Diana G Motz Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

,~o 1o ~ev. ]/:ow FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2, Court ~r Organization FOURTH CIRCUIT CT. OF APPEALS 5a. Report Type (check appropriale type) ] Nomioadon, Date ~ Annual r--] Final Repor~ Reqt, ir~d by ~h~ E~i~’s in Government Act of 1978 (~ U.S.C app. ~’.~ tall-Ill) 3, Date of Report 05/14/2010 6, Reporting Period t, Person Reporting (last name, first, middle initial) MOTZ, DIANA G. 4. Title (A~icle l!l judges indicate active or senior status; magi strate judges indica
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  ,~o 1o FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Repor~ Reqt, ir~d by ~h~ E~i~’s in Government Act of 1978 ~ev. ]/:ow FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 (~ U.S.C app. ~’.~ tall-Ill) t, Person Reporting (last name, first, middle initial)2, Court ~r Organization 3, Date of Report MOTZ, DIANA G.FOURTH CIRCUIT CT. OF APPEALS 05/14/2010 4. Title (A~icle l!l judges indicate active or senior status;5a. Report Type (check appropriale type) 6, Reporting Period magi strate judges indicate full- or part-time) ] Nomioadon, Date 01/01/2009 I:OURTtl CIRCUIT JUDGE - Active [] Initial ~ Annual r--] Final to 12/31/2009 5b. [] Amended Repot~ 7, Chambers or Office Address 8. On the basis of the information contained in this Report and anym~difieations pertaining thereto, it is, in my opinion, in compliance U.S. Courthouse with applicable laws and regulations, 101 W. Lombard St, 9th FI. Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Reviewing Officer Date IAIPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must be foltowed~ Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable information. Sign on last page. I. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual only; seepp. 9-13 of f!ting instructions.) [--- NONE (No reportable positions.) POSIT1ON NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1. rruslee Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University 2. Trustee Generation Skipping Trust for 3. Custodian College Savings Plan for ¯ II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; see pp. 14-16 ~ff!ling instrmrtions.) NONE (No reportable agreements.) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS 1. Motz, Diana G.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 2 of 1 0 ~o’rz, DIANA G. 05/14/2010 A. Flier’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOME (yours, not spouse’s) 1. 3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - t/you were married during any portion of the reporting yeor, complete this sectior~ (Dollar amount not required exceptJbr honoraria) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 1. 2. 3. 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS - (lnc!udes those to spouse and dependent children; see pp. 25-2 ? of filing instructions.) [---] NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) SOURCE DATESLOCATION PURPOSE ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDEDI. UCLA Law School 03/131’09-03/19/2009 Encino, CA Moot Cotlrt Air fare 2. New York University 04.~04/2009-04/08i200c~ New York, New YorkMoot Court Lodging and transportation 3 Stanfbrd Law School04/13/2009-04il4,’200~ Stanlbrd, CA Moot CourtTransportation 4. Conference for South09!29/2009-I0/01/200~ Charleston, SCConference Lodging Carolina Women Lawyers Association 5. Georgetown Ui~iversityI0/13/2009 Washington, DCConference Transportation  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~,e of Person Reporting Date of Report Page 3 of 10 Mo’rz, DIANA G. 05/t4/2010 V. GIFTS. a, ct,des those tO SpOUSe and dependent children; see pp. 2&31 of filing instructions.) [] NONE (No reportable g~s.) SOURCE DE SCR.IPT.[ON 2.3.4. VI. LIABILITIES. a,c~ud~ ,ho~, o/~po,,~ o,a ,h.p~,a~., ,.hi~,~ ........ pp. 32-33 ojfiling instructions.) NONE ~Yo reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR!)ESCRIPTION VALUE CODE 1. 2,3. 4. 5.  FI.~ANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Name of Person ReportingDate of Report Page 4 of 10 ~.torz, mAh.~ G, osi~4.~o~0 VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS _ i ......... I ........... ,io~ (Includes those of spouse aml dep¢ndem children; ~ee pp, 34-~0 of filing in~trucHons.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) ,~. ~ U ............... c. ~ ............................   ....................................... Gro~ value at end ~ Transactions d~ing reporting period escfption of.Assets Income during I: (including t~st assets) reoo~ing period , of reposing period Place (X) after each asset Amount ~ T~e~e g., ~ Value ~ Value [ r~e (e.g., ~ Date [ Value ~ Gain [dennty ofexempt from prior disclosure Code I ] dw., rent. ~ Code 2Method :: buy, set!,~mmid&~yy [ Code 2 ~ Code 1 buyer/seller (Q-W} [[ transaction) ................: , ~ ........ ................. l. Exxon Mobil D Div N T 2, IBM C Div M T 3. TRP - Tax Exempt A lnt K T 4. T. Rowe Price C Div N T 5. Sara Lee A Div J T 6. Nicholas Fund A Div L T ! 7. TRP Equity Income Fund A Dividend L T 8. ChevrordTexaco A Dividend K T : 9 Campbell Soup A Div I T 10. MD. Bond A Interest KT 1 I. AIM-Weingarten (IRA) A Div J T 12. Gen’lEIec A Div K T 13 DuPont DeNemour & Co. A Div J T 14, ExxonMobil Corp. (IRA) A Div KT 15Apple Compnter A Div L T 16. TR.P-New ERA A Dividend L T 17. TRP-Value A Dividend L T see note I I Income Gain Code’;:A =$1.000 or lessB =$I,001 - $2.500 C =$2,5,31 - $5,000 D =$5,001 - 515,000 E =$15,00t - $50,00~ [ (See Columns BI and D4) F =$5().001 - $ )00,000 G ~$100,001 - $1.000.000 }~1 =$ !,000,00] - $5.000,000H2 =~v~orc ~an $5,000.000 2. Value CodesJ =$15.000 o( less K =$15,~)1 - $50,00’3 L =$50,001 - $100,000 M =$ [~.00l - $250,000 1S¢¢ Columns C I and D3) N ~I250,001 - $500,000O =$500,001 - $11~0,000 P I =$1,~0.00! - $5,000,000 P2 =15,000,00] - $25.000,000 ’, P3 =$25.0~,001 - ~50,000,0’30P4 =More than $50,000,000 3. Value Method Cod¢~Q =AppraisalR =Cost (,Real E~tatc Only) S =A~essment~ =Cash Market(See Column C2) U =Book VMu¢ V =Other W =Estirnated I
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