Alan N Bloch Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

I Roy. 1/2010 ,~olo FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Court or Org~n|zatton USDCiWDPA Report Reqt,,red by the Ethit’.~ in Government Act ofl978 ¢5 us.c..pp .¢~ /Ol-ttl) 3. Date of Report 04/27/2010 I, Per,on Reporting t lasl name. firsl, middle initial) Hloch, A Ion N, magislratc judges mdicalc full- or paO-fimc) Senior U.S. DistriclJudge ~ Nomination, ~ I~itial 5b. ~ Amended 7. Chambers or Office Address 8370 U.S.P.O. and Cou~house 700 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA 1521
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  I ,~olo FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Report Reqt,,red by the Ethit’.~ in Government Act ofl978 Roy. 1/2010 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ¢5 us.c..pp .¢~ /Ol-ttl) I, Per,on Reporting t lasl name. firsl, middle initial)2. Court or Org~n|zatton 3. Date of Report Hloch, A Ion N,USDCiWDPA 04/27/2010magislratc judges mdicalc full- or paO-fimc) ~ Nomination, D~c 01/0 L~2~9 Senior U.S. DistriclJudge ~ I~itial ~ Anmml ~ F.nal 12;31/2~)9 5b. ~ Amended 7. Chambers or Office Address8. On lh¢ basis of the inform~llon contained In lhl~ Rcporl and any modlfi~illen~ percalnlng therezo, I~ Is, in my opinion, In compliance 8370 U.S.P.O. and Cou~house wllh appllczble laws ~nd regul~Hont. 700 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Re~tewlng Officer D~I¢ IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions aco~mpanying this form must be followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have no rep~trtable information, Sign on last page. l. POSITIONS. r~,~,,,i,~ i,ai~ia~ o,~.,,, ,~. ~-~ o¢,ti.~ ~ NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTI 1. Member, Ameritus Board of Directors Make-A-Wish Foundalion of Western Pennsylvania (non-profit 3, 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT .’~am¢ of Per~an Report|n# [ Dale of Repor! Page 2 of 10 mo~u, Alnn N I ~/27/2010 !!I. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME, t ~.,,,.~.~ ~.a~,,~a..~ ~.~ ~ ..... : ~.. p,. 17-2 4 of f!ling instr.t’tit, n.,.) A. Flier’s Non-lnvestment Income NONE (No reportable non-investmem income.) ~ SOURCE AND TYPE ~ (yours, not s~use’s) I.2.3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-investment Income - {L)olhtr l~molcnt not rcqutred ¢.~cept ]or honoraria ) ,~ NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 1. 2.3. 4. I V. RE i M B U R S E M E N TS - ,~o~,~o,,.,to~, ~o~.~,/ooa..~,o.~i .... (Int’lud~$ those 1o and depcnden! children, see pp 23-2~ o]./~ling in.~tru~ tions ) [~ NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) ~ DATES LOCATION PURPOSEITEMS PAID OR PROVIDED I. Academy of Trial I.awyers oft)9-30-09 Io 10.02-09 F’am~inglon, PA At|end Ihc Annual RetreatR~om and mealsAIlegheny (’ounly 2. 3. 4. 5.  PageFINANCIAL3 of 10 DISCLOSURE REPORT .~ NONE (No reportable g{/Ps,) ~ DESCRIPTION I. 2 3. 4. 5. V 1. L l A B i L ! T! ES. ~,,’~,d,, ,~,, ol,s ...... d dependn! children; ~¢e pp. 22-33 off!llng NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR DESCRIPTION I. 2. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ .... f P ..... Reporting I Dale of Reporl Page 4 of 10 moch. Alan N. I VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -i ........ .e,, ...... ,io.~ lncludesrhoseofsp ...... ddependentchitdren; seepp. 34-60ofJqlinginstructiom.) [] NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) A. [ B. C. D. Descriplion of Assets [ Income during ’ Gross value at end Transactions during reporting period (including trust assets) [rcporting period of reporting period Place (X) after each asset Amount Type (g., ValueValueType (e.g., Dale Value ’~ Gain Identily of exempt from prior disclosureCode I i div., renl, Code 2 Method buy, sell,!mmldd/yy i Code 2 ~ Code I buyerlscller ’,I (A-H) ii or ira.) (J-P) Code 3 redemption) : (J-P)’ (A-H)(ifprivale il (Q-W) i transaction) I. Pa. Caln Township Municipal Sewer A ]nleresl Redeemed 01102109 Authorily 2. Pa. Horsham Township Sewer Authority A Interest JT Redeemed 12101109 J (part) 3. Philadelphia Pa. Gas Works Bond ( 12th A !nterest .1 T Series) 4. Pa. Stale Higher Education Facility Bond A Interest J T 5, Pa. State Higher Education Bond A Interest J T 6. Montgomery County Bond A InterestJ T 7. Philadelphia IDA Airport Bond A Interest J T 8. Philadelphia Authority Bond A Interesl J T 9. Pa. Turnpike Bond (Series B) A Interest J T I0. Hopewell PA Area School District Bond A Interest Redeemed 09/01/09 J I I. Pottslown School District Bond A Interest Redeemed 06/01/09 J 12. Girard School District Bond A Interest Redeemed 11/16/09 J 13. Lewistown Borough Water Authority Bond A InterestJ T 14. Pine Richland School District Bond A Interest J 1 15. Sto-Rox School District Bond A InterestJ T 16. Stroudsburg Penn Area School District Ben( B Interest K T 17. Pa. State Itigher Educ. Assistance Agency A tntetest J T (B/~) . I. Income Gain Codes:A =$1,000 or lessB =51,001 - 52,500C =$2,501 - $5,000D =$5,001 - $15.000E =515.001 - S50,000(See Columns B I and D4)F =$50,001 - $100,000G =$100,001 - S 1,000.000H I =S 1.000,0el - $ 5,000,~00 I-t2 =More than $ 5,000,000 2, Value Codes J =$15,000 or less K =$15,001 - $50,O00L= 550,001 - S 100,000 M = S 100,001 - S250,000 (See Columns CI and D3) N =$250,001 - $500,000O =$500,001 - $1,000,000Pl =$1.000,0OI - $5,000,000P2 =$5,000.001 - $25.000,000 P3 =$25,000,001 - S50,000,000 P4 =More ~han $50,000,0003. Value Method Codes Q =Appraisal R =Cost (Real Estate Only)S =Assessment T =Cash Mafke~ (See Column C2) U =Book Value V =Olher W =Eslirnaled
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