Surf Zone/Beach Zone (SZ/BZ) Obstacle Reduction

Surf Zone/Beach Zone (SZ/BZ) Obstacle Reduction. Capt R.W. Paterson. The Threat. 50 m. 384 m. 10 m. 10 m. 15 m. 20 m. 30 m. 30 m. 10 m. 20 m. 30 m. 10 m. AT mines (A, B, F, G, H). 4 strand fence. Tanglefoot. 0.6 m. 1.8. 0.9 m. 1.1 m. 1.3 m. AP mine (K). 0.3. 1.2 m. 1.6 m.
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Surf Zone/Beach Zone (SZ/BZ) Obstacle ReductionCapt R.W. PatersonThe Threat50 m384 m10 m10 m15 m20 m30 m30 m10 m20 m30 m10 mAT mines (A, B, F, G, H)4 strand fenceTanglefoot0.6 m1.80.9 m1.1 m1.3 mAP mine (K)0.3 1.2 m1.6 m3.0 mAL Mines (E, L)Triple Strand Concertina Wirew/AP minesWater Depth (m)Profile At Mean Tide. 6-8 ft Tidal Variations (+3-4 ft about mean tide)Type 2 AL Mines (J, M)Hedgehog 1.25-m membersSea Urchins10 m15 m10 mBackground
  • Currently no program of record to deal with SZ/BZ obstacles
  • PGMs thought to hold some promise for a near term solution (tied to USAF support)
  • Began working this problem in Germany
  • Invited to be part of the IPT for JDAM Assault Breaching System (JABS)
  • Incorporating results from live fire tests
  • The Skeptics
  • “This is a physics problem”
  • “Agent based tools won’t work”
  • “It’s just too hard”
  • Physics
  • Mathematical representation of the behavior of the natural world
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
  • We have physical results from live fire tests
  • Surf Zone TestsMk 82 Pond Test – Half Buried (March 2002)
  • Bomb Buried to ½L
  • Water Depth of 3 Feet
  • Arena #1Arena #2Surf Zone TestsMk 84 Pond Test – April 2002Plume
  • Note - M5 and M4 moved towards the bomb
  • 1,000All Data SourcesI>200 and P>1826/27 NeutralizedSurvivedKilled1001011101001,00010,000Normalized ImpulseMine Vulnerability to ExplosiveNeutralization VS 1.6 Anti-Tank MineMineType Bomb A Bomb B Bomb C6’3’6’3’6’A 20*14241631DepthDepthDepthDepthDepthB10 9141019F 17*12211428G1712211428H1712211428MK 80 Series BombsPredicted Lethal Radius (Feet) for Mines*** Killed out to 21 feet in summer 2000 tests** Testing on-goingThe Physics Behind the ProblemMore Mines KilledKILL 2-3 M6 ft. ~ 5O’ MVMT30’ KILLEDMore Mines Moved~Agent Based Distillations
  • Digital Mathematics used to simulate the simplified behavior of our human and natural world
  • Question: Can agents that represent physical objects (mines) and not people be given behaviors that simulate physics
  • Pythagoras ScenarioUsing Sample DataEFVsObstacle BeltsDeep WaterShallowVery ShallowShoreAim Points for 2000 lb JDAMQuestions
  • Can well placed Mk 80 series bombs effectively create assault lanes?
  • How precisely must landing craft navigate given varying assault lane widths?
  • How does the knowledge of obstacle location affect clearance?
  • How many sorties need to be flown, how many weapons need to be dropped?
  • New Questions from the Week
  • What tactics need to be employed against varying threats?
  • Channeling
  • Belt strikes
  • Point strikes
  • JDAM versus standard Mk-80
  • How do we create the output we need?
  • What is HappeningBiggest Surprise
  • Cost of Jack and Coke at Rocky Point
  • $12
  • Dinner for 9 at Rocky Point
  • $453
  • Unexpected discovery that LESS precision is better
  • Priceless
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