To define what a vocation is To identify 3 types of vocation in the Church

To define what a vocation is To identify 3 types of vocation in the Church To reflect on what God is calling you to. What do you think this means? How can an ordinary person have “ some definite service ” to do from God ?.
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To define what a vocation isTo identify 3 types of vocation in the ChurchTo reflect on what God is calling you toWhat do you think this means? How can an ordinary person have “some definite service” to do from God ?God has created me to do him some definite service;He has committed some work to mewhich he has not committed to another.Blessed John Henry NewmanChristian Vocation
  • 2. Even though God gives each person their vocation, they have to choose to follow it for themselves..
  • Do you want to “live life to the full” as Jesus promises, whatever that might mean?
  • Do you want to be like Jesus, in the way you behave towards others?
  • Do you want the Holy Spirit to guide you in your choices in life ?
  • Do you want to be the person that God made you to be ?
  • Ask and answer the questions with your partner.
  • 1. In baptism, a person receives their Christian vocation: to serve God and others in a way unique to them. God gives them the Holy Spirit to make this possible. 1. Explain what a vocation is and where it comes from (Box 1). 2. What sort of things should you want, if you want to follow God’s vocation for you? (Box 2)1. Draw the 3 circles with their labels.
  • 2. Add in words to the right circle from the list below .
  • Married
  • Priest
  • Foster parent
  • Deacon
  • Monks
  • Single person
  • Bishop
  • Sister working in a homeless hostel
  • Charity campaigner
  • Nurse/ doctor
  • mother
  • LaityBaptised ChristiansReligious(taken religious vows, & live in communities) Ordained(taken Holy Orders)3. Add in 2 more of your own**In which vocation do you think you could serve God and neighbour in best?. Understanding God’s CallAnswer the question on your slip of paper. When time is up, swap.A Christian gradually comes to understand the path that God has for them. It happens by
  • KNOWING Yourself: judging what dreams are really “you”, what your talents and abilities are
  • LOVING Yourself : lovingly accepting the person God made you to be
  • GIVING Yourself: wanting to offer your life back to God
  • Knowing Myself:What dreams could never be me? What dreams could be me?What are my talents, abilities?GIVING yourself: how can you imagine serving other people or God? Write down some possibilities.LOVING yourself: write a prayer, thanking God for the person you are, even those parts of you, you sometimes wish were differentWhich of the 3 circles would you find yourself in? Lay, Religious or Priest ? Explain why. Lord, You search me and you know meYou know when I sit and when I riseYou perceive my thoughts from afarNone of my ways are hidden from you.Before ever a word is on my tongue,You know it O Lord, through and through.For You created my inmost being;You knit me together in my mother’s womb. All of my days are written in Your book .before one of them came to be. I thank you, Lord, for the wonder of myselfAnd the wonder of all Your creation.Draw a picture to show how God knew you, and had a vocation for you, even when you were still unborn in your mother’s womb. Sarah filled in one side of her face, and her friend filled in the other. Which of Sarah’s impressions about herself seem true? Which seem wrong?Draw the “window of your soul” below in your book. Fill it in.
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