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College Management System Project Abstract

College Management System Project Abstract
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  College Management System Page 1 Problem Definition This project is based on carrying out various tasks which goes under college management. It will control all activities for a particular college. To handle all the tasks, system has been divided into different modules and presented on a single window, so that its user can handle it in eco-friendly manner. Motivation behind this project Time is money for all students and student does not have to face any difficulty if the staff members can track all the problems related to their students. So that they can solve students problems on time and without wasting time. Project Statement Background  –  Current Process As most of the work is done manually or it is based on paper work such as class attendance, notes, library dues, asking for documents etc. These all process takes time. If we include all the work which will be based on online system, then it can reduce time and work. For example  –  If any teacher have to query whether all students are present in their class, then he/she have to count manually. But under this system all the details will be produced by a single click on its user screen. Overview College Management System will work on college area network. Under this system it will include all the departments which comes a particular college. It will have billing system for finance department, library system for carrying out the task of library department, class attendance, online notes and notice board so that their students can get all the information by using their valid registration id and password. If any student has not able to submit their library book on time, then he/she will fine a charge of requested amount. Let us see how this system will work. When he/she will ask for dues clearance from library department, then he/she will get an unique bill id from the library department. That person have to visit finance department and submit their bill id, where the finance department will get information of that particular candidates that how much amount is to be taken from that candidate and from which department and year that candidate belongs to. This system will also help the college administrator. Administrator will able to get all the information regarding any faculty members on particular day and time. Admin panel will also able to edit the login display panel of teachers, staff members, students etc. Admin can add person, delete person, can give special permission. Admin can schedule classes, their lectures time. Teachers can get information of any students under their particular class. Teachers can also make query by using grade, percentage, can see list of students who comes under the category of attendance shortage and many more under this one roof. For student section, they can get any particular teacher’s notes of particular day and other information regarding their campus, such as placement session details, upcoming companies in particular month, their criteria, their venue details and many more. Student section will also include learning section, so that students can prepare for their exams.  College Management System Page 2 Technologies Used 1.   VB.Net as front end. 2.   My SQL as back end. Software Used 1.   Windows 8 Pro. 2.   Visual studio 2010 Professional. 3.   My SQL. Hardware Requirements    Processor  –  Pentium IV or higher version.    Ram  –  100 MB.    Hard Disk  –  150 MB.
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