Audrey B Collins Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

~o 10 g~v. ~/2om I I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Coati or Organization U.S. District Cour~ 5a. R~por~ ] ~pe (ch~k appropriate ~) ~ Nomination. ~ Annual ~ Final Dale Report Requiredby the Ethics in Government ,4 ct ¢~ 1978 ~ U.S.C. ,,pp..~’,~ IOl.tlZ) ’ 3. Date of Reporl 04130,’2010 6. Rrpordng Period 01/01i2009 12,’31/2009 I. Person Reporting ~last name. f~rst, middle initial) Collins, Audrey B. 4. Tit| (Araizlc Ill judges indicate activt: or senior s~a~s; magisl
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  ~o 10 I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Report Requiredby the Ethics I in Government ,4 ct ¢~ 1978 g~v. ~/2om FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ~ U.S.C. ,,pp..~’,~ IOl.tlZ) I. Person Reporting ~last name. f~rst, middle initial) 2. Coati or Organization’ 3. Date of Reporl Collins, Audrey B. U.S. District Cour~ 04130,’2010 4. Tit|(Araizlc Ill judges indicate activt: or senior s~a~s; 5a. R~por~ ] ~pe (ch~k appropriate ~) 6. Rrpordng Period magisl~tcjudgcs indicate full- or pan-lime) ~ Nomination. Dale 01/01i2009 ChiefO. S. DisldclJudge, Aclive ~Imnal~Annual~Final 12,’31/2009 15b. ~ A,nenJcd 7. Chambers or Office A~dr¢ss ~. On the basis of the inIornl~tio~ contained In this R~por[ rand any Edward Roybal Federal Building ~i~l~ appli~-ahl¢ la~*S and regulations. 255 E. Temple St., Ste. 670 Los Angeles, CA 9~) 12 Revitwing Officer Dale I31PORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompan)’ing thi~lbrm must be follawcd. Comph’te alt parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you ha ve no reportable infi~rmation. Sign on last page. ~ NONE L~b repotYablepositions.) POSITION ~M~R~ION~N’FI~ I. 2. ~L x ~ NONE (No reportable ~gre~ment.~.) ~ PARTIES AND TERMS I. 1994-2()09Los Angeles County Reliremenl Association (No Conlrol) Collins, Audrey B.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ ...... Persan Reporting Da,e of lit’port Page 2 of 8 comos, Audrey.B.04,30 2010 11 I. N 0 N-1 N V E S TM E N T 1 N CO M E. r~,por,i,~, i,~,,i~,,al ,,~ ,p .... ; ,,, p~,. 17.2~ o/:ti,x A. Flier’s Non-lnvestmen! Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATF, SOURCE AND TYPE INC~OME (yours, nol spouse’s) 1.20{)9 Los Angeles Counly Retiremenl Ass(~ialion {[.ACERA) $35,132.1 )!) 2 3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-| iiYeslmell! | nlzoille - if ).ou ,,’ere married during any porlion of tile teporting year, complete this ~ecHan. [~ NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DAT~E SOURCE AND TYPE I. 2009 Los Angeles County Deparlmen! of Public Heallh- salary. 2. 20119 (as of 1015,’2009 ~elirement) Los Angeles Count) Retiremen! Association 3. 4 IV. REI1MBURSEMENTS -.-~,,,po~,..o,,. ~,,agi.x, ~,,ou ........ i NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) ~~ I.OCATION PI_IRPOS~ ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I.2. 3. 5  FINANCIAL DISCLOSU~ REPORT Page 3 of 8 04/30/2010 NONE (No reportable g~s.) I.2.3.5. VI. LIAB ILITIES. NONE No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR ..DESCRIPTION ~ CODI~ I. 2.3. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT j~ f~ ~po-~.~ .... ..... I |~,¢of|+wo- I ~ ~ of ~ Collin~ Audrey B, ~,’30i2U10 VII. INVEST~NTS and TRUSTS - i.~o~ ~.., ~ ...... .~o., a.~d. ,~o,~ o~ ...... d a~..a~., ,.h~.: ,~. ~,. Z~-~O o~i~ i.~,.,,,’a,,~.~ NONE (~ reportable income, assets, or transactions.) Description of Asse~s [ Income during Gross value at cn~ ~ Transactions during rc~ml.g period (including ~s~ assc~s) ~ tcpe~ing ~riod of reFo~ing pcri~ [ e+cmp~ from prior disclosure ~ Co~ I d~v. ram, ~ Code 2 ~ Melh~l buy. se I n ~ Y~ Code 2 ] Code I ~ buycr.’s¢ cr I. Washinglon Mutual A Inter~s~ I. F2. Charles Schwab Brokerage 3. -- Roche Holding Cornpany A Dividend K T 4. -- Givaudan (split from Roche) A Dividend J T 5. -- Schwab Money Market Fu,~d A Dividend J T 6. Dodge & Cox Ba[a~tced Fund A Dividend K T [ 7. American Century Ginnie Mae A Dividend J T8 IRA #1 - Charles Schwab C Dividend M T 9. -- MRK lO. --~llt3 I1. -- PHSY (Now PHS) 12. -- Gilead i4. -- Roche l[olding i5. -- JAWWX 16. -- FCVSX 17. -- TWIEX ....
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