LISTING PRESTATION TIPS. WINNING APPOINTMENTS. Winning Appointments. Understanding when to and how to suggest a Seller make repairs Some sellers want you to make suggestions and some sellers want you to say it is OK to sell in the homes current condition . Recommendation.
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LISTING PRESTATION TIPSWINNING APPOINTMENTSWinning AppointmentsUnderstanding when to and how to suggest a Seller make repairsSome sellers want you to make suggestions and some sellers want you to say it is OK to sell in the homes current condition RecommendationIf this were my house I would…ConnectingTry and find the reason the Seller decided to buy the house and share your enthusiasmPreparation For ValueKnow what the value of the property is before you get there.Through Tempo you can also check the value estimator through the assessor pageEducating The SellerTake Your Time and Speak SlowlyExplain the Process of Selling a HomeExplain Seller RequirementsKnow Your PathKnow your presentation have an agenda and path Path ExampleAsk for a place to set your items down (a table and chairs)Ask For a tour of the houseSit down and explain how you are going to proceed with the appointmentSTART>>>Your Path For The EvaluationTell Them the agenda of the presentationTell them about your experienceTell them about your companySTART>>>Your Path For The EvaluationCover what you do to represent their interests (disclosures, the offer process, the escrow process)MarketingMarket value of your home ProcessOnce the home is listed the marketing process begins (Talk about marketing)Listen to Buyer feedback and correspond with you to share the feedbackReceive an offer , counter on term that would be to your advantage, negotiate your position Explain your involvement with the disclosure process and filling out paperworkProcessOnce the buyer and seller have come to an agreement the escrow is opened I meet with you and fill out the disclosure paperworkThe buyer traditionally has 17 days from acceptance for inspections, I lower the number of days to 10, the inspections are a buyer contingencyProcessAlthough the California Purchase Contract specifies AS-IS, the Buyer has the right to inspect and can still ask for repairs, although you are not contractually obligatedThe buyers lender sends out an appraiser, the buyer traditionally has 17 for the loan contingencyProcessThe average escrow period is 30-45 days, although it is negotiableThe seller has to comply with retrofit requirements prior to the close of escrow (explain retrofit items)ProcessDuring Escrow, you have signed escrow instructions and the deed, at the scheduled close and once escrow has received the balance of the funds from the Buyer and Buyers lender, the escrow company has the deed recorded and the escrow is closed. Discussing Home ValueDiscuss Home ValueHave two versions of comparables, one in the are and one in the zip codeCommission & CostsExplaining Selling Office Commission and how the fees are shared What Would You Like To See If You Were Interviewing a Real Estate Agent?ProfessionalThoroughPrecise
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