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   Word OrderinEnglish Sentences Phil Williams 2 nd  EditionCopyright © 2016 Phil Williams All rights reserved. Designed by P. Williams  No part of this publication shall be reproduced, transmitted, or sold in whole or in part in any form without the prior written consent of the author.  Visit  for more informationand regular ESL updates.2  CONTENTS PrefaceIntroductionSentence Structure1.1 Introducing Sentence Structure1.2 Adding Detail to Sentences1.3 Exercise 1: Simple Sentence Structure1.4 Sentences with More Than One Clause1.5 Exercise 2: Further Sentence StructureQuestions2.1 Question Structure2.2 Exercise 3: QuestionsNegative sentences3.1 Negative Sentence Structure3.2 Neg ative Questions3.3 Exercise 4: Negative SentencesVerb phrases4.1 Verb Phrase Structures4.2 Tenses and Standa rd Verb Phrases4.3 Verbs and Ob jects4.4 Phra sal Verbs4.5 Exercise 5: Verbs and Objects4.6 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs4.7 Verbs and Locations4.8 Verbs of State, Conditions and Senses4.9 Verbs Followed by Other Verbs4.10 Verbs, Other Words and Clauses as ObjectsNoun phrases5.1 Noun Phrase Structure5.2 Determiners5.3 Prepositions3  5.4 Compound Nouns5.4a Single Word or Simple Compound Nouns5.4b Compound Nouns with Two or More Words5.4c Compound Nouns with More than Two Nouns5.5 Noun Complements5.6 Embedded Questions5.7 Exercise 6: Noun Phrasesdjectives6.1 Adjective Positions6.2 Adjectives Before Nouns6.3 Using More than One Adjective6.4 Detailed Adjective Word Order6.5 Listing Adjectives6.6 Adjectives and Adverbs6.7 Adjectives After Verbs6.8 Adjectives After Nouns6.9 Exercise 7: Adjective Word Orderdverbs7.1 Adverb Position7.2 General Adverb Positions7.3 Adverbs of Frequency 7.4 Adverbs of Manner7.5 Adverbs of Place7.6 Adverbs of Time7.7 Connecting Adverbs7.8 Specific Adverb Rules7.9 Exercise 8: Adverbs of Frequency 7.10 Exercise 9: Adverbs of Manner7.11 Exercise 10: Adverbs of Place7.12 Exercise 11: Adverbs of Time7.13 Exercise 12: Mixed AdverbsPrepositions4
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