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  1 4 th  Grade: PAC Review School Description and Resources  Phelps Luck Elementary School: PreK-5 enrollment  –   583. Diverse school and community. Strong focus on restorative circles and social/emotional wellbeing. Title 1 school. 62.6% students F/Reduced Lunch. 17.7% Limited English Proficiency. Technology: Computer lab (computer for each student and for teacher), projector, internet access, PAC (use their login through MackinVIA). Objectives Students will be able to locate books and book information utilizing Phelps Luck’s PAC.    AASL Standards for 21 st  Century Learner  –   Standard 2.0: Locate and Evaluate Resources and Sources Students will be able to locate and record information about specific resources utilizing Phelps Luck’s PAC.      AASL Standards for 21 st  Century Learner  –   Standard 3.0: Find, Generate, Record, and Organize Data/Information.    AASL Standards for 21 st  Century Learner  –   Standard 5A: Share Findings/Conclusions Learning Goal This lesson will occur during the fourth week of school for our one 4 th  grade class: Arnold (9/26)    Arnold: 27 Students The learning goal is that students are able to navigate our PAC to ensure they can locate books and coordinating details with minimal guidance/assistance. Throughout the first month, we have been working on book checkout skills and procedures. This lesson will give students more engagement and expression in that they will be utilizing their executive functions/abilities and self-regulation. Assessment Plan  Formative Assessments: Throughout lesson    Check comfort level with information  2    Asking for their input as I’m showing where information lives Assessment of their content knowledge: Worksheet    Students completing their PACman review.    They should be able to identify this information with minimal guidance/assistance. Instructional Procedures *Pre-sign in students and go to the PAC Students will enter and go directly to the computer lab (preassigned computer numbers based on table seating) Interest Survey We will first finish the interest surveys    Student reads aloud question    I read aloud possible answers    Students may have time to discuss responses    Bell tone to return for the next question Students will tally their results, circling their interest personality[s] and hold on to their paper [PAC review] Review the PAC    Searching by topic: “Dogs”   o   How many we have: 476 o   List of results, show    Title, Author, call number, availability o   If you want more information: Click title    Title, Edition, Authors, Imprint, Subjects, Notes, Summary, ISBN (code), Description (page numbers!)    Total Holds and Total Checkouts    Search by title : “ The Wild Robot ” o   You can see how many copies we have o   Two checked out & One checked in  3 [PACman hunt] Walk students through the first one Formative Assessment: How would we look up “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?”    Do we want to just write “Harry   Potter?” Check for clarification about the topics. Students begin PACman scavenger hunt As they finish: they will show me their assignments and tell me their genre personality results I will hand them their personality cards, check their assignment, and send them to book checkout 12:00  –   Students who are still working: Log off, shut down Show me their assignments and tell me their genre personality results I will hand them their personality cards, check their assignment, and send them to book checkout 12:05  –   Wrap up and line up Pass out bookmarks to students who checked out Fiction books Universal Design for Learning and Differentiation  Multiple Means of Representation    Guideline 2  –   Language & Symbols: I will spend a large portion of this time clarifying PAC vocab, symbols, text through my projection screen.    Guideline 3  –   Comprehension: Students will have a larger understanding of the interworkings within our media center. Multiple Means of Action and Expression    Guideline 4  –   Physical Action: Lesson design optimizes student access to digital tools.    Guideline 6  –   Executive Functions: Student will manage the information and resources available to them through the PAC. Multiple Means of Engagement  4    Guideline 7  –   Recruiting Interest: This lesson gives optimal instances of individual choice for writing resources and navigating through the PAC.    Guideline 9  –   Self-Regulation: Students will be responsible for self-regulation when filling out the worksheet, which I will check over prior to book checkout.
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