DXM and DPH: Pharmacokinetics and Abuse Potential

DXM and DPH: Pharmacokinetics and Abuse Potential
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  DXM and DPH: Pharmacokinetics and Abuse Potential BY JOHN HARDER, WITH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM MACKENZIEANDREWS, MARIA NAPOLEONE, AND ALLISON LEGERE  MISCONCEPTIONS -JOHNWHAT IS IT? -JOHN HOW DOES IT WORK? -JOHNWHAT DOES IT DO? -JOHNEFFECTS  –  JOHNTOXICITY AND HARM -JOHNHARM REDUCTION  –  JOHNARTISTIC DIRECTION  –  JOHNWHO USES IT? -MACKENZIEWHY DO THEY USE IT? -MARIAPREVENTION STRATEGIES -ALLISON Our Q&A Approach  Common Misconceptions  Syrup, sizz-urp, grip-n-sip  Lean, purp, drank  Unrelated to hiphopsubculture  Lacks “street” names  WHAT ARE THEY NOT?  Unlike alcohol, LSD  DXM , DPH can come as pills, powders, syrups  Syrup form resembles opiate “codeine”  Shares effects at low doses  Structurally similar, but distinct  WHERE ARE THEY FOUND, THEN?  Most cough medicines (Robitussin, Vicks, etc.)  Expectorants (Mucinex)  Sleep aids (Zzzquil)  Allergy medicine (Benadryl)  Motion-sickness (Dramamine, Scopderm)
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