Richard H Mills Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

no/0 ~. ~nolo I [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALEND~ ~ 2009 2, Court or Organ~afion U.S, Dis~ct Co~ C~ntral Dis~ict of ~ 5a, Repo~ T~e ~¢heck appmpria~ ~e) ...... ~ No.nation, Da~ Repo,t Required by the Elhic~ in Government Act of 1978 (~ u,$.c, app. ~ IO1-110 3. Date of Report 0412212010 6. Repo~ng Pe~od 01/01/2009 ~i Person Reporling (last name, first, middle initial) MILLS, RICHARD H. 4. Title (A~cle ~ jud~ indicate aotive ~r senior s~; m~ judges indi~te ~ll- or p~-fime) L Chsmbers
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  no/0 I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Repo,t Required by the Elhic~ in Government Act of 1978 ~. ~nolo [ FOR CALEND~ ~ 2009 (~ u,$.c, app. ~ IO1-110 ~i Person Reporling (last name, first, middle initial) 2, Court or Organ~afion 3. Date of Report MILLS, RICHARD H. U.S, Dis~ct Co~ C~ntral Dis~ict of ~ 0412212010 4. Title (A~cle ~ jud~ indicate aotive ~r senior s~; 5a, Repo~ T~e ~¢heck appmpria~ ~e) ...... 6. Repo~ng Pe~od m~ judges indi~te ~ll- or p~-fime) ~ No.nation, Da~01/01/2009 L Chsmbers or O~ce Address 8. On ~he ~s~s of th~ ~nlormafion eont~ine~ in th~s Ro~ an~ ~ny modifications pe~tn~ng thereto, it ~, ~n my opinion, ~n eampl~sn¢e I 17 U.S. Cou~house with applie~bl~ l~ws and re~tation~. 600 E. Monro~ S~ingfidd, IL 62701 Re~e~ng Officer Date ~PORTA~ NOTES: T~, msuucao~ aceo~an~ing th~ form m~t be followe~ Complete all par~, ehecMng the NONE box for each purl where you have no repo~able informaao~ Sign on l~tpage. ~ NONE ~o reportable positiomO PQSITION NAME OF ORGAN~ATION~NTITY I. Mem~r, Executive BoardAbr~am Lincoln Council, ~oy Scou~ of America (no Iongtr a member) 2. Member, Board of Trustees Illinois College 3. Member, Board of Dir¢ctom.Abraham LincOln Association 4. RectorLincoln Academy of Illinois NONE ~o reportable a~eements.) : :,: 2>  Pag~ 2 of 6 r~.z.s, RIC~A_T~D El. 04/22/2010 III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. C~#or~,~ A. Fiter’s Non-Investment Income NONE ~o reportable non-investment income.) : SO~CE A~ ~PE (yore, not spo~e’s) 1. 2009 State of Illinois, Judicial Retirement System$96,278.642. 2009 IlL M~icipal Retirement Fund $2,777.00 3. 4. B, Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - I/you we,, mar~ledduring anyportfonofthereportlngyear, complet, thi.rsectlor~ (Dollar amount not required e.x~ept for honoraria.) ’ [’--] NONE (N o reportable non-investment income.) SOURCE AND TYPE !, 01101/2009 Farming Operation (DeWitt county, Illinois) 2. 3. 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS - ,,~,, ~odgi.~,fooa, ..,.r,~.,.o.L (Include$ tho$~ m $po~ a~ d~nd~nt children; ~ee pp, 25-27 offilfng imt~ctto~.) NONE ~o reportable reimbursements.) ~~ LOCATION P~OS~ ITEMS P~D OR PROVIDED 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~.m, afPerton ReportingDate of Report P~gc 3 Of 6 MILLS, RICHARD H.04/22/2010 V. GIFTS. a~,,~ tho~ ~o ~,o~ ~,~ ~ NONE ~o reportable ~ ~gSC~ON 1, 2. 3. 4. 5. ~ NONg ~o report~bl~ liabilities.) CREDITOR DESC~PTIONVALUE CO~E 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Name of Person R~port|ng Page 4 of 6 VitaLS, RICrIA~XI~ H. NO~ ~o reportable income, assets, or wamactio~.) D~option of ~,e~ I In~me~ufingC,D. (incMding t~st asse~) . ~ r~ing Pgfi~ Pl~e ~) ~er each assetIAmount t T~e (e.g., Value ex¢mpt from pdor disclos~e [ C~ t [ div., renL C~e 2 J Me~od / buy, sell, [~ Code 2 C~e ~(A-~ [ oriat,)(J-P) I Cod~3 [ r,de.riGa) l, F~ing Operation DoWitt Co., illinois E Rent N 4. I~, Van~d ~n*r~ Fun) Non~ S. Int~l. Co O A Dividend JT 6. ~SK) (fo~¢rly DDS None 7, LSI L~gic ..... None K T ! 8. C,P. Pokphand Co.Non~ J T 9. Hong Kong T*1¢ None I 0. Oraphon Co O. None JT 1 I. State Fa~ Ins. AnnuiU bought in 2005 None K 12. National Ciu Bank (CD) Fixed AnnuiUNong K T Buy 10106/09 K I3, National Ci~ B~k (CD) None Redeemed 10/06109 K ¯ 14, IL National B~ None !6. 17. -
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