Benjamin H Settle Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

I. Person Reporting (last name, fi;’~k middle initml} 2. (7our! or Organizafinn Uai~ed Sta~es District Court, Western Dis~ric~ of Wastfington 3. Dat~ of Report 5;12/2010 6. R~p¢~rli~g P~ri~d ~. Title [ A~c[c 1II judges indicate aOive o~ senior status; 5a. Rep~wl T}pe {c~cck apptop~ia!e t~W} ~ Nomma=~,n. Date Article I ActveJudge ~ laitia! ~ A .... I ~ Final 5b. ~ Amendcd Rcporl 12 31/2009 7. Chambers or O[fice Address 1717 Pacific A*enue [acoma, WA 9S402 8. On ~he basis ol the inform
of 6
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  I. Person Reporting (last name, fi;’~k middle initml} 2. (7our! or Organizafinn3. Dat~ of Report Uai~ed Sta~es District Court, Western Dis~ric~ of 5;12/2010 Wastfington ~. Title [ A~c[c 1II judges indicate aOive o~ senior status;5a. Rep~wl T}pe {c~cck apptop~ia!e t~W } 6. R~p¢~rli~g P~ri~d ~ Nomma=~,n. Date Article I ActveJudge ~ laitia! ~ A .... I ~ Final 12 31/2009 5b. ~ Amendcd Rcporl 7. Chambers or O[fice Address 8. On ~he basis ol the inform~lion contained in lhi~ Rrpo~ and anymodifications pertaining Ihtreto, it is, in my opinion, in compliance 1717 Pacific A*enue with applicable laws and regulations. [acoma, WA 9S402 IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this fi, rm must be followed. {~mplete a!l parts, checking the NOIVE box for each part wht’re you hare no reportable infi~rmation. Sign on last page. I. POS [TI ONS. (R~p,,,i.g individual only; see pp. 9-13 o]Jiling i ........ tions.) Z ] NONE (No reportable positions.) EOSITIOAI NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1 Member (.; t:. Angle Building, LLC 2. 3 NONE (No r~’p )rtable ~gr~:ement.s’) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS Settle, Benjamin H.  FINANCIAL DISCI,OSURI’?, REPORT [)~lg~2~ ~ Of 6 Settle, Benj~min 11. 5/12i2010 I1 I. N ON-IN VESTMENT I N CO~’iE. ~o~.,,~ i.ui,,iu,,.~..~.~ .....   seepl,, 17-24 offili.g i .......... ions,) A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 1NCOM (~ours, not spouse’s) 1. 3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-hlvestnlent ! ncome - it.v,., were married during a,Lv portion of the reparti~g, year, complete this sectia~ ~ N ONE (No rel)ort~ble n,)n-mvestmen~ Mcome ) DNI’E SOI)RCE AND TYPE 1.20~9Mason Counly Christian School - employmem income 2. 3. 4. IV. REIM BURSEM ENTS ....... p,,.,.,i,,., ~o~¢J.,...,j,,,u ........ i NONE (A’~ reportable reimbursements.) ~ DATES I.OCAT1ON PURPOSE ITEMS PAll) OR PROVIDED l. 4, 5.  FINANCIAL I)ISCLOSURE REPORT Page 3 o[’6 ~.z. {~ [ F’I S. fI,,cludes those to ~pou.~e and dependent children; see I’P. 26-J1 of filing in,tr,,,:lit,ns.) NONE (No reportable g~s.) ~OURCEDESCRIPTION 5 ALUE 1. 2 3 4 ~ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) C~EDITOI~ ~ESCRIPTION VALUE (7OI)E 1 Key Bank Commercial Braiding Morlguge M 2. RulhAngle Commercial Building Morlgage M 3. Pueblo Bonito rime Sharc J 4. Key Bank Line of Credit J  FINANCIAL DISCI,OSURE REPORT N ..... ’P ..... ReportingDate of Repurlt Page. 4 of 6 Settle, Benjamin 1|. 5:12i2010 VII1.11’qVES’I MENTS an d ]’RUSTS -- i ......... .., ............ .,in., a,,a,.~,, a ..... ,~.,~, ....... a ~ ] NON E (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) A B. Description of Asscta ~ h~comc during Gro$~ value a~ end I Transactions during reporting period (mdudin 8 Uust as~cls)reposing period of reporting permd ’ i(~)(z) (~ C?) (1) (2) (~ C4) (5),: Place ’IltX~}l after each as~ct IAmount T}~e (cg. Vahm Value T~e {cg Date Value ¯ Gain ldeCtily of exempt from prior disch:,surc Code I div., rent, Code 2 Method, sell, mm*dd/~ Code 2(A-H) or im } 0-P) Cede t rcdemFlionl (J-P) ~ (Q-W) } tran~acucm) I Microsoft Co~.- MSFT (Ctunmon) A I Dividend Soht 10/07/09 K I 2. Paccar. Inc. - PCAR [Commnn) A DividendSold 08/06/09 J 3. Geldi,,;an Sachs Gwth & Inc Stra:egy Fund A DividendSohl 10107109 CI. |~ ° (_;OIBX 4. Capital Wodd Growth & ]n,zome Fnnd CI. !3: B DividendSold 08103109 - CWGBX 5. AlnXestmentlcBX Company of America (’L B - A Dividend Sold 08103109 6. Geaeral Eleelric Co. - GE (Common)None Sold I O, l 3, 09 7. Fundamental Investors Fund CL B - AFIBX A DividendSold 10;07/09 J 8 Goldman Sachs Emerging Markcls Eqty B Dividend Sold t0107/09 K Fund CI. B - GEKBX 9. Goldutan Sachs lntemat’l F.quity Fund CL A A DividendSold 10107/09 K - GSIFX 10 (}oItlman Sachs Growth & Income Sttalegy B DividendSold IO/O7/09 K Fund CL A - GOIAX I I. G C Angle Building, LLC, m Shcltom WA E Rent hi W 12Edward D Jones Money Market Account A lnt./Div. M T Open 11 ~ ’0 ¢’ M 13. 14. 15.16.
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