The Bat event

The Bat event . Alec Wells Per 5. We are here to sell you the bat that is better then any other companies bat. We will take any bat at the event and prove that ours is better than any other.
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The Bat event Alec WellsPer 5We are here to sell you the bat that is better then any other companies bat.We will take any bat at the event and prove that ours is better than any other.The event is at the Pepsi center and will be on the date of July 25th at the time of 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm There will be several batting cages for you to hit out of them to test and try our bats. They will not charge any money. They will be un-operational during certain parts of the presentation but otherwise will be on most of the time. SponsorsOur sponsors will be paying for most of the attractions. They are big sponsors for the mlb and a lot of other great sports of the world. The sponsors: Rawlings Gold glove company, Nike, pepsi-cola, mizuno, and Under armourOur target market is just about anybody who plays baseball and wants a bat. From professionals to tee ball anybody can use our bats. The market is growing also so when we start we might have only about five hundred thousand when we start but as we go on thee will be more revenue and a lot more profits, because the Bats will become more and more popular. We are mainly focusing our commercials towards men, and little boys. From all ages. Our psychographics, demographics, and geographics lead us to California to advertise. So we will have a lot heavier marketing campaign there by putting more commercials out there.We may have many competitors but we are sure we have the best bat in the places we have put the bats already it has had more sales then any other bats that were put there. We had a higher duration length too. We will prove to you that our bats are better if you need anymore convincing to buying our product.Of the sponsors we have sponsoring us they are all be sponsoring there own products here to but none are like ours. Nike is promoting their new shoes, under armor is sponsoring there new cool fit t-shirts, Mizuno is sponsoring their new batting gloves that can come in a combo pack with the bat where you will save quite a bit of money, Pepsi is sponsoring their product Pepsi Cherry, and Rawlings Gold Glove is sponsoring their new leather glove in blue, and several of their products come in combo packs with our bats and mizuno Gloves. We have also started production on a couple of new products, so our company can grow in different areas. One is the new Twist XF glove.The last product that we will be putting out there is batting cages there will be not very many of these at first but the more we make from the other products the more of these w can put put there and gt more and more revenue. Another product is the new batting gloves. The new prob. LPThe pricing of all of the products has already been determined. By our research of the demographics, and the psychographics. The bat alone is $49.99, The gloves are gonna be $15, the cages per 15 minutes in the cage are $7.50. The mitt is gonna be $20.00. The combo of the bat gloves and the mitt together is going to be$75.00. Our promotional products will be on websites all over the internet when you play a game the ad might be there. It will be on the front page of the where it will show all of our products, and will improve revenue. Our ad will appear on radio stations all over the country usually just telling about the products and add some comedy to them. The Event flyer will look like this and just be all over the place it will say that the bat is a once in a lifetime chance to get the bat and start making special deals if you tell us where you got the flyer from, and you will get a special deal.
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