Clarence Thomas Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

ao 10 ,~o,. t,’20/0 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ! l. Court or Organizltlon UNtTED STATES SUPREME COUR’I f!~. R~port Type (check appropriate t~c) ~ ~ N~mination. ~ Initial Date ~ A .... l ~ Fir,a, Ret,orl Req,,i.,dby t~e L’t~,ic, t5 u.s.c, app. §.~ I01-111) 3. Date of Report 05/13/2010 ~. Reporting Ptrl~ 01101120091u 12/31/2~9 in Government Act of 1978 I. Person Reporting Ilast name, first, middle initial) THOMAS, CLARENCE 4. l’itl~ (A~icle Ill judges indicate ~tive or s
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  ao 10 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Ret,orl Req,,i.,dby t~e L’t~,ic, in Government Act of 1978 ,~o,. t,’20/0 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 t5 u.s.c, app. §.~ I01-111) I. Person Reporting Ilast name, first, middle initial) ! l. Court or Organizltlon 3. Date of Report THOMAS, CLARENCEUNtTED STATES SUPREME COUR’I 05/13/2010 4. l’itl~ (A~icle Ill judges indicate ~tive or senior status; f!~. R~port Type (check appropriate t~c) ~. Reporting Ptrl~ magiswate judge s indicate full- or part-time) ASSOCIATE JUSTICE ~~ N~mination. Date 01101120091u ~ Initial ~ A .... l ~ Fir,a, 12/31/2~9 5b. ~ Amended R~o~ 7. Ch~lnbers or O~c~ AddressI 8. On Ihe b~sls of the In~orm~lion onl~ined In this Report a,d ~ny modifications perlaining thereto, I1 is, in my opinion, In tomplionce U.S. ~UPREME ~O~T with applicable In~s and regulations. t FIRST STREET, N,E. WASH~GTON, D. C. 20543 Reviewing O~cer l)~t~ IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this farm must be followed. Complete alt parts, checking the NONE box for each part where ).ou have no reportable informatiort Sign on last page. 1. POSITIONS. eno~,,r~# [~ NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1. Board of Directors IIoratio Alger Association 11. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual only; ,e, pp. 14-16 of fih’ng instructions.) NONE (A~) reportable agreements.) DATE PARTIFS AND TERMS I. Thomas, Clarence  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N,me0fr .... R,po.~.~ Page 2 of 7 rnO~AS, CLARENCE I 05/13/2010 II1. NON-INVESTMENT I NCOME. ~n,~o.i.~ t.~,u,a o,~,~o~; ~oo~. ~.~ A. Flier’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable nonoinvestment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPF. (yours, not spouse’s) 1. 212!09 Creighton University School of Law - teaching $15,000.00 2. 10123/09 Uni;’ersi b’ of Alabama School of Law - teaching $4,500 00 3, 4. B, Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - O’~,ou were marricd during uay portiun of the reporting yeur, COmlalt’te thi~ ~ection. (’Dollar amount not required except ]~r honoraria ) ~] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE I. 2.3. 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS --transportation. Iodging, Jbod, entertaittmen£ (lnchut~ those to sr~use and dependent children; see pp 25-27 ~[filing iast~cttons ) ~ N ONE (No reportable reimbursements.) SOURCE DATESLOCATIONPURPOSEITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I. C~ighton Unive~i b’ 2/2 - 2/6/09Omat~a, NE Teaching l’rausportationAneals and 2. W~hinton & Lee University 3;16/09 Lexington, VASpeechAccommodations 3. U nivergi~ of Minnesota 4;14-4/15/09 Minneapolis. MNTeachingTraespo~ationimcals ~ nd 4. Churchill Centre 9:11109 San Francisco, CA Speech Transposition/meals and 5. W~hinglon & Lee University 9/25109 Lexington, VASpeechAccommodations 6. Southern Methodist 9/30/09 Dallas, TX Lecture l’ranspo~ation/meals andUniversiff accommodation~  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N .... f P .... Reporting [ Date or Repor! Page 3 of 7 TltOMAS, CLARENCE [ 0’i/I 3/2010 7. University of Alabama 10/23/09 Tuscaloosa, AL Lecture T~ansportation/meal~; and accommodations  FINANCIAL4 7 DISCLOSURE REPORT N..,. orr,r~o. R,port~.g Page of T~OMAS, CLARENCE 05/13:’2010 V. G IFTS. a.¢~.~., ,~,,,. ,~ ,~,. ~ ~., children; ~.e pp. 28-31 of filing tnstrucflo~,) NONE ~o reportable g~s.) DESCRIPTION I. 2,3. 4. 5. ~ NONE (No reportable liabilities,) CREDITOR DF=SCRIPTION \’B I.UE C(}DE I. 2. 3. 5.
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