James R Hall Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

.~o 1o Rev. 112010 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Court ~r Organi~’ation Southe~ District of Georgia 5~. Report Type (thee k appropriate t~pc) ~ Nornir~alio~, ~ Initial Date ~ Armual ~ Final m Governmtnt ~4ct t~f 197,~ ~’~ u.s.c, apl, .,g,+ IO1-I11) 3. Dare of Report 05, 12;201 6. Reporting Pe~ iod 01/01!20~9 to 12,’31 I. Per~nn Reporting (last rl:~mc, fir~.t, middle initial) 1 lall, Jamc.~ R. 4. Ti0e tArticlc 11I judges ind~calc active ur ~cnior slatu~: m~gistrale ju
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  .~o 1o FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT m Governmtnt ~4ct t~f 197,~ Rev. 112010 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ~’~ u.s.c, apl, .,g,+ IO1-I11) I. Per~nn Reporting (last rl:~mc, fir~.t, middle initial) 2. Court ~r Organi~’ation 3. Dare of Report1 lall, Jamc.~ R. Southe~ District of Georgia 05, 12;2014. Ti0e tArticlc 11I judges ind~calc active ur ~cnior slatu~:5~. Report Type (thee k appropriate t~pc)6. Reporting Pe~ iodm~gistrale judges indicate fu~l- or part-~imel ~ Nornir~alio~, Date 01/01!20~9 DistrictJudgc-Aclive ~ Initial ~ Armual ~ Final to 12,’31 5b. [ _~ Amended Report ~ 7. Chambers or Office Address 8. On the basi~ u[ the information c~ntained i~ this Rt.port and any modificationf p~aining lheret,~, il is. in my opinioo, in tomplianc~ P.O. Box 2106 Augusta, Gcorgia 30903 R¢~ itming Officer ................................ Dale IMPOR TANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this f~rm must be follo~’e~ (~mplete all parts, checking the NO~’E box for each part where you have no ~¢~orlable inJbrmatio~ Sign on last page. ~ N ONE (No reportable positions.) POSITIONNAME OF ORGANIZATION]ENTITY I. Member Patriot Foods. I,I.C 2. Member ttalbAugusta Properties, LLC 3. Director Hope Ptus, Inc. 4. ~ NONE (No rt’t>ortahh’ agrcemc’nts.) ,~-’S J)~ PAI~TIES ANT) TERMS I. 2,3. Hall James R.  Name of Person Rt, porting FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ] n~ ,Jam~m Page 2 of 6 1 i 1. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. m~po~o,~, individualandsp ..... :s,’epp. 17-24 ,,filling i ....... tions.) A. Flier’s Non-lnvestment Income NONE (No r~7~ortoble non-investment income) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOMI~ {yours. ~;ot spouse’s) I. 2.3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-invcstraenl lncorllc - If you w~re married durinN any portion of the r¢porlbtg ycar, oomph:re this section. [~ NONE (iVo ret,~rtable, , , non-investment income.) SOURCE AND TYP[ I. 2009Church of the Good Shepher&lipiscopal Day School-Substitute Teacher Fees 2. April 2009 q he Associated Press-Tempora U ltousing Rent 3.4. 1V. R E 151B U RS l’. 51E N TS ..- tran,portation, Iodging,.lond ....... tai ....... . NONE CA, o r~7;(.,~tabl~ teitnbut.~’emct~ts.) SOURCI{ I)ATE~ LO(JA’I*ION PURPOSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED 2. 34 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ .... fP ...... Reporting ] DatenfRep,,rt Page 3 of 6 llalI, James R. [05.~12/2010 [)~ NONE (No SOURCEDESCRIPTION VALUE 1. 2. 3. 4.5. [~ NONg (No ret,o,~able liabilities.) ~REDITORDESCRIPTIONVALUE CODE 1. Augusta First Bank Unsecured Note K 2. Wachovia Bank Loan Guaranty-Patrmt FootL~, Inc. N 3. 4. 5.  | FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N .... fP ..... Reporting Da,eof R~aporr Page 4 o f 6 n~,, a.,,,es R. 0~/~ ~/:0~ o V11. INVESTMENTS an d TRUSTS - i ........... * ......... , ...... a, eludes tt se,gsp ...... a NONE (No reportable income, a.~sets, or trat~sactiom’.) Description of Assets # Income during [ Gross vMuc at end ~ { nc t d ag ma asse s} { rapor ins pc od ~ of rcpomng period ~ P cc {X~ arlc~ca’hasc )Amount I r~p ~ cg ~ %ake [ Vat- T~p-(cg i D c Vauc (an ’ Ocn’~ot cxc p to n rior d)sc os:)re ~ Code I ~ div. rcnl Code 2 / Method i buy, sell. mm’d&~yv i (A-H) orim) ~ J-P) [ Code3 redemption) ~ (J-P)[ (A-H)0{private I. Patriot Foods, EkC-Mcmber lmerest 2. Hall Augusta Properties. EI.U&.’lembcrNone OW Intcrcsl 3. Northwestern blutual Universal t.ife A Dividend K U Insurance Policy ~. First Bank of Georgia Accounts A Intcrcst J T 5. LPL Financial IRA-Fidelily FinanciaNone J T Indcpendcnce Mutual Fund 6. LPL Financial l~-Goldman Sachs Bank None JT Cash Account 7. Smith Barney IRA-GECR Common F Dist)ibution K T Sold 04/0M09 J D (pan) ~.Smith ganey I~-GECR Common Sold 06,t29/09 K E9, Smith Barney IRA-GECR Common Sold 06~30/09 J D (pan) 10. Smith Bamcv IRA-GECR Common Sold I ]/30/09 K E {pan) 11. Smith Barney IRA-GECR Common Sold t2/02/09 JD {part) 16. 17.
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