IU UniCom Project OCS/CS2100 Integration

IU UniCom Project OCS/CS2100 Integration. J. Michael Lucas Jennifer Van Horn February 10, 2008. UNIVERSITY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. Agenda. Why IU chose MS/Nortel platform Benefits of Innovative Communications Alliance Evolution of real-time communications systems
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IU UniCom ProjectOCS/CS2100 IntegrationJ. Michael LucasJennifer Van HornFebruary 10, 2008UNIVERSITY INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY SERVICESAgenda
  • Why IU chose MS/Nortel platform
  • Benefits of Innovative Communications Alliance
  • Evolution of real-time communications systems
  • Demonstration / Feature Sets
  • Lessons Learned
  • IU UniCom ProjectIU UniCom ProjectIndiana University Demographics8 Campuses in INBloomington, Fort Wayne, Gary, Indianapolis, Kokomo, New Albany, Richmond, & South BendPopulationEnrolled Students – 99,122Faculty and Staff – 33,789What is the IU UniCom Project?Unified Communications – the IU brand name for the integration of MS Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS) and the Nortel CS2100 PBX softwareInnovative Communications Alliance – collaboration between Nortel and Microsoft to deliver voice, video, and data communications on a single unified communications platformIU UniCom ProjectWhy?Underlying Factors
  • Campus saturated with mobile devices
  • Faculty, staff and students increasingly mobile
  • Students disinterested in campus telephony
  • Diminishing office & meeting room space
  • Physically dispersed, “time shifted” work force
  • Overloaded Email storage (file management)
  • Cost of supporting multiple vendor solutions:
  • Email
  • Voicemail
  • IM & conferencing
  • Interest from many directions to move to VoIP
  • IU UniCom ProjectHow?Addressing the Issues
  • Merged operations under one Director
  • Voice, data, video, messaging
  • Targeted unified communications, not just VoIP
  • Assembled a technical working group
  • Monthly meetings to discuss vendor options
  • Considered proprietary & open source solutions
  • Established test environments for various solutions
  • Still Could not come up with a viable solution
  • July 2006 Announcement:Microsoft and Nortel form“Innovative Communications Alliance”Then…IU UniCom ProjectBenefits of the Innovative Communications Alliance
  • Successful history with Nortel & Microsoft
  • Leverages existing skill sets & institutional knowledge
  • Advanced knowledge of Nortel systems
  • Experienced group of Windows Server & Exchange engineers
  • Allows merging of SL-100 switches onto one platform with Geo Redundancy
  • Supports legacy phone environment
  • Handset (TDM) phones will be in place for several years
  • Opens up multiple migration paths to VoIP
  • IU UniCom ProjectBenefits of the Innovative Communications Alliance (Continued…)
  • Merges MS Outlook and phone at the desktop
  • 35,000+ Phone lines
  • 34,000+ Exchange mailboxes
  • MS Office is widely used, Outlook calendaring is critical
  • Provides a robust set of communication tools
  • Instant Messaging & Presence Awareness
  • Full featured “soft phone”
  • Audio / Video Calls
  • Call control features
  • Live Meeting web conferencing
  • IU UniCom ProjectEvolution of Real-Time Communications SystemsSource: Burton Group, December 2006IU UniCom ProjectHype CycleUnified Communicationsand CollaborationIP TelephonyUnified CommunicationsSource: Gartner Group, July 2007IU UniCom ProjectKey Arguments for Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Community of users around Active Directory
  • Enhanced Presence integrated into emails, Office applications, SharePoint documents, etc.
  • Integrated flow of communication
  • Contact information all in one repository
  • Mobility and portability
  • Caller ID
  • IU UniCom Project Instant Messaging (including groups)
  • Enhanced Presence Awareness
  • Directory (GAL) Integration
  • File Transfers
  • Video Calls
  • Enterprise Voice \ Call Control
  • Multiparty Calls
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfers
  • Rich Client Feature Set
  • Schedule Conferences
  • Launch IM within Email
  • “Call all” Message Recipients
  • Ad-hoc Web Conferencing
  • Q&A Panel
  • Attendee Polling (survey)
  • Desktop & Application Sharing
  • Record Meeting Content
  • IU UniCom Project Instant Messaging
  • Enhanced Presence
  • Manage Phone Settings
  • Option for Forms-based Logon
  • Supported Browsers:
  • IE 6 & 7
  • Firefox 2.0 and later
  • Safari 2.0.4
  • Additional Clients
  • Instant Messaging
  • Manage Contacts
  • Audio & Video Calls
  • File Transfers
  • Uses Global Address List
  • Bonjour Support
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4.10 or above
  • Instant Messaging
  • Enhanced Presence
  • Manage Contacts
  • Make Calls
  • Supported on Windows Mobile 5 & 6
  • IU UniCom ProjectTelephony Lessons Learned
  • Study your telephony dial plan
  • Be prepared to modify the PBX dial plan
  • We use 5 digit and 10 digit dialing
  • No E911 Support from OC Client
  • Consider having users sign a “waiver” document
  • Watch voice mail rollover ring time
  • Could affect “Sim Ring” or “Forward to”
  • IU UniCom ProjectProject Lessons Learned
  • Senior Management support a necessity
  • Engage deep level PBX vendor support
  • Target “highly communicative” pilot groups
  • Use department specific “real world” demos to generate enthusiasm
  • Develop business case based on new value, not cost savings
  • IU UniCom ProjectIU UniCom ProjectTimelineInstall CWA ServerLimited Campus AvailabilityOCS 2007 and CS2100 IntegrationUITS PilotCreate Support Model 2007 2008October November December January February March April Install External Access ServersCreate IUWareClient InstallPackagePre-PilotTestingQuestions?mlucas@iupui.edujvh@indiana.eduFind us in the courtyard(will answer questions for beer or whisky )IU UniCom ProjectThank You!IU UniCom ProjectBuilding the OCS InfrastructurePhone Switch Upgrade(Nortel CS2100 w/SE10 load)Installed Load Balancers15Configured OCS Pool & InstallFront-end servers6Extended Active Directory Schema2Installed SQL 2005 Cluster3Installed Web & A/VConferencing Servers7Installed Archiving Server(w/File Shares & SQL 2005)4Active DirectoryInstalled Mediation Server8PBX(s)Media Gateway(IW-SPM)OCS MediationServerSIP Gateway(NGSS)PSTN NetworkInternal IP ClientsNortel EquipmentIU Private NetworkLAN SwitchLB SubnetLoad Balancers(Primary & Failover)OCS Archiving &CDR ServerOCS Front-end Servers(with Web Components)A/V ConferencingServerWeb ConferencingServerSQL Back-endServersOCS PoolIU UniCom ProjectTrusted External Communicator & Live Meeting ClientsIU UniCom ProjectBuilding the OCS Infrastructure (Edge)InternetPublic IM Service ProvidersFederatedOCS Partner(s)IU Public SubnetLAN SwitchLB SubnetISA HTTPProxy Server(s)Communicator WebAccess Server(s)AccessEdge Server(s)Web ConferencingEdge Server(s)Load Balancers(Primary & Failover)A/V ConferencingEdge Server(s)CampusRouterInstall Load BalancersInstall Access Edge Server15Build ISA array (HTTP Proxy)Install A/V Conf. Edge Server26Install CWA ServerInstall Web Conf. Edge Server37Install OCS DirectorConfigure external access features…48OCS Director(s)Phone Switch Integration DetailsRing!Communicator to Telephone CallMedia Gateway(Nortel IW-SPM)RTPOCSMediationServerRTPx-msrta8000Hz(RTAudio)G.711 PCMU8000HzSIPSession ProgressSIPTryingPSTNNetworkSIPINVITESIP OKSIP BYESIPINVITESIP Session ProgressSIPSession ProgressSIP INVITESIPTryingSIP TryingSIP BYESIPBYESIP OKPhone Switch(Nortel CS2100)SIPOKSIP/CSTA Gateway(Nortel NGSS)OCS Front-end ServersIU UniCom Project
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