Frederick J Kapala Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Ao 1o Re~,. 1/2o~0 ] ] FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Court or Organization District Court, N I-3 Illinois 5u. Report Type (check appropriatc ~’p¢) [] Nomination, t___al’-’q Initial Date ~l-if] Annual swat, Required by the Ethics in Government Act o/ 1978 c:~ u.s.c, app. ,~,~ ~cb-~ ~ 0 3, Date of Report 05/05/2010 6. Reporting Period 01/01/2009 to 12/31/2009 . Person Reporting (last name. first, middle initial) Kapala, Frederick J. 4. Title (Article 111 ]~ges indicat
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  Ao 1o ] FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT swat, Required by the Ethics in Government Act o/ 1978 Re~,. 1/2o~0 ] FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 c:~ u.s.c, app. ,~,~ ~cb-~ ~ 0 . Person Reporting (last name. first, middle initial) 2. Court or Organization 3, Date of Report Kapala, Frederick J. District Court, N I-3 Illinois 05/05/2010 4. Title (Article 111 ]~ges indicate active or se~ior status; 5u. Report Type (check appropriatc ~’p¢) 6. Reporting Period magi$trale judges indicate [hll- or purl-time) [] Nomination, Date 01/01/2009 District Judge t___al’-’q Initial ~l-if] Annual [] Final to 12/31/2009 5b. [] Amended Report 7. Chambers or Office Address 8. On the b~sis of the information contained in this Report and aoymodifications pertaining thereto, it is, in my opinion, in compliance 211 South Court Street with applicable laws and regulations. Rockford, IL 61101 Reviewing Officer Date IM;PORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must be fallowe~L Complete all parts, checking, the NONE box for each part n,here you have no reportable information. Sign on lastpage. 1. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual on~v.; seepp. 9-13 of’filing instructions.) ~ NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITIONNAME OF ORGANIZATION!ENTITY I. Trustee Tr~st # 1 TrusteeTrust , all I l li lloi S not - tbr - p re fit co rp o ra t i on 1I. AGREEMENTS. (gep,,rei,,g indlvidual ,,tdy; see pp. 14-1a of filing instructlons.) ~ NONfi L~0 reportable agreements,) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS I. 12/31/2009 State of Illinois Retirement System. pension benefits payable at retirement at or after age 55 Kapala, Frederick J.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT !~ ...... f Persoa ReportingDate of Report [ I age 2 of 9 Kapala, Frederick J. 05/05/201t) 1II. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. tRw,,.i.g it,dividual and.,’p ...... ; see~p. 17-24 tyffiling instructions.) A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NONE (N~ reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOME (yours, not spouse’s) I. 2009State of Itlinois - Appellate Court Judge retirement payments $150,578. l 6 2.08/14!2009 George Daily - S~Ie of Automobile S14,000.00 3.4. B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - 11),0. were married during any portion of the reporting year, complete this section. (Dollar amount not required except for honoraria.) [~ NONE (?Vo reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE I. 1213 !/2009 Catholic Diocese of Rockford, substitute teaching 2.3. 4. IV. ~IMBURSEMENTS ....... p ...... i,,., t,,~gg.,,, ~,,,a, ....... i ..... ,. (’l~m’hates those to spouse and depet,~dent children: see pp. 25 27 of filing i~3o~ctlons.) NONE 6Vo reportable reimbursements.) SOURCEDATESLOCATI()N PI~POSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED 1. 2.3.4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N .... fP ..... Reporting DateofReport Page 3 of 9 Kapala, Frederick J. 05/05/2010 V. G I FTS. anct,,des a, os*~ to s;ouse una a~:e,,dent children; see pp. 28-31 old’ling i ........ riot,s.) NONE (No reportable gifts,) SOURCEDESCRIPTIONVALUE 1. 3.5. ’~v.~. LIABILITI l~C~l~o (Includes those of sp ...... d depettdent children; see pp. 32-33 of filing instructions,) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR DESCRIPTION VALUE COD~ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT In .... fP ..... Reporting DateofRepor~ Page 4 of 9 Kapala, Frederick J. 05/05/2010 ~ NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) Description of Assets [ Income during : Gross value at endTransactions du~ng reporting period (includiag t~st ~sets) ] reporting period : of relning peri~ Place (X) all ........ t ...... t A ...... t I Type (e.g.,ValueValue Type (e.g.. [ Date ] Value Gain [ Idcntily ofexempt I?om prior disclosure Code I div,. rent. Code 2 ~ Merh~ bny. sell,]mm/ddiyy ] Code 2 Code l buyer/seller ~ (A-H) or ira.) [ ~J-p) i~ Code 3 redemption) J 0-P) (A-t0 ~ifprivatc ~ (Q-W) ~ transaction) 1, Chase Bank accotm~ ~ l A Interest K T 2. Elackhawk Bank account ~ 1 A Interest K T3. Blackhawk Bank account # 2 A Interest J T 4. B~ackhawk Bank account .~l 3 B Interest K T 5. Amcorc Bank Acconnt li I A Inlerest K T 6. Alpine Bank CD A Interest J T Open 12/20/09 J 7. RJ Bank delx~sit program A Interest Closed 04/30/09 N 8. Scottrade Bank deposit program A Interest MT Open04;30/09 N 9. Van Kampen Great Intl l~’irms, series 28 - A Dividend Sold 03/03!’09 J Cash \Vrap 5.5 10. Ishares Tr S&P500 GrwNone Sold 03/03/09 J 1 I. lshares Tr S&P500 Value None Sold 03/03/09 J 12. lshares I-r Msci EAFE II)X None Sold 03/03/09 J ! 3. isharesTr Rus12000 Grow None Sold 03/03: 09 J 14. lshares Tr Rusl 2000 Valu None Sold 03/03/09 15, lshares Tr Rus] Midcap None Sold 03/03/09 16. First Trust Large-Cap Growth ~’113 A DividendSold 03, 03~09 17. First Trust Large-Cap Value #13 A DividendSold 103/03/09
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