45640200 IEC Motor Data Calculator

IEC Motor Data Calculator BASED ON THE 2005 NEC Three Phase Voltage Horse Power 240 250 350 400 F330 9F5375 Full Load Amps (FLA) Wire Size Time-Delay Fuse Rating MAG-GARD Circuit Breaker Size IEC Contactor Cat # IEC Overload Relay Cat # LC1 LR LC1 LR Integral Self-Protected Starters Selection Table Voltage Horse Power 21 LD4LC030 LB1LC03M22 Full Load Amps (FLA) Integral Starter Base Unit Integral Starter Overload Module Click here for Wire & Cable r Data Calculator ON THE 2005 NEC Single
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  Three Phase 240 Full Load Amps (FLA) 250 Wire Size 350 Time-Delay Fuse Rating 400 MAG-GARD Circuit Breaker Size LC1LC1F330 IEC Contactor Cat # LRLR9F5375 IEC Overload Relay Cat #Full Load Amps (FLA)Integral Starter Base UnitIntegral Starter Overload Module Click here for Wire & CableLD4LC030LB1LC03M22 IEC Motor Data BASED ON THE 20Integral Self-Protected Starters Selection Table 21 VoltageHorse PowerHorse PowerVoltage  Single Phase Horse Power 115V230V2412 Full Load Amps (FLA) 1014 Wire Size 3017.5 Time-Delay Fuse Rating 5030 MAG-GARD Circuit Breaker Size D25D12 IEC Contactor Cat # 3216 IEC Overload Relay Cat # Scheduler Enter Start Date (1/1/05)  January 1, 2005 Enter Number of Weeks 0 End Date  January 1, 2005 alculator 5 NEC  Select Wir Based on Appendix C - TablesC1 and C1A COPPERAmpacity at 75C based on NEC Table 310-16 20 THW, THW-2 THHW 3 WIRES - INCHES1/23 Phase 4 Wire - INCHES1/2 THHN, THWN, XHHW, 3 WIRES - INCHES1/2 THWN-2, XHHW-2 3 Phase 4 Wire - INCHES1/2 ALUMINUMAmpacity at 75C based on NEC Table 310-16 N/A THW, THW-2 THHW 3 WIRES - INCHESN/A3 Phase 4 Wire - INCHESN/A THHN, THWN, XHHW, 3 WIRES - INCHESN/A THWN-2, XHHW-2 3 Phase 4 Wire - INCHESN/A Voltage Drop Calculator Select Wire Size at Top 14 Enter Distance in Multiples of 100 ft (i.e. 100ft=1) 20Enter Dista Enter Amperage 15Enter Amp Line to Line Volts Drop1 Phase Volts95% PF 174 Per Ampere per 100ft. In 80% PF 150 Magnetic Conduit Copper Wire3 Phase Volts95% PF 150 80% PF 129 Wire and Conduit Data BASED ON THE 2005 NEC  Size AWG/kcmil Select Wire SizeNotes: Ampacity of conductors based on 30 C ambient.Conduit sizes for aluminum based on theuse of compact conductorsWhere a major portion of the load consists of nonlinear loads, nce the neutral is considered to be current carrying. rage On 4-wire applications, derate the ampacity to 80% pernote 8 and note 10© of the NEC ampacity tables.  
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