David S Cercone Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

I Ao to Rev. 1/2010 FINANCIAL D! SCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Coati or Org,nlzatlon USDC, WDPA ~. Repo~ Type [check ~ropri~ ~¢) Dale ~ Nomination, ~ A~ual ]~ Initial Report Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (5 us.c app. §§ IOl.l l l) I. Perlon Reporting (last name. first, middle inilial) Cercone, David S. 4. Title (~icle Ill judg~ indicate ~ctiv¢ or senior sl~tus; magis~Ic judges indics~ ~1I- or p~-d~) U.S. Dis~ctJudge-Acdve 05/5/2010 6. R~po~l~ Perl~ 0~/01/2~9 t
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  I Ao to FINANCIAL D! SCLOSURE REPORT Report Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978Rev. 1/2010 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 (5 us.c app. §§ IOl.l l l) I. Perlon Reporting (last name. first, middle inilial) 2. Coati or Org,nlzatlon Cercone, David S. USDC, WDPA 05/5/2010 4. Title (~icle Ill judg~ indicate ~ctiv¢ or senior sl~tus; ~. Repo~ Type [check ~ropri~ ~¢)6. R~po~l~ Perl~ magis~Ic judges indics~ ~1I- or p~-d~) ~ Nomination, Dale 0~/01/2~9 U.S. Dis~ctJudge-Acdve]~ Initial ~ A~ual ~ Fin.l to 12/3 I/2~9 7. Ch~mben or O~ce Addrrs~ 8. On lhe ba~ of lee Inform~lloa ¢ontzln~ In lhls Repo~ znd ~ny m~lflc~l~n~ S~it~ 7270, 7~ G~I Sff~t with ~ppllc~bl¢ I~wl ~nd regulmllo~l. U.S. C0unho~Pit.burgh, PA 15219 ’ Reviewing Officer IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must be followed. Complete all parts, checlclng the NONE box for each part where you have n o reportable information. Sign on last page. I. POSITIONS. (Re~,o.~x ~ NONE (No reportablepositiom.) pOSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION~NTI~ I. Dir~tor Boys and Girls Club of Western Pcnnsylvani~ 2. Cust~ian Account #I ~ NONE (No reportable agreements.) ~ ~ PARTIES AND TE~ m ~ 1.2~2 Administrative Office of PA Coups - eligible to receive health care ~nefits For life 2.2~3 Pa. State Employees’ Retirement System - elected to r~eive montly penmon payment for life 3. Cercone, David S.  N~mt of Person Reporting Dire of Report FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Cerco,e. a,.ia s. os/uz01o Page 2 of 6 A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOME (yours, not swouse’s) I, 2009 University of Pittsburgh - teaching salary $14,200.00 2.2009 PA. State Employees’ Retirement System - pension $34,966.00 3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - If you were married d~rtng any porffon of the rrporang yeor, complete (Dollar omo~nt not required exce~ for honorarY) ’ ~ NO~ ~o reportable non-investment income.) ~ SO~CE A~ ~PE I. 2~ Admini~r~tive O~ce of PA Courts - mngistefial dis~ct judge’~ s~l~ 2. 3. 4. IV. RE IMBURSEMENTS - ~....o.o,~,~ ~oa~,/ood, ,~o,.t.~e.i (Includa~ those to xpouse and dependent children, see pp. 2J .2 7 offlll~g Instructions.) NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) SOURCE DATESLOCATIONPURPOSEITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I.  N~me of Person Repor~lnE D~te of Rcpor~ FIN~CIAL DISCLOSU~ ~PORT c,~,o,,. David S. 0~/5~010 age 3 of 6 ~ NONE (No reportable g~.) ~ DESCRI~ION I. 2.3. 4. 5. V I. LIABI LITIES. a.~t.d., ,~o~o, o,,~,~oro.,~o~,, ~,d.¢.: ,o. re. Jz-~J o/]’.1~e I~,.~,~o~ [----] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) I. Chase Home Financ~Mortgage on Rental Property Naples, FL (Pt. VII, line 17) M2. Allegheny Valley Bank of Pittsburgh Bank Joan K 3. 4. 5.  Name of Person Report|rig [ Dale of Repor~ PagcFINANCIAL4 of 6 DISCLOSURE REPORT Cercone, V,v,d S. I VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS - l.oom., ~ot.e, r.u.*a.lo., a~a~,, t~o~. NONE (No reportable income, ~sets, or transactions.) Description of Assc~ ; l~om¢ d~ing ~ Gross value at end ~Transactions during rc~ning ~ri~ of I ~- i 6~ ..... 6~ Place (X) after each asml mount [ T~ (e.g., ValueValue Ty~ (e.g., Date cx¢mp~ flora p~or disclosu~l C~e I [ div., ren~. C~e 2 Mc~hod buy, sell, ~dR~ C~e 2 i Code I buyer/seller ~ A-H) or inL){J-P) Code 3 r~dempfion) (J-P) I. D¢Ia~are T~x Fr¢~ PA Mural Fund A Dividend K T 2. Davis NY Venture Mutual Fund A Dividend K T 3. Waste Management Common Stock A Dividend Sold 316109 ~I A 4. Citizens Bank Accounts A Interest K T 5. American Balanced Fund 529B A Dividend l T Sold 12/14./09 l A (pan) 6.An~erican Funds: Cash Met. Trust of A Dividend J T Sold 7/6/09l A America - 529 B (parQ 7.Sold 12/I0/09 J A (part) 8. IRA B Dividend M T 9. - American Funds: Bond Fund of America 10. - American Funds: Capital Income Builder 1 I. .American Funds: Income Fund of America 12. -American Funds: Cash Mgt. Trust of America 13. American Funds: Income Fund of America A Dividend JT 14. Wachovia Bank: Bank Deposit Sweep A Interest J T Money Market 15. General Electric None Buy 316/09 J 16. Sold 3/13/09 J A 17. Rental Prop~r~y, Naples, FL (8/I I12003 D Rent N R $265.000)
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