Charlie directing resume

Working on a theater piece over the 'Velvet Revolution' and Vaclav Havel's writings.
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  CHARLES W. RULE DIRECTOR~~~PLAYWRIGHT~~~ACTOR3619 SE Francis Street Portan!" Ore#on 9$%&% '&3 %31(%))6c*ares+cats,ro! C*ares R-e /e#an !irectin# o0er 3& ears a#o in San Francisco Cai2ornia. His or4 e! *i5 to E-ro,e *ere *e !irecte!" rote" ta-#*t t*eater an! ,ro!-ce! 2or te0e ears. ,on ret-rnin# to t*e states" 7r. R-e t-rne! *is attention to s5aer ,ro!-ctions *ie researc*in# an! ritin# scri,ts" as e as 5entorin# t*eater st-!ents in t*e 8ort*est. DIRECTING: 9ILLIE:S 9L6ES(TO8IGHT at 7A7A:S ;A7  Fertie Gro-n! Festi0a(IFCC<Et*os SE=E8 ;EWISH CHILDRE8 > CAROL CH6RCHILL  Ree! Coe#e" Portan! State ni0ersit" Par4rose Hi#* Sc*oo WHO:S I8 9ED WITH THE 96TLER > 7ICHAEL PAR?ER  HART T*eater His/oro" Ore#on SCHOOL HO6SE ROC? > DA=ID 7CCALL Winter*a0en 7i!!e Sc*oo<Portan! P-/ic Sc*oos OLD 7A8 POSS67 A8D HIS 9OO? OF PRACTICAL CATS > T.S. ELIOTT  ac4 Door T*eater Portan!" Ore#on  S7O?ESTAC? LIGHT8I8: > TERRE8CE SPI=EY  IFCC > Portan! Ore#on CO8FESSIO8 > =IDEO  Portan!" Ore#on ;68ETEE8TH > =IDEO  Portan!" Ore#on Hi!!en S,*eres( CHARLES R6LE Portan!" Ore#on THE WI@ ( CHARLIE S7ALLS<WILLIA7 9ROW8  =ienna" A-stria  @IEH DE8 STEC?ER RA6S > EPHRAI7 ?ISHO7  =ienna" A-stria  THE COLLECTOR > ;OH8 FOWLES   =ienna" A-stria GALLOWS H67OR > ;AC? RICHARDSO8  =ienna" A-stria TWO CHARACTER PLAY > TE88ESSEE WILLIA7S  A5ster!a5" 8et*eran!s ?RAPP:S LAST TAPE > SA76EL 9EC?ETT  A5ster!a5" 8et*eran!s @OO STORY > EDWARD AL9EE  A5ster!a5" 8et*eran!s  
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