Joseph E Irenas Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

AO- l0 I.WP) Rev ...... .........I;’2006 ~ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT 20 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 0~ i~-,Q ¯ Umted States Dmtnct Court ,, ~ ~’,.~ ~,, ~. / ~a - 2. In Govermnent Act of 1978. (5 {.LS.C. app. §fflOl-ll]) Irenas, Joseph E. 4. Title (Article lit judges indicate active or senior status: 5a. magistratejudges indicate full- or part-time) ~ 12/06/2010 Report Type (check appropriate type) 6. Reporting Period U.S. District Judge - Senior __ Nomination. Date - ................ 7. Ch
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  ~ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT AO- l0 I.WP) In Govermnent Act of 1978. Rev I;’2006 20 - 2. (5 {.LS.C. app. §fflOl-ll]) ......... ...... FOR CALENDAR YEAR 0~ i~-,Q ¯, , ~ ~’,.~ ~,, ~. / Irenas, Joseph E.Umted States Dmtnct Court ~a ~ 12/06/2010 4. Title (Article lit judges indicate active or senior status: 5a. Report Type (check appropriate type) 6. Reporting Period magistratejudges indicate full- or part-time) U.S. District Judge - Senior __ Nomination. Date Initial X Annual Final 01 t01/2009 to 12131/2009 - ................ 7. Chambers or Offic~ Address ’ 8. On the basis of the informalio,~ contained in this Report and any modificationsperlaining lhereto, it is, in my Olfinion. in compliance with :~ pplicafile laws and P.O. Box 2097 regulations. Camden, NJ 08101 Reviewing Officer __ Date IMPORTANT NOTES: The ir~structions accompanying t]~isjorm must b~ followed Complete a!l partschecking the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable information. Sign on last page I. POSITIONS. (tCepo,,ng individt,al only, see pp. 9-13 of l,,structions.) POSITIONNAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITYNONE (No reportable positions.) I II. AGREEMENTS. a~,o,-,~,,g individ,,al only; see pp. t4-16 of Instructions.) DATEPARTIES AND TERMS : ¢ NONE (No reportable agreements.) 1 111. NON-I NVESTMENT INCOME. (Repo~,,,,g ,,,ai,,ia~,~t a,,,~,wo~se; se~ t’P i 7-24 DATESOURCE AN[) TYPEINCOME A, Flier’s Non-Investment Income i ¢ NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) l $ 2 $ 3 B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income- lf}~U were married during any portion of the reporting year, please complete thissection. (dollar amount not reqt, ired except for honorariu)  NONE I, No reportable non-investment income.) I 2  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT lrenas, Josepl~ E. = 12/06/10 IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -- transpo~ation, lodging, food, entm~ainment. (Includes tkose to spouse and depen&nt children. See pp, 25-27 of I~structions) SOU RCE DESCRIPTION NONE (No such repo~able reimbursements.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 V. GIFTS. (lnclu&s those to spouse and depen&nt chil&en. See pp. 28-31 of Instructions.) SOURCEDESCRIPTION VALUE / { NONE (No such repo~able gifts.) I 2 3 $ 4$ VI. LIABILITIES. (Includes tkose {~’spouse and dependent ckildren See pp. 32-33 of Instructions,) CREDITORDESCRIPTION VALLJE CODE* NONE (No reportable liabilities.) I 2 3 4 5 . * V alue Codes: ,1=$15,000 or less K=$ ! 5,001 -$50,00~} L=$50,001 -$100,000M=$100,001 -$250,000 N=$250,001-$500,000 O=$50(t,001 -$1.000,000P 1=$I,000,00 I-$5,000,000 p2=$5,{}00.00!_$25.000,000p3=$25.000,001.50,000,000 P4=$50,000,001 or more  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT : N ....... of Person Reporting :. Dale of Rcpo:~ ’ Irenas, Joseph E. 12/06/20! 0 VII. Page 1 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -- income, value, transactions ¢lncl~des ~l~ose 4 spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-60 of Instructions. ) A. 13. C. D. Descriplion of Assets IncomeGross value Transactions during reporting period (including trust assets) during ,at end of reporting period reporting period (I) ’ (2) ........ (I) ’ (2~ ..... ~ (i~ If not exempt fi-om disclosure Type tType .......................... Identity of exempt from prior disclosure. Am|. div.,Vahle Method buy,, sell, i Dale.Value ¯ Codel rent or Code2Code3 mere, eL =Men|It- Code2 Codel buyer/seller(A-H) i int.) (.I-P) (Q-W) redem}tion) Day(J-P) (A-II} 0fprivate transaetien) ,, NONE (No rc0ortable mcorne. assets, or Bank of America Checki~-g ~ A Interest K T Account ........................... 2_ J.P. Morsan Chase Sa~. Cert. BInterest KT 3 Shares in corp./Princeton bldg. E Rent O W 4 Wachovia Bank IRA A Interest J T 5 Wachovia Bank IRA A Interest J T 6 Smith Barney Money Market A Interest .I 1 7 Rhodia Inc. None .I T 8 Bank of America 7% sub. Bond B interest .1 T 9 Bank of Amer. Invest Serv. A Dividend K T M o nesL M ~.r_k. ~ t - ....................... 0 NJ EDA Heating & Cooling Due B Interest redeemed 12/01 K none 12/01/2010 Comment B 11 Intentionally left blank Pleasantville NJ Sch D. Due 12 10/0!113 Comment g Sensivida Medd. Tcch.~ None J T 3 Co nment D 1,4 Intentionally left blank 15 Linden~0i~t Bore NJ Bd Ed Sch A ntercst redeemed 06/0J none FSA_M_at3 06/01/11 _ 16 Intentionally left blank NJ EDA State Lease PelT 17 A Interest J T 03/15/2022 I lncomc/GainCodcs: A=$1,~)00 or less B=$1 001-$2,500 C=$2,501 $5.000 1)=$5,001 $15-000E=$15’001 $50 000 (See Col. BI, D~I) F=$50,001 - $100,O(J(I G=$100,001-$ (.)0t.000 H1=$1.000.001-$5,000.000 t-12=More than $5.000,0002 (See’Vah’e CodeS:cot. CI. DY) ~.0g0~r-~’}~(,.000 ---,auu,u,’ : ¯00()PI=$ ,000 {)O-$~.000.000 ’~=*’ 000 001-$25.000,000 .... p3=$25,~00.001-$5{|,000,000P4=More than $50.000.000 3 Value Method Codes: Q=Apprd~,l R=Cosi(real cstatco~:~ty) S=Assessmen] .... l=Cash!bTl~rkct ........ (See Col. C2) U=Book value V=Other W=Estimated ..................  Name FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT , lrenas, Joseph E. 12/06/2010 VII. Page 2 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -- income, value, transactions (Inclz, cles tl~ose of spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-60 of Instructions.) A. i B. C. D. Description of Assets It~come Gross valueTransnctions during reporting period(inclt~dmg trust assetsI duringat e~ld of reporting period reposing period ( I ) (2) ~ 1 ~ (2) (I) If not exempt I)om disclosure Place (X) a~er each a~set Amt. hie.’:Value exempt ~om prior disclosure. Codel rent or Code2 - Code merger, ~Month-~ Code2 ~ Codel buyer/seller (A-H) int.)(.I-P) (Q-W)redemption) ~ Day (J-P) ~ (A-14) (if private transaction) NONE [No reportable income. asseLs, o~ transaclions) 18 Intentionally let~ blank ¯ Middletown Twp. N.) Bd. Ed. T/O. A Interest J T 9 Dated 02/I 5/01; Dae 08/0 t/27 Dividend 20 Fidelity IRA: See Comment A E & Interest O T 21 ~ Fideiit~;-R~h:ement ~nev Market .................. ’22 - Fidelity Magellan 23 - Fidelity Contrafund [24 - Fideli~ OTC Porttblio 25 - Fidelity Overseas ’26 Morgan Stanley Bk. 3.25% CD D interest M T redeemed 11127 M none 27 Gotdman Sachs Bk 4% CD D interest M T 28 Intentionally left blank 29 6V~% interest in music publishing t:,Dividend O W business located in Europe . 30 Insurance Trust; See Comment C E Dividend N T 3 ~ )~hn Hancock (formerly A Dividend K T Manulifc) Whole Lit~ Policy ....... 32 Mass Mutual Whole Lit~ ~olicy A Dividend .I T 33 Ba ~k of America Savings B Interest M T Certificate 34 J.P. Morgan Chase Checking None J T Acct. I Income/GainCodes: A=$1 ~00orlcss B=$1 901-52.500C=~2.501-$5,000D=$5,001-$15,000E=SIS, 001 $50-000~See Col. BI. D4) ~:=$50.001- $100,U~U G=$100 001-$1 000,000H1~$I,000.001-$5,000,000 H2=More .....................han $5,000,000 ~ Val~ C:~d~s: ..... J~iS~000 or Ics~ K=$15.001-$50.006 ............ ~=$50.001~ $~0~6 M=$100.001-$250.000 ~See Col CI, D3~N=$250,0~)1-$500.000O=$500.001-$1.000-000 P1=$1,000.001-$5,000-000P2=$5,000,001-$25,000, 000 P3=$25,000.001-$50. ~00.000P4=More 3 Value Method Codes: Q=Ap~fisal R=Cusl ,~cal c~tz~tc otdy) S=AsscSSllI¢IaI I’=CaslgMarket~See Col. C2) U=Book value V=Other W=Estimaled
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