Ingles 24-02-2014

Ingles 24-02-2014
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  2. read the text again. What are their Jobs?  a. Kathy is a nurse  b. Steve is a teacher  c. sophie house wife  d. Matthew graphic designer  e. janet in the library   3. write the name of the correct person  a.  steve  uses office software to work. b.  sophie  checks her accounts. c. Matthew  and sophie  work at home. d. kathy  has created a data base. e. sophie   doesn’t ususally go to the supermarket.  f.  janet  uses a barcode reader. 4. find words in the texts with these meanings  a. to keep information in computer. store  b. a computer program that stores data in tables and analyses it by formulas. spreadsheet program.  c. to be out of work. unemployed  d. to ask for a produc to a shop. order  e. a machine used for a specific task. A gadget. a tablet   intervecion oral  
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