archaic and classical Greek history (politica

Saviesa grega arcaica [2011]

Saviesa grega arcaica [2011]

Letter to Asklepiades dealing with pentarouroi machimoi (and another Ptolemaic fragment)

Edition of an unpublished Ptolemaic papyrus from the Cairo Museum, a fragment of a letter of the third century BCE mentioning pentarouroi machimoi, rarely attested…

La pelle di Epimenide: un corpus di scritture mantiche nell'antica Grecia?

La tradizione relativa alla sepoltura dell’indovino-purificatore cretese arcaico Epimenide a Sparta e il ritrovamento postumo della sua pelle “iscritta” può…

Fragments of land- and tax-related documents (P.Cair.Mich. II 12)

Edition of some unpublished fragments from the archive of Sokrates, tax collector of Karanis in the II century AD.

Rethinking Hermes: A new proposal

Several oddities of Hermes’ character do not seem to be explained by traditional interpretations: while in the earliest epic he is the herald, the mediator…

La corsa nell'antica Grecia, tra mito, guerra e filosofia

La corsa nell'antica Grecia, tra mito, guerra e filosofia
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