The Pyramid Prophecy By David Lane

Why Wotanism and the Pyramid Prophecy Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals
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  The Pyramid Prophecy By David Lane Contents Why Wotanism and the Pyramid ProphecyMystery Religions and the Seven Seals IntroductionChapter 1 CodingChapter ! The Seven SealsChapter  The TempleChapter # $$$ %&'(IL(DChapter ) The Mysteries The Pyramid Prophecy IntroductionPart 1Part !Part   Why Wotanism and the Pyramid Prophecy? The power of a religion was again demonstrated in the suicide bombings of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 Ser!ice to the percei!ed commands of #od can e!en o!erride the instinct for self preser!ation #i!ing credit where it is due, the  proponents of a religion called $dentity Christianity reali%ed the power of a religion when they formulated its theology as a tool to resist the &udeo'(merican)&udeo'Christian murder of the White race *owe!er, for reasons detailed here, the strategy has been a complete and utter failure $t has not stopped forced bussing, open borders,anti'White  propaganda, miscegenation or the e!er accelerating plunge to e+tinction Why? irst, it clings to the absurd idea that (merica is #od-s chosen land, for the preser!ation of the White raceSince (merica is the murderer of our race, such nonsense brings ridicule instead of capable recruits Second, $dentity clings to the .ew Testament /ost Wotanists also intelligence and force within the ni!erse which we call #od or (ll'ather (nd polls show that the maority of our ol3 share that belief Wise men 3now that our limited senses cannot percei!e the near infinite !ibrations, wa!e lengths, dimensions etc, that may e+ist *owe!er, modern White fol3 do not accept that #od is so insecure that he will torture mortals eternally if they don-t spend e!ery 4th day telling him how great he is The moti!e force of the entire ni!erse did not turn himself into a mortal man in order to ha!e himself 3illed by mortal men, in order to 3eep himself from eternally torturing mortal men The #od of .ature is not irrational .either is #od composed of some emotion called lo!e as .ew (gers and &udeo'Christians teachThe Creator made lions to eat lambs, haw3s to eat sparrows, and the races of man to compete for life, territory and power There is no lo!e, ust harsh, ruthless, pitiless,  .atural 5aw The .ew Testament is a religion of afterlife and the selfishness of  personal sal!ation The 6ld Testament is about the reality of this life on this earth The  philosophy of the 6ld Testament helped &ews con7uer the world and get the power to sentence the White race to death $t teaches ta3ing power, wealth and women, with cunning and force $ts philosophy will benefit any race or people (ryans followed the  .ew Testament and may soon be an e+tinct specie .o more needs be said888 .one the less, a religion for White ol3 is a !ital necessityTo that end $ began teaching an updated form of our most common indigenous religion about 20 years ago $ts maor deity is called Wotan, or 6din or Woden pdated to be racial rather than tribal, and to remo!e any conflict with modern science The #ods, #oddesses and myths of Wotanism represent the forces of .ature They are used to mold the character of children, they are the power of symbolism, and they both preser!e and conceal the ancient /ysteries *istory shows that a religion must ha!e a founder, often called a prophet Since no one else assumed that role, $ ha!e done so 9ecogni%ing full well the fate of prophets is usually scorn, ridicule, imprisonment or e!en death (bout 1:;0, a man named &oseph Smith, along with /asonic (depts in the /ysteries , formed a religion for the preser!ation of the White race $t was called /ormonism $t was restricted to the White race and it condoned Polygamy &oseph Smith was slandered,  called cra%y, and thrown in prison, where he died .ow at age <;, with a life sentence in  prison, $ e+pect the same fate So reali%e that $ see3 no glory from the Pyramid Prophecy or as a prophet of WotanismThe only reason for a true natural man to fight for wealth, fame or power is to ac7uire women, as se+y and young as he can This is declared by .ature and e+trapolation as we  bee bulls battle bulls, stallions battle stallions, roosters battle roosters, for possession of females (nd then .ature declares only the best shall breed, this for the strength and  preser!ation of the race or specie Since se+y young women are not a possibility for me, $ recei!e no benefit from the prophecy (s for the adulation of the masses, $ despise them Today they call me a hater and a bigot because those with power and control of the press  programmed them to belie!e such propaganda $f the day came that $ had power and control of the media, they would lo!e me They are !acuous biological computers and their adulation is utterly meaningless $ ha!e fought =ecause the beauty of the White (ryan woman must not perish from the earth  $ did not fight to sa!e  biological computers minds> which are no more than machines without a soulThe fundamental theology of Wotanism is the 2nd of the :: Precepts as follows Whate!er people-s perception of #od, or the #ods, or the moti!e force of the ni!erse might be, they can hardly deny that .ature and .ature-s 5aws are the wor3 of, and therefore the intent of, that force Since the first and highest 5aw of .ature is the  preser!ation of one-s own 3ind, then the 1@ Words, ie We must secure the e+istence of our people and a future for White children are a di!ine command of #od, (ll'ather Wotan This philosophy and theology stands on its own, simple and irrefutable, yet ust as &oseph Smith relied on alleged hieroglyphs inscribed on golden tablets, so also Wotanism has its further !alidation That is the function of the Pyramid Prophecy*owe!er, that is not the only similarity, which is to be e+pected since .ature declares the same truths to all who obser!e her lessons with integrityThe srcinal /ormon religion, as said, taught Polygamy and racial separation The race murdering S go!ernment first forced them to abandon Polygamy 5ater, the go!ernment passed the 1Ath amendment to the Constitution Then the go!ernment forced the /ormons to accept racial integration with its ine!itable miscegenation and genocide The se7uence was no accident ( race whose males are mentally castrated is easy to subdue =ut a race whose males ha!e unrestrained se+ual libido, and who fight to 3eep the harem they dominate, cannot be defeated while yet they breathe That-s why our organic indigenous religions were fertility cults .o disrespect to the word cultThis is why Wotanism allows or promotes Polygamy, as did early /ormonism .ot demanding Polygamy of course since Wotanists belie!e in personal freedom and choice as much as is possible The se+ dri!e of the males of a race that wishes to sur!i!e must not be hindered, slandered, diminished, misdirected, and in re!olutionary times e!en its e+cesses must be e+cused ( race whose males will not fight to the death to 3eep and mate with its females will perish The symbols, geometry, mathematics and codes within  the Pyramid Prophecy are accurate and appear to be beyond coincidence *ow they came to be, and the strange ine+plicable way in which they were re!ealed are not the subect or  point The purpose of the Pyramid Prophecy is promulgation of the 1@ Words and :: Precepts as foundations of a religion that will sa!e the race of #alileo, Sha3espeare, Bipling, dison, Plato etc, from eternal e+tinction *opefully there are those of !ision who will use it wisely in furtherance of .ature-s highest 5aw Da!id 5aneWe must secure the e+istence of our people and a future for White children=ecause the beauty of the White (ryan woman must not perish from the earth
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