Anita B Brody Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

.~o #o ~. t~olo I [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALE~AR YEAR 2009 2. Court or Organl-ation Untied States District Court 5a. Report Type (check appmprlate type) [] Nomination, [] Initial Darn [] Annual [] Final Re~rt R~.i,~a by a,e E,mes in Gov~me~ Act of 197~ 0 u.s,c, app. ~ 1o1,110 3. Date of Report 05104/2010 6. Reporting Period 01/01/2009 to I. Person Reporting (l~s~ name, first, middle initial) Brody, Anita B. 4. Title (Article Ill judges indicate active or senior status; magisaate
of 8
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  .~o #o I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Re~rt R~.i,~a by a,e E,mes in Gov~me~ Act of 197~ ~. t~olo [ FOR CALE~AR YEAR 2009 0 u.s,c, app. ~ 1o1,110 I. Person Reporting (l~s~ name, first, middle initial) 2. Court or Organl-ation 3. Date of Report Brody, Anita B.Untied States District Court 05104/2010 4. Title (Article Ill judges indicate active or senior status;5a. Report Type (check appmprlate type) 6. Reporting Period magisaate judges indicate f~ll- or part-tlme) [] Nomination, Darn 01/01/2009 U.S. Dis~¢tJudge [] Initial [] Annual [] Final to 12/31/2009 5b. [] Amended Repm’t 7, Chambe~ or Office Addres~ 8. On the basis of the information contained In this Report a~d anymodifications pertaining thereto, it i~, In my opinion, In compliance United States Courthouse with applicable law~ and regulations, Independence Mall West Philadelphia, PA 19106 Reviewing OfficerDate IMPORTANT NOTES: ~’he instructions accompan)~ng this form must be followe,~Complete all parts, checMng the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable information. ~ign on last page. ~ NONE ~o reportable positions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION~N~ 1. Member Board of Visitor, Columbia Law School 2, T~e ~ T~t3. T~s~ Under Agreement of T~t ........ ] ~ ~ NONE ~o reportable agreements.) ~ PAg~ES AND TE~S ~r .... 1. .~ 2. Brody, Anita B.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT [ N .... f Person Reporting I Date of Report Page 2 of 8 [ Brody, Anita B. I 0510,~f2010 IH. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. tre~,o,~ In~’~.t u~,pou,,: see r~,. iZ-2 of fdin, tnstructlons4 A. Flier’s Non-lnvestment Income NONE 0Vo reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOME (yours, not spouse’s) 1. 2009 Commonweal~ of Pennsylvania-pension $30,691.00 2. 3.4. B. Spouse’s Non=Investment Income - i/you w~,~ married during a~y portion of the reporttng year. complete thL~ section. (Dollar amount not required r_rcept for honoraria.) [] NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE I. 2.3. 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -t,~o.~, (Includ~ ~ose to s~e and ~nden~ chil~en: ~e~ pp. 25-27 offding ~t~ctio~.) ~ NONE ~o reportable reimbursemencs.) ~ ~ LOCATION ~ ITEMS PAID OR PROVIDE~ 1. New Yo~ Inte!leet~l M~h 27, 2009 New York, NY ~tl. B~ A~. F~e~on Trans~atio~ ~ging & Meals Prope~ Law As~ciafion  I ame ,of Person Reporting Date of Report FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT I ~o~y, A,,Jt- B. o~/o~/2oJo age 3 of 8 ~ NO~ ~o repomable ~ DESCRIPTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ~ NONE ~o reportable liabiliti~.) ~ DESCRIPTION I. 2. 3.4. 5.  Name of Person Reporting [ Dale of Report INANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT . Brody, Anita B. [ 05/04/2010 age 4 of 8 VII. INVES TME NTS an d TRUSTS -~,,~,,,,~ ,~,~, r,~,,.,,,~o~ t~,,,~,~,-, ,~o,, ~f ~,o~ o~ ,~,~,,do,, ~n,~,~,,; ~,o ~,~,. s~.~o o/s~u,,~ ~,,~,~,~o,~ NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) A. I B. C. D. Descfil~ion ofA~ Ii Iacom~ during Gross v~ue at end Transactions during reporting period(including trust ~ssets) I repoz~ag periodof reporting period O) (2) O) (2) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)Place (x) after each asselAmoura Type (e-R., ValueValueType (e.g.,Dat~Value GainIdenti~y or exempt from prior isclosureCode 2 Methodbuy, sell, mmldd/yy Code 2 Code I buyer/seller Code I I div., r,mt, ’ (A-H) or int.) (J-P)Code 3 red~nption) (J-P) (A-II) (if private (Q-W) I tr~ction) 1, Brokerage Aeeotmt # l 2. - Covanta Holding Corporation formerlyNone LT Sold 10/I 6/09 KE Danielson Holding-cs (part) 3. - Dupont-common stock B Dividend K T 4. - NABORS-common stockNone K T 5. - National Asset Bank-common stock None J W 6. - Royal Palm-common stockNone J T 7. - Source Capital-common stock B Dividend KT 8. - Third Avenue Value Fund E Dividend O T9. - Third Avenue Small Capital Fund-mutual B Dividend M T fund 10. - Third Avenue Real Estate Fund-mutual B Dividend M T fund 1 I, - Third Avenue Intl Value FD B Dividend M T Sold 10/16/09 K (p~) 12. - Butler County PA - BondElInterest K T 13. - JP Morgan TR I1 Money Market FundNone JT 14. Bank Accounts 15. Wachovia - bank accounts A Interest K T 16. Dime Savings-bank account A Interest J T 17. TIAA Retirement K T
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