Norman R Smith Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

.- [ I Rev. ~/*.010 ,~o/0 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Courl or Organization United States Court of Appeals t’or the Ninth Circuit 5a. Report Type (check appropriate type} [] Nomination, Date [] A .... t [] Final Rt,[~ortRequircdbytheEthi¢~ in Government Act of 1978 I. Person Reporting (last name, I’u’st, middle initial) Smith, Norman R. ,4. 1 itie (Article Ill judges indicate active or ~nior slatu~; magistrate judges indicate full. or part-time) Circuit Judge-A
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  .- [ ,~o/0 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Rt,[~ortRequircdbytheEthi¢~ in Government Act of 1978 I Rev. ~/*.010 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 I. Person Reporting (last name, I’u’st, middle initial) 2. Courl or Organization3. Date of Repor~ Smith, Norman R. United States Court of Appeals t’or the Ninth Circuit 05A)1/2010 ,4. 1 itie (Article Ill judges indicate active or ~nior slatu~; 5a. Report Type (check appropriate type} 6. Reporting Peri~l magistrate judges indicate full. or part-time) [] Nomination, Date 01/01/2009 Circuit Judge-Active [] Initial [] A .... t [] Finalt~ 12/3112009 5b. [] Amended Report 7. Chambers or Office Address 8. ()n the basis of lhe information contained in this Repnrl and any modillcations pertaining thereto, i~ ix, in my opinion, in compliance g0] East Sherman w~th applicable laws and regulations.Pocatello, Idaho 83201 Reviewing OfficerDate IMPOR TA NT NO TES: The instructions accompanying thi~ form must be followed Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where yau ha~e no reportable information. Sign on last page- I. POSITION S. a+e+o.i~g i+.,,’,,ia::t o++~: ~~ ~,~. 9.. of fding instructions.) ~-] (No reportable positions.) ONEPOSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1.Adjunct Faculty Member idaho State University College of Bu.~iness 2. Adjunct Faculty MemberUniversity of Idaho College of 3. Member of College of Business Adviso D Board Idaho State University 4. Member of Deparm~ent of Pamlegal Studies Advisory BoardIdaho Slate University 5. Member of Visiting CommitteeUniversity of Idaho College of Law 6. Member of Planning CommitteeIdaho State Tax Institute II. AGREEMENTS. t Reporting indivldual onlA,; see pp. 14-16 of filing in,~truc~ivr~) ~] NONE (No reporlable agreements.) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS 1. 1995 State of Idaho Retirement. no control Smith, Norman R.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 2 of 6 [ Smith, Norman R. [ 05/01/2010 III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. ~R~po,,i,~ A. Filer’s Non-Investment lncmne [~ NONE non-investment income.) No reportable DATE SOURCE AND TYpEINCOME (yours, not spouse’s) I. 2009 Idaho State Umversity, wages $ It),150.0~) 2. 2009 State of Idaho, retirement$16,813.96 3. 2009 University of Idaho, wages 4. B. Spouse’s N on-! nvestment Income - if you were marricd during any portion of the reporting.rear, complete this section. ~] NONE non-investment income.) (~’o reporlable DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 1. 2009 Idaho School District No. 25. wages 2. 2009 Public Employees Retirement System, retirernent 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS ..... (l~cludes those to .Waus~: ~nd dependent children: see pp 25-27 ~f filing inst~wtio~ ) ~ (NO reportable ONE reimbursements.) SOURCE DATESLOCATIONPURPOSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I. Idaho State Bar Associalion March 5-7, 20~9 Boise, IdahoTrial Skills Academy - f~s~tion. mcals, I~gtng Teach 2.3. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N .... trPerson Reporting DateofRepor~ Page 3 of 6 Smith, Norman R. 05/01/2010 [~ NON E (No reportable girls.) ~ DESCRIPTIONVALUE3. 4. 5 [~ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CRED|TOR DESCRIPTION VALUE CODE 1. 2. 3. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N .... tPerson RepoaingOa,e or R~ort Page 4 of 6 Smith. Norman R.05/01~010 VII. IN VESTMENTS an d TRUSTS -i ......... ~ .......... ~.~ (Includes thost of s~ .... ~ depeMent children; see pp. 34-60 of f!li~g l~tru~ion.{.) ~ N ONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) ........... ,x. ............... ~ ........ ~ .....c? .................... i~ .................. Description or Assc~Income during ) Gross ~aluc at end ir~sac6ons during rcB~ni~g i~riod (including I~st ~ts) reporting ~riod ~ ofr~po~ing ~fi~ O) (2)(~) ; (~)~) ~2) (3) ~) ~) I’lacc (X) after each ~l i Amount Ty~ (eg,. ~ Value ~ Value Ty~ (e.g.. Date Value GainIdcnlily ol c~cmpl f~m prior disclosure ~ Code 1 ; div.. cent. ] C~¢ 2 Methodbuy, sell. ~m~dd~ Code 2 Code I buyer/seller ’ (A-Hi octaL) ~ (LP) ] C~c3 rcdcmp¢ion) ~ 0-P) ~A-It) (ifptivalc (Q-W) ttansaclion)I. Key Bank Choking Account A Interest K T 2. Gcnworth Lit’~ and Annuity Ins. Co. D Interest ~ ] (annuity conlract) 3. SEI-US Employees Credit Union A Interest 3 T 4. PERSI Choice Plan retirement account A Interest Distributed 08/31/09 J State of Idaho 5, Principal Life Insurance - Universal Life None J T Policy 6. Principal Lit~ Insurance - Universal LifeNone J [ Policy 7. 10. II. 12.13. 14. 15.16.17.
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