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RENTAL VEHICLE AGREEMENT FOR MOTORCYCLE Full name Home Address Address within New Zealand E mail NZ Mobile Other contact Date of Birth Motorcycle Licence Number Motorcycle Licence country of issue Home phone Motorcycle Licence Expiry Items Included in Rental Tank bag Hard panniers Soft panniers Ventura back pack Top box Puncture repair kit Motorcycle lock Tie Downs for ferry North Island Map book South Island Map book Motorcycle atlas Page 1 of 7 Brown & Render Trading as Ardmore Motorcycle
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    Page 1 of 7 Brown & Render Trading as Ardmore Motorcycle Rentals, 37 Campbell Rd, Maraetai, Auckland, New Zealand, +64 27 568 8099,  RENTAL VEHICLE AGREEMENT FOR MOTORCYCLE  Full nameHome Address Address withinNew Zealand E mail NZ Mobile Home phoneOther contact Date of Birth MotorcycleLicenceNumber MotorcycleLicence Expiry MotorcycleLicence country of issueItems Included in Rental Tank bag Puncture repair kit North Island Map book Hard panniers Motorcycle lock South Island Map book Soft panniers Tie Downs for ferry Motorcycle atlasVentura back pack Top box     Page 2 of 7 Brown & Render Trading as Ardmore Motorcycle Rentals, 37 Campbell Rd, Maraetai, Auckland, New Zealand, +64 27 568 8099,  GST number  105-526-172 F  EES &   C  HARGES   Qty Unit cost Amount  Motorcycle Rental Helmet $50 per helmet for entire rental Riding Jacket $25 per jacket for entire rental Riding Pants $25 per pant for entire rental Riding gloves $15 per pair for entire rental Rain suit $15 per suit for entire rental GPS Hire $100 for entire rental Relocation Fee Airhawk Seat Cushion or Sheepskin $15 Under age surcharge 10% of daily rate (over 21 under 25) Subtotal  Less deposit already paid Total to be paid before departure including GST  Total  Refuel charge, all motorcycles must be returned with a full tank of fuel, $15 plus cost of fuel will be charged if not Mobile phone calls, return phone balance to $_________Phone Balance at Start________________Phone Balance at Finish________________Overdue charge 15% of applicable daily rate per hour up to 5 hours late when full day charge will apply Other costs incurred during hire period Balance due on return of motorcycle Balance    Page 3 of 7 Brown & Render Trading as Ardmore Motorcycle Rentals, 37 Campbell Rd, Maraetai, Auckland, New Zealand, +64 27 568 8099,  Terms & ConditionsInitial………………………………..   Representations: 1)    Brown & Render Ltd (hereinafter called the Owner) represents and warrants to the Hirer that the motorcycle is in sound, safeand roadworthy condition and free of any known faults or defects which would affect its safe operation under normal use. 2)    The Hirer represents and warrants to the owner that all information given herein is accurate, truthful and complete. Rental Period: 3)    Start Date:_________________________________________________________________ _____________________ 4)    End Date: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5)    The Owner agrees to rent the motorcycle to the Hirer for a period of ________________days commencing on the start dateand finishing on the end date. On the end date, the Hirer shall return the motorcycle to 37 Campbell Rd, Maraetai, Auckland at __________________ unless a prior arrangement has been made. 6)     A day is calculated as twenty-four (24) hours from the pick up time. Each hour the motorcycle is late is calculated at 15% of the applicable daily rate, up to 5 hours, when an additional day will be charged. 7)    The Owner must authorise any rental extension beyond that specified in the rental agreement prior to the return of themotorcycle. The Owner reserves the right to charge a penalty fee of NZ$500 plus the daily rental rate for anyone in breach of this. 8)    Special Conditions___________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Persons who may operate the Motorcycle: 9)    The motorcycle may be operated during the full period of the hire only by the hirer and the persons named in the “S CHEDULE FOR PEOPLE APPROVED TO RIDE MOTORCYCLE OTHER THAN NAMED RIDER ”. Rental Charges: 10)    The Hirer agrees to pay the rental rate of $______________ per day for the use of the motorcycle. 11)    The rental rate includes GST of 15%. Rider Requirements: 12)     All riders of the motorcycle must be between 21 and 75 years of age. 13)     All riders must have a current full New Zealand, overseas (in English) or international motorcycle licence. The licence must benon-probationary and rated for the motorcycle being hired. 14)    Riders who are over 21 years and under 25 years will be charged a surcharge of 10% of the rental daily rate. 15)    The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that any other person permitted by the owner to operate the motorcycle complies withthe terms and conditions of this Rental Contract.  Insurance Cover: 16)    The Hirer is covered, as part of the daily hire charge, with a comprehensive insurance cover for the motorcycle only. 17)     Any damage to the motorcycle accessories, GPS or riding gear is solely the Hirer’s responsibility. 18)    The insurance cover does not include personal injury. 19)    The insurance does not cover transport costs incurred for hirer or motorcycle in the event of an accident. 20)    The Hirer is responsible for the first NZ $____________________ ( Excess ) of the cost of damage to the motorcycle or toThird Party property or if the motorcycle is stolen. 21)    The excess is applicable, regardless of fault, and must be paid at the time the accident report is completed. 22)    If a Third Party is at fault, it is the responsibility of the hirer to recover their excess from the Third Party at fault. 23)    The motorcycle must be securely locked at all times when not in use with the disc lock provided. 24)    Where possible the motorcycle must be kept in securely locked premises overnight, if this is not possible all care must betaken to park the motorcycle in a safe location. 25)    The Hirer's insurance shall immediately become void if the terms of this Rental Contract are breached. 26)    The Hirer acknowledges and understands that the insurance does not cover personal belongings or hired accessories. Thehirer is solely responsible for personal property, GPS or hired accessories left with the motorcycle.    Page 4 of 7 Brown & Render Trading as Ardmore Motorcycle Rentals, 37 Campbell Rd, Maraetai, Auckland, New Zealand, +64 27 568 8099,  Initial………………………………..    Insurance Exclusions: 27)    The insurance does not cover any of the following occurrences or associated vehicle recovery costs, including but not limited to the following circumstances, for which the Hirer will be solely responsible:   a)    if the motorcycle is partially or totally submerged in water. b)    if the motorcycle is ridden across a creek or river.   c)    if the motorcycle is ridden on beaches or through streams, dams, rivers or flood waters. d)    if the motorcycle is ridden on flood-prone roads, or on any roadway where the police or other government authority have issued a warning or caution. e)    if the motorcycle is ridden off formed roads (e.g. cross country) or on roads which are not public or legal roads. f)    if the motorcycle is not locked with the key and the disc lock provided when left unattended.   g)    if the motorcycle is left unattended in a careless location. h)    if the motorcycle was being operated in an unlawful manner, such as on the right-hand side of the road. i)    if the motorcycle is damaged due to wilful misconduct.  j)    if the motorcycle is damaged due to the incorrect use of fuel or other fluids. k)    if the motorcycle is operated by any person not named in the Schedule to this agreement. l)    if the motorcycle is operated by any person who at the time when he/she rides the motorcycle is disqualified fromholding a motorcycle licence. m)    if the motorcycle is damaged while the operator is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.   28)    If any of these terms are breached the Hirer will be responsible for the total cost of all damage. Security bond: 29)     A security bond is required for all motorcycle hires. You will be asked to sign a separate security bond in the form of a credit card imprint. This bond is held by the owner and is NOT banked; it is our guarantee that the hirer will return the motorcycleon time and in the condition that it was hired in, we will return the credit card imprint to you when the motorcycle is returned on time and undamaged. 30)    The security bond is held to cover the insurance excess in the event that the motorcycle or any third party should sustaindamage. The security bond is also held to cover damage to hired motorcycle accessories, GPS, luggage, traffic infringements,or to any lost or damaged minor items such as cell phones, bike locks, keys etc. 31)    If the motorcycle, motorcycle accessories, luggage or any third party has suffered damage or loss the owner will make anassessment of the monetary value of such damage or loss and, under advice to the hirer, will process the security bond voucher for the required amount. 32)    The owner also records your credit card details on this contract for the purpose of covering the expense of undisclosed damage to the motorcycle, motorcycle accessories, luggage, any third party damage or un-notified parking or speedinginfringements. The Owner reserves the right to charge the hirer’s credit card for a period of up to 3 months after thetermination of the hire agreement to cover any costs related to this clause.Credit Card number___________________________________________________________ Exp__________________________Name on Card_______________________________________________________________ Security Code__________________ Damage to motorcycle : 33)    If the motorcycle is returned with any damage not marked on the existing wear and tear report the hirer will be required to pay all costs up to the insurance excess amount of ____________________ associated with repairing the motorcycle back tothe standard it was hired in. 34)    The hirer will be charged at $50 per hour for any time the owner must spend to bring the motorcycle back to the standard it was hired in. 35)     All parts required to bring the motorcycle back to the standard it was hired in will be charged at the normal retail cost.   Traffic Infringements : 36)    The Owner reserves the right to charge the Hirer an administration fee of $50 per incident for each parking fine, speedingfine, traffic infringement, speed camera fine, or accident involving third party property damage which was not reported uponthe return of the motorcycle. Exchange Rate Fluctuations: 37)    Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, there may be variances in refund amounts compared to the amount initially charged.The Owner shall not be liable for any such variances.
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