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DZyn S ource. Mold Engineering Calculations Software. Desktop Engineering Tools for Mold D esigners, E ngineers, Moldmakers, Processors, etc. DZynSource Software Increases Your Bottom Line. Build better molds the first time Optimize mold cooling Plan for thermal expansion and contraction
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DZynSourceMold Engineering Calculations SoftwareDesktop Engineering Tools for Mold Designers, Engineers, Moldmakers, Processors, etc.DZynSourceSoftwareIncreases Your Bottom Line
  • Build better molds the first time
  • Optimize mold cooling
  • Plan for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Specify chillers, cylinders, valves, and pumps
  • Size mold plates appropriately
  • Specify correct components and fasteners
  • Troubleshoot molds and molding processes
  • Over-design is expensive
  • Under-design can be disastrous
  • DZynSource Main ScreenDirect Current Electrical CalculationsThese calculations are commonly used when working with heaters and hot runner systems.Fluids Sub-MenuBubbler Size CalculationsEquivalent Hydraulic DiameterThe equivalent diameter of an annular channel is much smaller than most people think it is.The equivalent diameter of an irregular shaped passage is not the same as a diameter of equal area.Hydraulic Cylinder CalculationsYou can calculate the forward force, the return force, and number of gallons per minute of hydraulic fluid needed, all while talking to your customer on the phone.Pneumatic Cylinder CalculationsCalculate the correct piston bore size for your application.Calculate the forward forceCalculate the return force Calculate the SCFM of air required for operation.Get the answers as fast as you can type.Pressure LossesYou can calculate the pressure losses in your mold, or hoses. You can also calculate the fact that there is very little pressure lost through small fittings, in many cases.Reynolds NumberMake sure that your cooling is maximized by achieving a flow rate that indicates a Reynolds Number over 4000.Make sure that your hydraulic lines don’t exceed a Reynolds Number of 2000.See how anti-freeze hampers your mold cooling!Pressure Drop Through an OrificeMore Pressure LossesMinimize corrosion using the galvanic tableThe closer two metals are in the table, the less likely they are to corrode when placed together in an electrolyte.Gate SizingHot Runner ChecklistHere’s a list of questions that you can use as a checklist when checking hot runner drawings. The list is based on experience .The checklist is in a limited word processor, so you can add your own items to the list.Machining CalculationsCalculate Surface RoughnessFeed RateCalculate Effective Cutter DiameterMultiple Machining CalculationsConversion Between Inches Per Minute & Inches Per RevolutionMoldmaking Material PropertiesYou can open up to 4 material properties windows to compare 36 different mold making metals.Mold or Plate Weight EstimatorMolding Calculations Sub-MenuChiller Sizing and Processing InformationTable of Clamp Force vs. MaterialMolded Part Cooling Time EstimatorColorant Let Down RatioCalculates the required colorant in terms of let-down ratio, or percentage. Choose pounds or kilograms.Minimum Time for a Part to DropThis allows you to calculate the pause time for the molding machine to wait for the molded part to fall from the highest cavity to the bottom of the mold.Calculate the Amount of Material to be Processed Per HourPlastic Shrinkage CalculatorCalculate steel sizes, knowing plastic size and shrink rate, or calculate plastic size, knowing steel size and shrink rate.Includes a table of typical shrink rates for some common plastic materials.Calculate Tie Bar StretchProduction CalculationsCalculate the Amount of Material to be Processed Per Hour is found here, as well as in the molding calculations section.Molding CapacityCalculate your production capacity quickly and easily!Convert Hours Into Days or WeeksSometimes you know your production run in hours, and want to convert it to a larger unit of time. Done and done.Calculate How Many Cavities are Required in Your Mold to Meet Your Production Needs. Calculate How Many Parts Your Mold Can Produce in a Given Amount of TimeHow long will it take to mold that many parts?Runner SizingCalculate runner sizes based on part wall thickness.Calculate the size of a feeder runner based on the size and number of branch runners it will be feeding.Strength of Materials SectionThe strength of materials section is sort of the heart of the DZynSource Mold Engineering Software, and the reason that I originally started writing this code.There are many options from this selection set, and many more choices within each section.Bending and DeflectionCantilever With Load at Opposite EndCantilever, Load at Any PointThree Different Support Scenarios3 Loading Scenarios for Each Support TypeAnswer BoxWhen you click on the “Moment of Inertia” button, you are presented with 10 standard shapes to choose from. This is the geometric shape of the piece that you are analyzing, at 90 degrees to the “L” direction.Using The FeaturesThe Moment of Inertia and Section Modulus are automatically sent to the proper text boxes.Deflection of Circular Discs2 different loading scenarios,2 different support scenarios.Good for calculating the distortion from gating on a core, or the collapse of a cap or closure, among other things.AnswersThe answers for this section appear in a separate dialog box.Fixed Both Ends, Central LoadFixed Both Ends, Load at Any PointEuler’s Long Column TestParts that meet the requirements to be classified as “Long Columns” are likely to fail by sudden and catastrophic buckling. The L/K test will tell you if the geometry of your part meets the definition of “Long Column”.Critical Load for Long Column BucklingHere again, the modulus of elasticity can be chosen from a list, or entered manually. The moment of inertia is transferred from the worksheet shown earlier.This example shows that the critical load for a 12” long, .125 diameter ejector pin, is about 25 pounds.Calculate the expansion of a Round Cavity, Blind or Through HoleElastics StrainStretching and CompressionWithin The Elastic Limit of a MaterialStretch or CompressionUniform Cross-sectionOne MaterialStretch or CompressionTapered Cross-sectionOne MaterialTapered Strain AnswerStretch or CompressionUniform Cross-sectionTwo MaterialsTwo Material Strain AnswersHoop Stress & ExpansionLeader Pin Bend with 1, 2, or 3 Moving PlatesEnter your Known Weight, or use the Plate Weight EstimatorMoment of Inertia and other Properties of Geometric ShapesMoment of inertia, section modulus, radius of gyration, and area are all used in the calculations of strength of materials.Just enter your known dimension for one of the ten standard shapes to get the values you need.Most values are sent to the appropriate text boxes automatically.Mold Plate DistortionHave you ever seen a mold with “A” side action fail to keep the slides fully closed during injection? You don’t have to experience this again if you size the plate correctly the first time.Both through pocket and blind pocket options.Surface Finish ComparisonsSPI/SPE Finish ComparisonSurface Roughness ComparisonThermal ConsiderationsChiller Tonnage, Material Per Hour, Water Requirements, and BTU’s to Be RemovedLinear Thermal Expansion Coefficients and CalculationsYou can choose to calculate the expansion and the final size. You can also calculate what to make the initial size in order for a part to grow to the correct size after a change in temperature.Thread PropertiesThree Wire Thread MeasurementYou can calculate the size for measuring threads with the “three wire measurement” technique.You can calculate the largest, smallest, and best wire size to use based on the threads per inch, or the thread pitch.Pipe ThreadsYou can select N.P.T. threads, or B.S.P.T threads. Once you click on the thread size, you are presented with the tap drill size for that thread. You will get 2 answers, one for the drill size if using a pipe reamer too, or a larger size if no pipe reamer will be used.Properties of Screws and ThreadsTrigonometryChord and Segment CalculationsUsing the image at the right to decide, choose the 3 options to calculate the value that you need to know. You can calculate the chord, the radius, or the height of the segment, if you know the other two values.Degrees, Minute, Seconds <> Decimal DegreesMost calculators include a decimal degree to degree, minute, second, calculator.We included one here so that you have another source for when your calculator batteries lose their charge.Right Angle TrigChoose any two values that you know, from the list, and press Calculate to get the other 3 values. The 90º corner is constant.You can enter your angle in decimals degrees or degrees, minutes, seconds.Roll DimensionsUsing a roll, dowel pin, or gage pin to measure angles is very common in mold and tool making. There are two choices available to represent the orientation of the angle. Just enter the angle, the height to the theoretical sharp corner, and the pin or roll diameter, press calculate, and the height over the roll is calculated for you. No more using charts and cheat sheets.Roll DimensionsSine Plate Gage Block CalculatorTooling Ball CalculatorThe tooling ball is often used for measuring the size of cone shaped holes.You can calculate how much the ball sits above or below datum surface S. An answer with a minus value indicates that the ball is below the surface. The tangent diameter is given so you can tell if the angle surface is large enough for the ball to rest tangent to the angle.Unscrewing Mold WorksheetVenting ConsiderationsTable of Typical Vent DepthsA Vent Width CalculatorOf course, it’s still up to you to put the vents in the right spot. But this calculator tells you the minimum vent width you need to prevent burning” of the plastic material.It’s usually better to have more vents, as long as the structural integrity of the core and cavity are not compromised.Purchase securly online via links on the website.The link will allow for online payment via credit card or PayPal. After payment, you will be able to download DZynSource directly.Or just click here toBuy Now
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