Comparative Study On Quality Of Life Of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Essential Hypertension In University Of Nigeria Tea

Comparative Study On Quality Of Life Of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Essential Hypertension In University Of Nigeria Tea
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  PMJUMU | PIONEER MEDICAL JOURNAL UMUAHIA Editorial TeamDr .I. Chukwuo!e "Iteral Medi#ie $ Ne%hrolo&i't(Dr .C. J. Owu#hekwa "Iteral Medi#ie(Dr .M. A. Noli "Aatomi# ) *ore'i# Patholo&i't( $ Editor i Chie+  Home > Vol 2, No 3 (2012) > Igwe  Com%arati,e -tud! O ualit! O+ Li+e O+ Patiet' /ith Dia0ete' Mellitu' Ad E''etial H!%erte'io I Ui,er'it! O+ Ni&eria Tea#hi& Ho'%ital Eu&u1 Ni&eria  M N Igwe, A Ahanotu, C Igwe, J U Achor, N K Obayi A0'tra#tItrodu#tio2 Diabetes mellitus is a chronic medical condition that laces a lot o! burden on  atients" Imaired #ualit$ o! li!e ma$ comound the roblems, leading to a oor rognosis"   %his stud$ assessed the #ualit$ o! li!e and determined the socio&demograhic correlates among the sub'ects with diabetes mellitus in a teaching hosital" %hese were comared with the sub'ects diagnosed with essential h$ertension" Methodolo&!2  total o! *0 sub'ects, 2+0 each !or diabetes mellitus and essential h$ertension were interiewed" -onsecutie and consenting sub'ects that met the inclusion criteria were recruited !rom the endocrinolog$ and cardiolog$ clinics oer a . month eriod"    socio&demograhic #uestionnaire and /orld Health rganisation ualit$ o! i!e& re! (/Ho&re!) were administered to the sub'ects" Re'ult'2 %he sub'ects with diabetes mellitus had been signi!icantl$ ill !or a longer duration comared to the sub'ects with essential h$ertension (t 4 3"0.,  5 0"001)" %he sub'ects with  essential h$ertension had signi!icantl$ higher #ualit$ o! li!e scores in h$sical health (t 4 &."13,   5 0"001), s$chological well&being (t 4 &2"16,  4 0"03) and social relationshi domains (t 4 &*"6,  5 0"001)" 7ales, married, educated and emlo$ed sub'ects with diabetes mellitus scored higher on the /Ho&re! comared to the !emales, unmarried, uneducated and unemlo$ed sub'ects with diabetes mellitus" 7ales, married and educated sub'ects with essential h$ertension had higher scores than the !emales, unmarried and uneducated sub'ects with essential h$ertension resectiel$" Co#lu'io2 Imaired #ualit$ o! li!e is higher in atients with diabetes mellitus than those with essential h$ertension" %he negatie imact o! oor #ualit$ o! li!e on achieing good gl$caemic and blood ressure control calls !or screening !or lowered #ualit$ o! li!e when these atients are assessed b$ h$sicians" %his ma$ enhance health wor8ers9 e!!ectieness in heling atients adhere to drug and non&drug interentions in diabetes mellitus and essential h$ertension" 3e! word'2  Diabetes, h$ertension, #ualit$ o! li!e"
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