Jed S Rakoff Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

.~o/o Re~. t,~OtO [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Court or Organization U.S. District Court, S.D.N.Y. 5a. Report Type (check approprla;c typcl ] Nonlmation, ]-’-] Initial Date l-if] A .... ! Rel’°rlRcquirt’dlotf~eEthica’ m Go v~’rnm~,nt A ct of 19 7,~ ~s use. ,’pv .0 tot-H~) 3. Dale of Rtporl 05/10/2010 6. Reporting Period 01/01/2009 to 12 ’31/2009 I, Person Reporting (last name, first, middle il!i!ial) Rakoff. Jed S. 4. Title (Arliclc I’II judge~ indi,.zatc aeu’,e o
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  .~o/o [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Rel’°rlRcquirt’dlotf~eEthica’ m Go v~’rnm~,nt A ct of 19 7,~ Re~. t,~OtO FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ~s use. ,’pv .0 tot-H~) I, Person Reporting (last name, first, middle il!i!ial) 2. Court or Organization3. Dale of Rtporl Rakoff. Jed S. U.S. District Court, S.D.N.Y. 05/10/2010 4. Title (Arliclc I’II judge~ indi,.zatc aeu’,e or scmor statu.,; 5a. Report Type (check approprla;c typcl6. Reporting Period magistrate )udg¢.~ indicate hJI- or part-time) ] Nonlmation, Date 01/01/2009 U.S. Dislrict Judge (active) ]-’-] Initial l-if] A .... ~ Pinal to 12 ’31/2009 5b. [] Amended Report 7. Chambers or Office Addr~s~ 8. On the basis of the information contained in lhis Report and any modifications pertaining thereto, it is, in my opinion, in compliance 1340 U.S. Courthot;se with applicable laws and regulations. 500 Pearl StreetNew York, NY 10007 Revie~ing Officer Dale IMPOR Z4NT NO TES: the in.~tructions accompanying this form must be followe ,I Comptete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part whetyou have no reportable information. Sign on lastpage. ~ NONE (No reportablepo,sitions) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1. Part-time lecturer in lawColumbia University Law School !!. AGRE EM ENTS. ~a,,v,,,,i,.~ individual ,,,~r; ,tr pp. 1¢-16 ,,[filing instructiont.) NONE (,Vo reportable ~Tgreements.) DATE PAR’I’IES AND TERMS I. Rakoff, Jed S.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT I N .... [P ...... R~’p~r, ing DateofRcpor~ Page 2 of 7 ] R~k,,tT, J~ S. 05/~ 0:20m 111. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting imlividuul and ~p ..... ; .~,¢ pp. l ?-24 ,¢filing in ..... tions.) A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NONE (,Vo reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURC~ ,~ND TyPE ~ (yours, not spouse’s) I. 2009 Lecturer in law, Columbia Law School $25,000.002. 2009 Royalties from ALM Media, LLC S14,613.74 3. 2009 Royalties from Matthew Bender & Co., Inc. $26.652.41 B. Spouse’s Non-lnvest merit Income - tfj,,.,. ,,,,re mar’Heal during an)’ptprtia, n of the reporting j,ear, camplete this srctio~ ~ L~to reportable non-investment income.) ONE ~ SOURCE AND TYPE I. 2009Fordham Law School -- sala~ IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -,,a,.,~,,r,~,i,,,. ~,,at.~,~.~,,,,a. ....... i .... ~ (/nclt.ld~ tJlo~e to ~poust’ ond dep~’ndt’m ~hiidren; ~et’ pp 25-27 of l;ling ~tr~trtt( tions ) ~ NONE (No reportab& reimbursements) ~URCE DATF~ LOCATION PURPOSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I. MacArthur t:ottnda~on lanua~ 6-I0 Santa Monica. CASpeaker at conferenceTransponatton, lodging, food 2. Yale Uni~ e~>ily March 26-27 Ne~ lla~cn, ~T Visiting speaker a~Transpo~anonNational .-\cadem:, o;’Sc!,:nce March 29-31., judges’ manual on scientilqc e’, ideate  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT .~ ...... f~. ..... Re~o~,~.~ [ oa,~ofa~po. Page 3 of 7 Rakoff, Jed S.05/10/2010 investigation 7. National Academy of Science September 23-25Washington. DC Commitlee on use of Transp;or~ation. lodging, foodscie~ce in FBI’s anthraxinvestigation S. National Academy of ScienceOctober 12-13Washington, DCCommittee on revisingTransportation, lodging, food judges’ mamtal an scientificevidence 9. Federal Bar Council October 23-24 Lenox, MA Speaker at conferenceTransportatint~. lodging, fnod 10. National Academy of Science November 9-I IWashington. DCCommittee on revisingTra sporl i ion, lodging, fond judges’ manual on scientificevidence I1.  Name of Person ReportingDate of Report PageFINANCIAL4 of 7 DISCLOSURE REPORT [ Rakoff. aed S. 05/10/2010 V. GIFTS. a,,-~,,d~ a,,,.,, ,,, ,~, ~ NONE (A2~ reportable g~/is.) SOU~ DESCRIPTION VAL~ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. V I. LIA BILITIES. a,,.t,~,, ~ho,, of,~ ...... ~ dependent children; seeplx 32.33 ~fjili,,g instruction.,.) ~ NONE (No reportable liabilities,) CREDITOR DESCRIPTION VALUE ~ODE 1. Citibank Short-te~ loans (checking overdraft accounts) j 2. 3.4. 5.
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