Inception & The Vortex: two short stories

Inception and The Vortex are two short stories in which the characters are caught up in a cosmic drama of chaos and transformation. They struggle with the experience and its consequences, as they then begin to shape their future lives, in response to
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     PREFACE Inception and The Vortex were srcinally published as part of two books, Oblivion of Being and Ur-image. Both stories spring from an inceptive moment, a rupture in the continuity of my life, opening me up to a new stream of creative thinking. These moments, usually happen to me by way of dreams. When they appear this way, such dreams constitute a seed of a new possible future. My doctoral program, for example, was founded on such a momentÑa powerful dream followed by hints and synchronicities that I followed into the depths of my program. My short story Inception flowed from the following dream: I look up and see an awesome display of yellowish turbulence in the sky, lightning forming. I warn others and run for shelter into an old country shop. I see an enormous tree (I see its roots) swirling in the vortex and crash into the rooftops, smashing into the shop.  This dream actually led me into a deep study of the phenomenology of creative moments. Many threads wove together to produce this story of an inceptive moment in the lives of three friends. A new configuration of the world Òlights upÓ for them. Two of them attempt to bring this new configuration into actuality via   an art form, while the third refuses and instead participates in the inevitable culmination of our technological civilisationÑoblivion.  The Vortex is also a story of an inceptive moment and again springs from a dream. In this dream:  Three pioneers of depth psychology appear, each representing a different understanding of the nature of image, a question that has a long and venerable history. I begin to wonder in my dream if I could write a book about them and their ideas. As I do so, the German word, ÒurÓ, starts to repeat itself to me, running through my mind, as I sleep. I become enthusiastic about writing a story of these three men in relation to image, a simple story that brings out the difference in their understanding of image. I also am looking around for some electronic leads that will help the wires connect to my speaker system so that I can be heard more clearly. I woke up with ÒurÓ resounding in me. I started to look around for some Òelectronic leadsÓ. I went to a search engine and typed in ÒurÓ and found that the word means ÒsrcinalÓ, ÒprimitiveÓ (meaning primary or basic). The same Google search had turned up another result. A kindle book had been recently published. It was Stephen KingÕs short story for Kindle, about Kindle, and it was called Ur  . I quickly downloaded it and read it. It was a book dedicated to the notion of alternative universes and the possibility of their intersecting with our Present. I realized that the idea of alternative universes is a spatial conception having the same weird logic as the temporal conception of alternative possible futures, which I was interested in.  This story, then, concerns four young people, Edward, Gary, Allen, and the mysterious PoÕ. They are high school students, and firm friends. Like all other young people they have been told that their future is up to them, their choices, their aspirations, their goals. They learned that they are the authors of their lives, and that nothing happens unless they make it happen. They had no idea that alternative possible futures may spontaneously approach them, disrupt the Present and alter the course of their lives in the most unexpected ways. One day, they encountered the vortex, which drew them into participation with four possible futures. Upon their return to the Present, their lives began to unfold which the most surprising ways.  CONTENTS #$%&#'' ! ()&#*+,-)  # $%& '(( ) *&+,- ./ 0123452 6,37- .# 83&3,52 91:;&-7,3 </ =>&3,4+?%&+, << *7?,1(1?3 )/ $;7+2 )@ 83&3,52 63-123 A. 63?121+> @. .&/)-01#234#)+5 !/B 67#'8- +#9  !/A !@)#C DEE37,7>?3 !/@ F1,2& 8+221G43 F%&%,3C HI !JJ *3?+>I 8+221G43 F%&%,3C K7,L !.) M;1,I 8+221G43 F%&%,3C D443> !<B F+%,&; 8+221G43 F%&%,3C 8+5 !)/ !@)#C N3&%,> 7>I '> !B< J/J#C D443>52 O++P +( Q%+&7&1+>2 !A) J/!!C K7,L52 637&; J/# J/!.C R+1?3 +( 8+5 J!# .&/)-01#234#)+5 JJ! .:-;+'67#'.;+7- ' JJJ
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