Saundra B Armstrong Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

I Re~. 1/2008 aoz0 I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ! Z. Court or OrgBni~’~,tion United Stales I)islrict Cm~ 5a. Rep~ rt 1 ’pc {check apprt,priate t pc) ~ Nomizati,m. Date ~ Annuat ~ Final RcportReqtdre,tbytheEthws in Government .4 ct of 1978 1.~ u.~c. ,q,/, .s,~¢ wt-tH) 3. 05,’O612010 6. R~p,~rllng Period 01,0112009 12/31 ¢2009 I. Person Reporling {last name. first, middle initial) A~str~mg, Saundm R. 4. TIIle (A~icle Ill judge~ indicate active or ~nlor slalus: mogis
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  I aoz0 I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT RcportReqtdre,tbytheEthws in Government .4 ct of 1978 Re~. 1/2008 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 1.~ u.~c. ,q,/, .s,~¢ wt-tH) I. Person Reporling {last name. first, middle initial) ! Z. Court or OrgBni~’~,tion 3. A~str~mg, Saundm R.United Stales I)islrict Cm~ 05,’O612010 4. TIIle (A~icle Ill judge~ indicate active or ~nlor slalus: 5a. Rep~>rt 1 >’pc {check apprt,priate t>pc) 6. R~p,~rllng Periodmogis~atc judges indicate ~11- or ~ Nomizati,m. Date 01,0112009 United S~ates District Judge- -Active ~ In,iai ~ Annuat ~ Final 12/31 ¢2009 5b. ~ Amended Rcpo~ 7. Cha~s or O~cAddr~s 8. On Ihe ha~i~ of Ih¢ in[ormalJon contained in lhi$ R~poll ~nd modifications perlaining lherelo, il is. in m) opinion, In ompliance United State~ Disffict CouH ~ilh applicable la~s and regul~lions, 1301 Clay Street. Suite 490-COakland, CA 94612 IMPORTANT NOTES: rze inatructi,,ns a(’co,npanyi,~g this form must be followed. Complete atl pa~ts. checMng the NONE box]or each part where ’ou have no reportable in[,rmation. Sign on lastpage. 1. P O Sl T I 0 N S. ++,~,~,,i,~ individual only: see pp. 9- I 3 o/f!Zin.e i ....... i+* ,,.) D NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION NAb’IF. OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY I. Volunteer Chaplair+ Intern K ai:.,er Ho~,pital. Oak land Armstrong, Saundra B.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT.,,ofPCrion eporth, g II age 2 of 6 Armstrong, Saundra B. 05;06.t2010 A. Filer’s Non-lnvestment Income NONE (No reportable no~.investment income.) DATESOURCE AND TYPE INCOMI:. (your.~. no{ 2. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-Invcstment I ncome - t~rvou wet,. married during a~’l~rtlon of the reporting year. ¢omlffete this .tectlon. [~] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE;SOURCE AND TYPE I. 200’) Saint Mark AME Church, Salary 2. 20~)9 IIUG, Inc., Salary 3.2~19Martin Count)’ Community Action. Salary 4. 1 V. RE I M B U RS E M EN TS ....... v~.~,i,,.. ~odxi.~ ~o,,d ..,~..i ....... NONE (No repor[able reimbursements.) SOIJ RCE DA’I ESLOCATION PURPOSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I. 2 3. 4 5  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 3 of 6 Armstrong, Saundra B. 05,’06/2(}10 [--] NONE (No reportable gifts.) S OURC~_~. Dt~SCRI PTION ~ [. Pacific School of Religlon Prcsideutial Merit Scholarship $1~1,~07 50 3. 4. [~ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CRgDIT()R DESCRIPTION VAkUg CODE t. Fi~t Carolin~ Sta~e BankMortgage secured by rcal properly K 2. Springst~ne Health PlanRevolving charge account K 3. 4.  r INANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT , Page 4 of 6 Armslrong, Saundra B. 05/06.’201 VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -in ........ NONE (No r~’portab& income, ~sets, or transactions.) Dcsc6ption of As~ts Gross value at cad ofI ran~cuons during reposing ~’n,~ (i~cluding I~t a~t~) ] re~i~g ~ri~ . reining ~ri~l Place IX) after each asscl ~Amount Ty~ (e.g.. ValueValue ¢x~pr from pfi~r disclosure ’ C<~e 1div., rent. ] C~le 2 Methodbuy, sell. Momh ¯ ~ ode 2 ’ U~Ic [ buycr,’scllcr I (Q-W} ~ran~tionl I. St~kc~oss IRA Cash Acct D Distribution J T 2. Pacific Natk:,nal 13ank IR~\ Account None L ’1 3. Jack~o~wille, North Carolm& Renlal Propc C Rent 3,1 W ay(X) 4. Marine Federal ( redit ! inion Savings Acc None J T ount (X) 5. First Carolina State Bank Certificate i)f O None J T cposit (X) 6. AME Uhurch Retirement Account {X) None K [ IO If. 12. I4. 15. 16.
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