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atom m-commerce solutionatom technologies limitedatom technologies limited, a Financial Technologies group company, is India’s leading m-Commerce service provider with…
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atom m-commerce solutionatom technologies limited
  • atom technologies limited, a Financial Technologies group company, is India’s leading m-Commerce service provider with over 400+ leading merchant tie-ups and has seen more than $500 million worth of transactions processed through its payment platforms.
  • We offer three variants of mobile payments, (1) through an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform, (2) through the atom application loaded on the mobile phone and (3) through SMS.
  • To put this simply, atom has created an environment that allows a common man to use atom for their daily payment needs such as paying utility bills, performing DTH recharge, buying movie tickets, paying insurance premium etc. atom, for him, is an end-to-end shop or a superstore that meets his daily household requirement and also his needs for entertainment and luxury.
  • FT GroupThought Behind the project
  • When the market research was made in 2006 a lot of the merchants and the customers came out with a common requirement of being able to make payments for services without being present at the Merchant outlet with security and convenience.
  • atom then pioneered the art of Mobile application and Voice based solutions to enable the merchants and the customers to accept and pay without having the necessity to be face to face with each other.
  • As the same was very unique and had no precedence it was comparatively easy to market it and got quick acceptance amongst Merchants and Customers, with multiple customized solutions provided to the Merchants, collections have become a convenient mechanism for them and they are now able to concentrate on their main line of business.
  • Confidentialatom USP & technical requirements
  • Type of Service:
  • Hosted Service ( A slave server is placed in merchant location) or
  • Managed service (atom datacenter is directly connected to merchant for transaction processing)
  • Debit card/ Direct Debit (Account to Account Transfer): atom is the only IVR based transaction processing platform which supports these payment processing options
  • Enhanced Security: Advanced Encryption Standards 128 Bit Cipher Block Chaining
  • End to end Service Provider: atom serves as a one stop shop for all the m-payment processing requirements i.e. atom deploys IVR, Mobile application based solutions, SMS based payment solution.
  • Integration: atom has the capability to integrate its payment processing platforms with merchant backend thereby ensuring seamless updating of the same on a real-time basis.
  • atom USP & technical requirements
  • Experience & Expertise: atom has deployed and maintained the IVR system for over 400 merchants and acquired amount of learning expertise and know-how.
  • Web Reporting tool: All the transaction processing platforms of atom are complemented with real-time web based transaction reporting tools also serves as an online MIS.
  • Risk Mitigation: Risk Mitigation utility can be implemented on a real time basis before sending the transaction back to your systems or to the bank for authorization.
  • e.g.  “X” no of transactions allowed per Mobile No in a Month / Quarter / Year
  • “X” no. of transactions allowed per Credit Card in a Month / Quarter / Year
  • “X” Value allowed per credit card in a Month / Quarter / Year
  • Also a combination of card and amount can also be implemented
  • Multi Lingual Call Flow
  • Capable of supporting following types of transactions:
  • Sale- single or multi MID integration possible
  • Pre-Auth
  • Standing Instructions
  • Offline Batch Upload Transactions
  • EMI Transactions
  • Safety & SecurityMerchants and customers using atom have the benefit of themost stringent measures for safety and security, which include
  • A customized fraud-detection and prevention engine to detect possible suspicious
  • transactions and provide alerts for these.
  • Advanced Encryption Standards 128 Bit Cipher Block Chaining for routing transactions using
  • secure VPN connectivity.
  • PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, ISO 9001:2008 Certifications
  • Detailed reporting and documentation for each transaction.
  • Don’t just pay it,it!IVR Transactionsatom (Mobile Based Payments) atom (Mobile Based Payments)
  • atom mobile application is a Simple, Secure, and Safe way to make payments using a mobile. It allows customers to avail multiple services and buy multiple products on a common platform.
  • All customer requires is a smart phone enabled phone to install the atom application to avail the services offered by the mobile application platform.
  • Once the atom application is downloaded on the customer’s phone s/he can add up multiple credits / Debit / Prepaid Cards his / her phone.
  • All transactions made using these cards are authorized by a PIN and encrypted ‘end-to-end’, which means that the data is completely protected while it is relayed from the customer to the bank server and back.
  • atom (Mobile Based Payments)Subscription services for Movie Rentals, Magazines, Matrimonial sites etc. Flower Delivery Broadband Internet Bill Payment Municipal Tax Payment Gift Vouchers Hotel Bookings & Tour PackagesToll Plaza Card Recharge
  • atom allows  customers to make payments towards extensive suite of services some of which are mentioned below:
  • Electricity Bill Payments
  • DTH Top-up
  • Insurance Premium Payment
  • Booking Rail Tickets
  • Booking Airline / Bus Tickets
  • Rail Ticketing
  • Movie Ticketing
  • atom (Mobile Based Payments)Process Flow:Benefits of using atom application
  • All transactions are Pin protected thus cannot be accessed or misused by anyone even if the phone is lost or misplaced.
  • It supports multiple payment instruments like Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards.
  • Transactions receipts / transaction history is stored in the application and the same can be accessed by the customer as and when desired by the customer.
  • Don’t just pay it,it!IVR Transactionsatom IVR(Voice Based Payments) atom IVR (Voice Based Payments)atom IVR is a secure, reliable and convenient payment solution based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Acceptance of Credit / Debit / Cash Card payments in a secure manner over a simple phone call.atom IVR enables transactions over the phone be it a movie ticket, airline ticket, leisure tours, day to day shopping, home delivery, car servicing , magazine subscription and many more with real time validation and authorization, over secure links. Security is the most important aspect of atom IVR technology. atom IVR uses advanced Encryption Standards 128 Bit Cipher Block Chaining for routing transactions using secure VPN connectivity. atom applications follow 3DES security standards.atom IVR (Voice Based Payments)Process Flow:ConfidentialCustomer Benefits
  • Security:
  • Protection of card details as there is no human intervention while making payments
  • Convenience & Comfort:
  • No internet access required to make payments. Now just pay over the phone
  • Improved Reliability:
  • SMS /Email confirmation for transactions
  • User Friendly:
  • Step by step guidance for making payments over the phone
  • Freedom to make payments anytime, anywhere: Enjoy the convenience of making payments from your home, office or on the move
  • Merchant Benefits
  • Enhanced Security:
  • Advanced Encryption Standards 128 Bit Cipher Block Chaining
  • Guaranteed 24/7 Operations:
  • Any time is a good time when it comes to business. We support the business any time of the day or night, 24/7
  • Monitor the transactions on Real-Time and Statistics via Web Interface:
  • This facility gives the power to monitor the transactions live, as they are happening.
  • Ease of Operation:
  • IVR can be easily integrated with existing system – no need to make any system or process changes. It’s business as usual!
  • Multi-Payment Capacity:
  • IVR can process multiple transactions concurrently Partial Client List
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