ACADEMIC SOLUTIONS. About TechSmith Our Products Solutions to Common Problems Real Life Examples Connect with Us. Agenda. About TechSmith. A privately held company located in Okemos, Michigan Founded in 1988 80 million + users of Snagit 2.3 million downloads per month
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ACADEMIC SOLUTIONSAbout TechSmithOur ProductsSolutions to Common ProblemsReal Life ExamplesConnect with UsAgendaAbout TechSmithA privately held company located in Okemos, Michigan
  • Founded in 1988
  • 80 million + users of Snagit
  • 2.3 million downloads
  • per month
  • 240+ dedicated employees
  • We work with educatorson the front lines of educational technologyevery day
  • We often recruit “chalkstars” to participate on our advisory boards and help us create our products
  • We also bring in customers as experts to do training and share their experiences.
  • Our Products2011ScreenChomp2011Coach’s EyeAsk32012Capture
  • Record
  • Share
  • Image Capture
  • Capture a quick picture of anything on your computer screen
  • Great for Flash images, or where Edit -> Copy Image doesn’t work
  • Add those images to Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, emails or any other project
  • Video Capture
  • Capture Anything on your Screen, like a document camera or web camera,without time limitations
  • Record System andMicrophone Audio
  • No Built-in Editor
  • Save as MP4
  • Share to YouTube, or Camtasia Studio
  • Record everything you see and do on your screen
  • Also records audio and webcam video
  • Edit your recording by adding captions, a table of contents, other videos, music, interactive quizzes and more!
  • &SHARE YOUR VIDEOSimple screen recording
  • Easy solution for university-wide deployment
  • Server Based License
  • Unlimited # of Recorders
  • Mobile recording through Fuse App
  • Education PricingEducation PricingOur solutions to common problems ProblemAbsences happen, often resulting in a lost day of productive learning. Students may fall behind, and the teacher has to remediate and adjust lessons to accommodate for lost time and play catch up.SolutionRecorded lessons and recorded video instructions for both students and guest teachers prevent lost productivity time and provides a way to “be there” without being there. This also allows students to keep pace with the rest of the class.Just because you’re absent doesn’t mean all 30 of your students can’t learn that day.Students don’t have to fall behind anymore if they are absent.ProblemIt’s hard to give students useful feedback in a static form such as writing. And it takes a long time to write that feedback in to the margins of an assignment.SolutionGive your students feedback through recorded screencasts. It takes less time than writing in the margins and you can include a lot more detail in your feedback, bettering the student’s comprehension. Your students don’t have to wonder how to interpret your feedback.You can tell them once and avoid confusion and repetition.ProblemStudents have different learning styles and learning paces. How can teachers tailor content to make it more relevant to their every day lives? It seems impossible with the time we have and number of students.SolutionFree up in-class time for interactive activities and project-based learning through assigning videos as homework rather than always holding in class lectures. Differentiation leads to higher engagement.One size (lecture) does not fit all. Be in control of your content but deliver it in multiple ways-easily. Liberate yourself from lecture-only teaching.ProblemTeachers have limited time to get everything done that they would like. And they frequently wish they had more time in the classroom with students to help them learn 1:1.Answering the same questions over and over takes up time that could otherwise be spent helping students.SolutionFree up time by creating videos that answer frequently asked questions, like ‘How do I do that again?’The initial time investment of learning how to create video outweighs the time it will save you later, both in and out of the classroom.The upfront investment is worth it.ProblemParents don’t always know what their student’s progress is. And when several parents call teachers to ask, it can be time consuming and frustrating- for both teachers and parents.SolutionVideos allow parents to see exactly what was covered in school, how it was being taught, and provides a refresher learning session for them.Parents can now ask ‘show me what you learned in school today’ and students can no longer answer ‘nothing.’Parents and educators are both working towards the student’s success. With screencasting and videos, you can show them progress and get them involved.ProblemMany educators have interactive white boards in their classrooms along with projectors and other technology. But they may not know how to use it or realize that they (or students) can create recorded content from the Interactive White Boards. These are expensive things that may not be getting used effectively.SolutionStart creating screencasts on your interactive white boards that you can share with students, parents, administration, other teachers and with schools across the world!You most likely already have access to the technology you need to start creating video screencasts.Impress your students (and administration) through using the existing investments.ProblemKeeping up on skills and trends in education and getting the necessary training for teaching can be difficult, time consuming and expensive.SolutionHave your existing experts make screencasts on their knowledge areas, share them, and then professional development can be done on your own time, without having to miss class time.Professional Development and learning can be done on your own schedule, at your own pace.ProblemHardware? Software? Use hours? Support? With all of the possible components of lecture capture, it seems difficult to buy, even more difficult to implement and expensive to maintain.SolutionWith Camtasia Relay, you don’t need to install expensive hardware wherever you want to record. Our software solution allows unlimited recording by anyone from anywhere, all by paying a single license fee. And administration and deployment is simple!Technology Integration & Management. Our solutions are simple and cost-effective.ProblemProfessors are often pulled in several directions; teacher, researcher, advisor, students, etc which can get time consuming and disorganized. SolutionUsing digital communication tools to create review videos as well as capture research notes can save time and help you stay organized. Efficiency in Communication. Both in and out of the classroom.ProblemWith the rapid growth of distance and online learning, many professors are now being asked to teach online- without knowing how to get started or how to keep students engaged. SolutionCreating interactive and personalized videos for distance an online courses helps engage students and gives them a more humanized experience. Student engagement is important. Make your course interactive and your content exciting!ProblemWith education costs rising and many adults returning to higher education, life's responsibilities can sometimes get in the way. SolutionUsing digital communication tools to capture content for students to review on their own time offers the flexibility that many returning students require. You don’t need to repeat yourself in class or during office hours. Give your students the same material you covered in class to review.ProblemSometimes even students in the front row of the room miss vital points or a piece of information from lectures. Writing fast enough to capture all of the information can often lead to terrible handwriting and notes that don't always make sense.SolutionGive your students the ability to go back and review your lesson as many times as they need, without having to spend class time repeating yourself.Our technology lets your students pause, rewind, and review all of your recorded lessons.ProblemCaptioning of video media is becoming required in many states under ADA laws. To outsource your videos to be captioned is expensive and the turnaround times can hinder student's ability to review the content in an timely manner.SolutionWith our Camtasia products, you have built in speech-to-text transcription, allowing you quick and easy editing of captions for your video. Turnaround time for your videos is minutes, not days. And it doesn’t cost anything extra.Make your videos accessible for all students quickly, easily, and with no additional cost.Real Life ExamplesGrandville High SchoolLearn how Grandville High School teachers, students, and administrators are seeing the benefits of using lecture capture across campus. Camtasia Relay allows teachers to easily record lectures and presentations and publish them for students to watch later. their video:It really flipped the 80/20 model. I’m now interacting 80% of the time instead of 20% and I feel like I’m really getting to know my students.On Jury Duty, Still TeachingMeet Rob. Rob had to take an unexpected chunk of time off work because he got called up for Jury Duty. But instead of leaving his substitute and students to fend for themselves, Rob used Screencasting to teach his classes throughout his jury service. their video:In the past before using screencasting, you didn’t know what you’d walk into the next day after an absence. It often was used as a study hall.Kids Teaching KidsWe learn best from our peers. And yet, our educational system still depends on us learning from people 20-50 years our senior. Not a bad idea, when people older than us know the subject really well. But, what if students can teach other students? Or even better, what if the students can learn in the process of teaching?. their video:I instantly understood the video. So I asked if I could try making a video. Weather-proofing your coursesWhen “Snowmageddon” hit the east coast of the United States in 2010, administrators at James Madison University were glad they had Camtasia Relay…and a plan. their case study:Preparing for epidemics and weather events at James Madison University.. Helping Medical Students Improve GradesWest Virginia University chose Camtasia Relay for its Health Science Center (HSC). The West Virginia University HSC includes three campuses and serves the university’s medical, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry departments... And their students love it.Download their case study:. a 2011 survey of West Virginia University first and second year medical students, 99% said they would recommend to other professors that they consider making recorded lecture content available in their classes.. Learn more and connect with education@techsmith.comNewsletters: 1-517-381-2238 (education sales)YouTube: with us!
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