German Romanticism

'Goral ha-Tzadikim: A Forgotten Satire against Bratslav Hasidism and the Pilgrimage to Uman', Dehak: Journal of Hebrew Literature 4 (2014), pp. 283-313 (Hebrew)

Throughout the nineteenth century, Maskilic journals increased their publication of anti-Hasidic satires. From the eighteen-sixties onward, this literature came…

Intellectuality As Spiritual Practice

A draft on the relations and opportunities of transforming the scholar activity into a spiritual and meditative practice.

Antiochus I Soter (2012)

Antiochus I Soter (2012)

De Zijderoute: Van Constantinopel tot Chang'an (2014)

Nishapur, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, Kashgar, Dunhuang – de namen van de vele steden langs de Zijderoute spreken nog altijd tot de verbeelding. Maar wat was…

Response: 'On the Ideologies of Critical Editions', Evening in the Honor of the Books Imagined Hasidism / Sefer Megale Temirin, by Jonatan Meir, Ben Gurion University, March 26, 2014 (Poster + Video)

ערב ספר מגלה טמירין ברכות ודברי הרקטור פרופ' צבי הכהן הרצאת…

La philosophie comme Wissenschaftslehre Luis Fellipe Garcia, La philosophie comme Wissenschaftslehre - le projet fichtéen d'une nouvelle pratique du…

La literatura oral en Nicaragua

La literatura oral en Nicaragua

Monica Bisi, Poetica della metamorfosi e poetica della conversione: scelte formali e modelli del divenire nella letteratura

Monica Bisi, Poetica della metamorfosi e poetica della conversione: scelte formali e modelli del divenire nella letteratura

Hans Christian Hagedorn: Ein neuer Bildfund zu Thomas Manns Fiorenza : Die Verleumdung von Sandro Botticelli

In der vorliegenden Untersuchung soll nachgewiesen werden, dass die Struktur von Thomas Manns Drama "Fiorenza" (1906) eng an Sandro Botticellis…

From Oblivion to Judgment: Afterlives, Politics, and Unbeliefs in Greek Tragedy and Plato

How does the afterlife affect ethical and political considerations in this life when a culture has no unified religious dogma? This article focuses on the…

Hans Christian Hagedorn: Sean McGuffin: Der Hund

Rezension des Romans Der Hund (1990), des nordirischen Autors Sean McGuffin (Rezension der deutschen Übersetzung; Originaltitel: The hairs of…

Courts and Elites in the Hellenistic Empires (2014)

During the Hellenistic Period (c. 330-30 BCE), Alexander the Great and his successors reshaped their Persian and Greco-Macedonian legacies to create a new kind of…
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