Eldon E Fallon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

I ~. 1/2olo ,~o ]0 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 Report Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 FALLON, ELDON ~. 4. Title (Amicl~ 1ll judg~ indi~te aclive or senior ~us; magistrate judges indicate full- or pafl-ti~) U.S. DISTRI~ JUDGE (A~IVE) U.S.District Coufl,Louisi~na 5a. R~po~ Type (check appropriate ~yp¢) ~ Nomination, ~ Initial Date ~ Annual ~ Final 0511M2010 6. Reporting Period 01/01/2009 to 12/3112009 7. Chambers or O~ce Addr~s U. S. DISTRI~ COURT 50
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  I ,~o ]0 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Report Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 ~. 1/2olo FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 FALLON, ELDON ~. U.S.District Coufl,Louisi~na 0511M2010 4. Title (Amicl~ 1ll judg~ indi~te aclive or senior ~us; 5a. R~po~ Type (check appropriate ~yp¢) 6. Reporting Periodmagistrate judges indicate full- or pafl-ti~) ~ Nomination, Date 01/01/2009 U.S. DISTRI~ JUDGE (A~IVE) ~ Initial ~ Annual ~Final to 12/3112009 , 5b. ~ Amend~ Repo~ 7. Chambers or O~ce Addr~s 8. On the basis of the l~formalion conlained in this Report agd anymodifi~llons perlaining Ihereto, il i~ in my opinion, in complian~ U. S. DISTRI~ COURT with applicable laws and regulations. 500 POVDRAS STREET - ROOM C456NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130 Reviewing Officer DaIe IMPOR TANT NO TES: The instructions accompanying this form must be followed. Complete all parts, checMng the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable information. Sign on last page. I. PO SITION S. tR~po.i.~ i~ai,.id~o~ o,&: ,,,~v. ~-t~ ~f~ti,~ instructions.) D NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY I. Ex-Ol’ficio Board Mcmbcr/Past PresidentLouisiana Bar Foundation 2. Truslce Testamentary Trust II. AGREEMENTS. rReportlng individuat only; seepp. I¢-16 of fitinf,, ins~ruction.~) NONE (No reportable agreements.) PARTIES A~ TERMS I. 2. Fallon Eldon E.  I~INANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 2 of 9 FALLON, ELDON E. 05/14~010 111. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (nevorti~Z i~di,,iS~ ~d W ....   see pp. 17-24 of filing instructions.) A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOME. (yours, not spouse’s) 1. 2009 Thompson-West (book royalty) $5~7.07 2. 3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - t/~,ou were married during any portion of the reporting year, complete this section. (Dollar amount not required except for honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE I. 2. 3.4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS :tro,.,W,,,,io,. Udxi,x.yood. en,~,,,i, .... ,. (h~ch~ch’s thox~ to .Wouse and del~:ndcnt childr~,n: se~ pp, 25-27 uf filing instructions.) --] NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) SOURCE DATES. LOCATIONPURPOSEITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED 1. American Bar Assoe~tion 1/72o2312010 V~il, CO Speaker Seminar ProgramTransportation, m~ls, lodging 2.3. 4.5.  Name oF Person Reporting Date of Report PageI~INANCIAL3 of 9 DISCLOSURE REPORT [ FALLON, ELDON F. 0511~/2010 ~ NONE ~o reportable g~s.) SOURCEDESCRIPTION VAL~ I. 3. 4. 5, ~ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR D~SCRIP~ON VALUE CODE 2. 3. 4. 5.  F’INANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Name of Person ReportingDate o[ Regart Page 4 of 9 FALLON, ELDON E. 05/14/2010 VII. INVESTMENTS and,~, ,~lue, t}ansuctions(lncludesthoseafspouseanddependentchildren;seepp. 34.60,~ffilingi,,.,’truaion.~) NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) ~ ........ ~. 1 c. O. Description of Assets Income during [ Gross value at end T~n~clions during ~po~ing ~ri~(including trust as~) ~ning p~i~ ~ of repoSing ~riod Place (X) a~cr~chas~tAmount J T~(e.g., ] ValueValue T)~(e.g. i Dale [Value I Gain Identilyof ~ C~I[ div.. rr~ ~ C~2 Me~h~ b~, sell, ~m~g~ : C~e 2 ’l C~e [[ bayer!sellerxempl from prior di~losure . - / orim.) (J-P) Code3 ~demption~ ~ 0-P) ] (A-it) ] ~trprlva~e (A H) ............ ’ (Q-W) J i j transaction} _J_ ........................................... I. PA~CgL gl, NOgA C RentDonated 2. PARCEL #2, NOLA C Rent K W 3. PARCEL #5, NOLA E Rent O W 4. *PARCEL#6, MS (Pcarl River County) C PIW 5. DUKE COMMON STOCK A Dividend K T 6. FIDELITY FUND COMMON STOCK A Dividend K T 7. EMPIRE DISTRICT ELECTRIC A Dividend JT COMMON STOCK 8. ANADORKO COMMON STOCK A Dividend K T 9. VIAD COMMON STOCK A Dividcnd J T 10. FINOVA COMMON STOCK . A Dividend J T I I. AM SOUTH (IRA) D Dividend N T 12. SCHWAB MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT D Intcrcst N T 13. SAVING/FIDELITY HOMESTEAD ASSN’ A Interest JT 14. *TESTAMENTARY TRUST None L T 15. VANGUARD INDEX TRUST SMALL A Dividend K T CAF’ STOCK PORTFOLIO (NAESX)MUTUAL 16. LEGG MASON VALUE MUTUAL FUND A Dividend KT 17. NATIONSBANKCORP (BONDS) B Interest K T ~ I. Income Gain Codes: A (See Columns B I and D4) F *$50.~1 - $ I~.0~ G $1~,~1 - $1.~,~0 H I =$1.~0.~1 - $5.~.~ H2 ~Mo~ ~an $5.0~,~0 , 2. Value Cod¢~ J -$15.~0 ~ Ics~K ~$15.~1 - $50,0~ L ~S50.~l - $100.0~ M $1~.~] - $250.~0 3. Value MeOwed Codes 0 ~App~i~al R ~o~t (Real Estate Only) =Asse~nt T ~a~ M~
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