Richard A Jones Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

~e~,. L~0~0 AO l0 [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALE~ D: R YEAR 2009 2. Court or Ch’~aoization WD. Washington i~ Go~e,.,m~e’~ Act q!1978 ~’.~ u 3. D=~te of Reporl ~ Person Reporting (last name. first, n~iddle initi~l) ~one3. R~d~ard A. 4. Titl~ (Article I][ judgea bldlcate acm.’e or se]:ior status: magistrate k~dges indicate full- or part-time~ Sa. Report Type {check appropria{c type’) 6. Rep~r~ing Period ~ Nominaden. Da~e 0 ~’01/2009 12~31 ~200 5b. ~ Amended Reporl modiflcatlo
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  AO l0 [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT i~ Go~e,.,m~e’~ Act q!1978 ~e~,. L~0~0 FOR CALE~ D: R YEAR 2009 ~’.~ u ~ Person Reporting (last name. first, n~iddle initi~l) 2. Court or Ch’~aoization 3. D=~te of Reporl ~one3. R~d~ard A. WD. Washington 4. Titl~ (Article I][ judgea bldlcate acm.’e or se]:ior status:Sa. Report Type {check appropria{c type’) 6. Rep~r~ing Period magistrate k~dges indicate full- or part-time~ ~ Nominaden. Da~e 0 ~’01/2009 12~31 ~200 5b. ~ Amended Reporl modiflcatlons pertaining thereto, it is, in m~ opiniml in compliance United States Courthouse with applicable la~s and regulations.700-Stewart StreetSea~le, Washington 9g!O1 Reviewit~g O[licer ..................Dale .......... IMPORTANT ,%~OTES: 17re instractio,ts accompanying this form must be fo!to~ved. Complete all parts. checking the IVONE box for each part where .k, ott have no reportable information. Sign vn last puge. I. POSITIONS. (~wo~,i,,,. i,,~,,[u.o~ o,,~,; ,~.. ~. ,ms o¢~i,,.~ ~, ........ ,o.,.~ ~ -~ NONE 0Vo reportable positions.) ~S1TION NAME OF ~QAN~ONiENTIFY I. [’~st~e YMCA of Greater Seattle 2. Adviso~ ~ Board Membe~ National Ceeter fi?r Courts and Media, National Judicial College 3. Adviso~ Board Member Seattle Universi~ Access to Justice lnsnmte 4, Board MemberWashington State Minority and Justice Commission 5. Facul~/lnstmctor National Judicial College NONE (No reportable agreements.) ~ATEPA~IIES AND TERMS - I. ! 994 Washington State Deferred Compensation Plan: peasion upon refiremem 2. 1994 Washington State Judicial Retirernent !\ccotlllt: pension upon retirement Jones Richard A.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ ........ ’ r’~,~,,,, ~<~,,,r,i,,g 111. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. tn~,,,,i,,v i,,di,’id,.,l .ndspv.,t’: w,e pp. t7-24 {flilin,;, i ......... A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NON[; (No reportable ,~o,~-investment income.) D&’I~ SOU RCE AND TYPEINCOME (yours: flo~ 1. 2.3. 4. B. SpollS~:~s N.Oll-lllv~Stlllt2ll| I Ilcom,.~ - If you were married dt~rmg a.~O, portion tq’th ~ reportin$, ),cur, comp&te this section. ~ NONE (No reportable non-investmer~t #~come.) OATE S()U~QE AND TyP~ 1,2009 3. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS ........ por,,,,~,.., lodgittg, food, ~,tlterlai .......... (lncht&r those to ¢pome a,,a depe,,dem chilche~: see pp. 25-27 ~?fTfil~,~g ins:ructi~*~r ) ~ NONE (No rwortaMe reimbursements.) ~URCE DATES LOCAT10~ PURPOSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I. The Aspen Institute-Justice January 30-Febmaw Aspen ]rts~itute-New York ~:.d~*cation Seminar Trat~spo~qation, meals and lodgingans Society Program. I, 2009 2. National Judicial ColtegeMarch 16-t7, 2009San Francisco, CA Teaching Judges Transpo~ation, meals and lodging 3. National Judicial CallegeApril 19-21,2009Reno. Nevada 1caching Judges. Transpoctation, meals and lodging 4. YMCA-USA Augu:~t 4-5, 2009 Chicago. IllinoisBoard Meeting l-r~nspor~ation, ;nc~ds and lodging 5. Washington Sta~e SupremeOctober 9, 2009 Spokane, WAYomh Law Forum l’ransporta~ion and mea~s Court Miuodry and Justice Commission 6. NmionaI Jud~c{al CollegeOctober 4-6, 2009 Reno, Nevada t caching JudgesTranspom~tiom meals and lodging  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ NON E (No rel~,ort~ble SOURCEDESCRIPTION VALUE ~.~ NONE (No reportat~le liabilities.) CREDITORD~,SCR!pTION VALUE CODE 1.American Express Credit Card j 3. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE .REPORT ~-] NONE (~,;o reportable income assets, or Z ......... ~ c. ...............~ .................. (i.cluaing truest assets)reporting period el rcporm~g period Place (XY’ after each asset ~Amo.n~ T~pc (c ~ . Value Value r Tcpe (e&. Date Value ’ Gain ~ ]dentily of - exempt from prior disclosure Code I ~, rein. C~dc 2 Method buy, sell, mnfd~ v Code 2 Code I ~ btbedseller , (A-H) or i~t,) (J-P} Code 3 : redemption) : (J-P) LZ-H} : (if’private : . Tully’s Smck(prderred) No.~ ]IW ~ . FBR Direct None J IU ! . American Funds: American Balanced A In[crestk I T s American Funds: American Muma! A ]’ lnteres~ L T 6. Americ;m Funds: Capital Income Bulkier A : Interes~ LT 7. American Funds: Capita[ World Gzowth & A : Interest L T g. American Funds: Capital World Bond A loterest M ] 9. American Funds: Fundamenta~ Investors A Interest L T I0. American Funds: Growth Fund of America A lmercst L ’ I I. American Funds: Income Fund of America A I [nter,:st L T] ~12. Company A [,~te~est ] M T unds: Investment America 13. American Funds: SMAL!..CAP WORLI) A lnterc~t I. I T t4. American Funds: Washington Mumai No, he { M T Investors . 1 5. American Funds: Bond Fund of America B Interest M T I !6. American Funds: Money Marke~* A Distribution L T I 17. Washington State Investment Board** None N j T
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