Ransey G Cole Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

,Io ~o ~,,v. I/2olo FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CAI.,ENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Court or Organization g,,p,,,., Rcquitz, dby tke Ethics In Gov~r~tmcn1,4t I qf 1978 (~ t/.s.(’. ,q,p..+. IOl.Hll 3. l)~e of Reporl I. Person Ilcpnrting [las~ uamc, |irsl. midd)e inilia!,~ 4. Title I Attic le Ill judze~ indtcate actwc or senior status. magistrate judges indicate full- or pard-time} U.S. Circuit Judge (Active) 5a. Report ’ ype check appt~ pr~te rz~c) ~ Nommau,~n. ~ h,iual Date ~-} A ....... I ~ Fina
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  ,Io ~o FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT g,,p,,,., Rcquitz, dby tke Ethics In Gov~r~tmcn1,4t I qf 1978 ~,,v. I/2olo FOR CAI.,ENDAR YEAR 2009 (~ t/.s.(’. ,q,p..+. IOl.Hll I. Person Ilcpnrting [las~ uamc, |irsl. midd)e inilia!,~ 2. Court or Organization 3. l)~e of Reporl 4. Title I Attic le Ill judze~ indtcate actwc or senior status. 5a. Report ’ ype check appt~ pr~te rz~c ) 6. Ht’porting Periodmagistrate judges indicate full- or pard-time} ~ Nommau,~n. Date01.’01 .’2U09 U.S. Circuit Judge (Active) ~ h,iual ~-} A ....... ~ Final I,,12~3 I;2009 5b. ~ Amended Report 7. (’hamber~ or Office Address 8. Ot~ the I,asi~ of lhe informalion contained in this Report ~nd ~ny 127 Joseph P. Kinncru~ U.S. Courthouse ~ilh applit’ablr la~*s aad regulalions.85 Marconi [31vd Columbus OH 43215 ihIPOR TA ~:T ,~0 TES: The in~tructions a~’compot~ving this form mux¢ be followed. Complete all part~.checking the NONE box for each part ~, ltere you ha ve t~o reportable informatio~ Sign on last page. 1. POSITION S. (Repo,ting individual only; seepp. 9-13 of filing i ....... finn,.) ~ N ONE (No rel)ortable positions.) POSITIONNAME OF OR(;AN1ZATIONq~NTI’Iff I. Adjunct Faculty The Ohio Stale University College of Law 4. ! I. AG REEMENTS. m~t,,,,i,,.~, indi,,id,,~l only; ,~,~ee. ~.t~ NONE (No reportable ugreemenls.) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS I Cole Jr., Ransey G.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE IGEPORT l 111. N O N-! N V E S T M E N T I N C OM E. ¢~ eporting in dividttal a nd ,,p ........ e PI I = 24 ,¢filitz¢ ......... rio n ~ ) A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income~ NONE (A’o reportab{e non-investment income.) I)ATE SOUR~?,E AND TYPE INCOME 1 2009The Ohio Slale University College of Law $12,000 00 2. 3 4 ~. SpoHse’s Noll-l~veslfllell[ lllCOllle - If you were married during any portion of the ~eparting ycar, complete this sectlotr. ~ N ONE (N~ reportable non-inrea’tment income.) pATE ~OURCE AND TYPE I. 2009 Moody~olan-lnterior Architecture/Design 2 3. 4 I V. R El M B U RSEM ENTS ........ v, .... ~,~ ¢o~i,~,~,,,~. ~,,.,,~ ..... ;,. ~ NONE fiVo reporlahlu ~itHbttt’3~:ttteHtS.) SOURCE DATES LOCATION PI3RPOSE I’FEMS PAll) ()R PROVIDED I. No~gen~ Ohio Federal Bar Cpril 15-16. 2009 Cleveland. OH Spcaker-Educa6onal Prog l’ranspo~lation 2. Nortgweslem University Law October 11-16, 2009 Chicago, IL Scminar Iransponalmn 3 Amebean Bar Assoc~alionApr130-May I, 2009 Atlanta GA Mool CourtTransporl:mon, Meals. Room4  FINANCIAL DISCI,OSURE REPORT co age 3 0f6 V. G IFTS. a,,~,e,, ,,~.~ ,o ,~ ......... ~ dependent ehildre,,; see pp. N ON E (No reportable gg?s ) SOURCEDESCRIPTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ~] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITORDESCRIPTION VAI.UE (’ODE I.2.3. 4. 5  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT [ ’~ ..... rl,~ .... .~po.,~.g Page 4 of 6 ~ Cole, Jr., Ransey G. ] 05.,14/2010 VII. INVESTMENTS a n d TRUSTS - i,,,. ........ ~ ............ .,i,,,,., a,,,,t,,&., ,~ ...... (,~ .......... a defend ...... hil,lre,L NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) A B.C, L) I buyer. [ CA- ) [ ......t) ’ ,J-P, (’,,de 3 ,cdemp,io,O~ I. Pacific Innovations Select Mutual Fund E Dividend M T ~ 2. Tra,sA~ncrica l.andmark Variable MutualEDividend M T Fund 3 Pacific Innovations Select A Dividend J I I- mebean ~unds AMCAP gund A Dividend 1 5 Amp’titan Fund~ AMUAP Fund A Dividend J T ~,. g~ex Uunds Mon~) Mar~e~ Accoums A Dividend J T 7 9. I !2 q
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