His Disciples on the Issue of Synonymy

Eugenio Coseriu and His Disciples on the Issue of Synonymy

Irena Salina, Pour l'amour de l'eau (DVD)

Irena Salina, Pour l'amour de l'eau (DVD)

Creativity as Cultural Participation

Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 41:1 0021-8308 Creativity As Cultural Participation ˘ VLAD PETRE GLAVEANU jtsb_445 48..67 “Mountain peaks do not…

Swipe Right to Expose: Journalism, Privacy, and Digital Information

What happens when journalism meets dating apps at the Rio Olympics? A case study on the controversy surrounding a story covering (and potentially outing) LGBTQ…

Collateral Damage to the Truth: Reporting Casualties in Drone Strikes

What conflicts arise when journalists want transparency on drone deaths? A case study on the ethical challenges facing journalists covering drone warfare. Authors:…

CV anglais - Resume 2015 - Jim Gabaret

CV anglais - Resume 2015 - Jim Gabaret

Education Syllabus

EDUCATION Unit I: 1.1 Meaning of education and educational process: (a) General concept of education. CONCEPT OF EDUCATION: Introduction: The term ‘education’…

Prediction of Vegetable Price Based on Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

In this paper, the theory and construction methods of four models are presented for predicting the vegetable market price, which are BP neural network model, the…

Research and Implementation of Agricultural Science and Technology Consulting System Based on Ajax and Improved VSM

In order to overcome the disadvantages of inconvenience and low accuracy of keywords spitting search, and artificial answer delay for the online messages in the…

61303 EDCI 200 Belliveau

Course Syllabus Title: Cooking as Pedagogy Credits: 3 Instructor: Cynthia Belliveau, EdD Meeting dates and times: July 23 – 31. Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm,…
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