Film History \u0026 Archiving

From Hype to Reality: A Case Study on the Evolution of the Swiss WISP Industry

The emerging use of WLAN technologies to provide WISP services in public locations has been a hot topic in the mobile industry as it threatened traditional mobile…

WLAN Communities and Internet Access Sharing: A Regulatory Overview

The widespread adoption of wireless LAN has paved the way for the emergence of a compelling alternative to cellular networks for obtaining Internet access on the…

The otherness of self: football, fandom and fragmented (sub) nationalism in Bengal

This paper examines the significance of football cultures and its mythical histories in Bengal. I specifically consider the recent social developments and its…

Material, history, arguments: unidentified publicity images and art-installations

In 2004, I located hundreds of glass-plate negatives (approximately 4 inches × 2.5 inches) in Calcutta, India. The initial process was to retrieve what looked…

Lo straniamento ingenuo: Perceval le Galois di Eric Rohmer

Lo straniamento ingenuo: Perceval le Galois di Eric Rohmer

Troppa fede nell'eccesso. Il giovane favoloso di Mario Martone

A Mario Martone's Il giovane favoloso film analysis

Acts of literary impertinence: translating Belli's Romanesco sonnets (2008)

In Daniela Caselli and Daniela La Penna (eds.), Twentieth-Century Poetic Translation: Literary Cultures in Italian and English See…

Creativity (Handbook of Translation Studies, 2013)

Entry in Gambier & van Doorslaer (eds.). Handbook of Translation Studies (volume 4) (John Benjamins, 2013), 42-46

Translation within the margin: the 'Libraries' of Henry Bohn (2009)

In Paul Bandia and John Milton, eds. Agents of Translation (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2009), pp. 107-129 This chapter considers the Victorian publisher Henry G.…

Introduction: Multimodality as challenge and resource for translation (2013)

Introduction to special issue of the Journal of Specialised Translation on multimodality

Multilingualism at the multiplex: a new audience for screen translation? (2007)

The phenomenon of subtitling as an aesthetic or political choice within a film, rather than a strategy for the transfer of a complete work, merits further…
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