Solutions Pre-Intermediate Cumulative Test A

Solutions Pre-Intermediate Cumulative Test A
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  Matura Solutions Pre-Intermediate Tests 1  A  Photocopiable © Oxford University Press Units 1–5 Grammar  1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.1 _______ you _______ (ever drive) a car? 2 While I _______ (wait) I saw Sandy. 3 We saw the new horror film last night but I _______ (enjoy) it. 4 I _______ (have) three different teachers since I started learning English. 5 They _______ (open) a big department store in the town centre next month. 6 How long _______ you _______ (be) a doctor? 7 Alfie _______ (think) it’s really good idea. 2 Choose the correct answers.1 I can’t stand to wait / waiting   in queues. 2 Sorry I’m late. I’ve been / gone  to the library. 3 Did you get some / any  replies to the advert? 4 – / The  chips are bad for your health! 5 He’s spoken Spanish for / since  he was six. 6 I saw a few / a little  of my classmates outside the museum this morning. 7 How much / many  did you pay for that? 3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. more as the than too enough 1 He’s _______ funniest person in the class. 2 It’s more peaceful to live in the countryside _______ in the city. 3 She’s _______ talkative than her sister! 4 Have I cooked the meat long _______? I don’t want you to be ill! 5 This text is _______ difficult. I don’t understand these words. 6 The church isn’t _______ far as the farm. Mark/20  Vocabulary  4 Complete the sentences with the correct answers.1  Jack and his friends are playing _______ on the beach.  A  golf B  volleyball C  athletics 2 He’s very _______. He always gives presents on people’s birthdays.  A  generous B rude C shy 3 The _______ across the fields is closed again today.  A  lane B pavement C footpath 4 She’s _______. It’s easy for her to talk in front of a lot of people.  A  tolerant B confident C  loyal 5 The air in cities is often _______.  A  polluted B stressful C  dangerous 6 My dad didn’t think Titanic   was a _______ film but my mum did. She cried!  A  scary B funny C  moving  7 I love _______ about the animal world.  A  chat shows B  documentaries C sitcoms 8 Can you get me a magazine at the _______, please?  A jeweller’s B newsagent’s C butcher’s 9 They have some important championships in the _______.  A  stadium B  cathedral C  skyscraper  10 Go _______ the High Street and turn left at the garage.  A  past B through C along  Mark/10 cumulative test  YD Solutions Tests A Pre Int 4P.Sec11:1 Sec11:1 YD Solutions Tests A Pre-Int 4P.Sec11:1 Sec11:1 15/6/07 15:20:33 15/6/07 15:20:33  Matura Solutions Pre-Intermediate Tests 2  A  Photocopiable © Oxford University Press Listening  5 ≤ 2.11  Listen to the radio interview. Choose the best answers.1 For Martin the race was  A  difficult. B  easy. C  boring. 2 Martin thinks that  A  Shaun is better than he is.  B  the other runners weren’t very good.  C  he almost lost the race. 3 During the race  A it was very quiet.  B  the spectators made a lot of noise.  C  Martin didn’t look at the crowd. 4 Martin has never   A  run as fast as this before.  B  competed in the European Championships.  C  thought about the Olympic Games. 5 Martin won an important race  A  when he was at school.  B  when he was eighteen.  C  when he was a child. Mark/10 Reading  6 Read the text. So you want to be on television So, you want to be on television? Read about three different ways you can make your dream come true! Who Knows?  Have you ever wanted to be on a TV game show? If you think you’ve got good general knowledge and you’re confident enough to appear on TV in front of millions of people,  just fill in our application form. You could be a  winner on Channel 7’s new game show Who  Knows?  There will be twelve weekly shows and the winner of each show will go on to play a final competition to win two million pounds! Watching You!  The producers of the reality show Watching You!  are looking for ten new people to live in the  famous house for ten weeks. Are you funny and talkative? Are you interested in other people?  Would you like the chance to become a big star? Send your application before 7 November, and  you could be invited to the auditions in London and Manchester! Children’s Hour   As viewers know, Dani Byers has left Channel 7’s Children’s Hour   to make a film in Hollywood. So we need someone to take her place as a presenter on the show. We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic, intelligent and who loves children. Is that you? Apply now and come  for a voice test! 7 Which show1 will be shorter than three months? _______ 2 can make people very famous? _______ 3 only needs one person? _______ 4 offers a lot of money? _______ 5 wants someone who likes talking? _______ Mark/10 Writing  8 Imagine you have applied to go on one of the TV shows advertised. Write an e-mail to a friend telling him/her about it. Include the following information: ã where you saw the advertisementã why you want to go on the show ã what you wrote on the application form Mark/10Total/60 Units 1–5 cumulative test  YD Solutions Tests A Pre Int 4P.Sec11:2 Sec11:2 YD Solutions Tests A Pre-Int 4P.Sec11:2 Sec11:2 15/6/07 15:20:33 15/6/07 15:20:33  Matura Solutions Pre-Intermediate Tests 1  A  Photocopiable © Oxford University Press Grammar  1 Choose the correct answers.1 Be careful. You will / are going to  fall! 2 We would / might  not take the train. 3 She said she / I  really enjoyed watching football. 4  You mustn’t / needn’t  phone me. I’ll give you a ring when I’m ready. 5 I might / will  go out tonight but I’m not sure. 6 If you book / will book   early, you get better seats. 7 I wish I would have / had  more money. 8 If I had his number, I would / will phone him. 9 I wish I were / could  better at schoolwork. 2 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Last night I 1 _______ (get) home at 6.30 p.m., a little later than usual. I 2 _______ (stay) longer at work because my boss 3 _______ (want) to discuss a pay increase. So, I was in a good mood when I 4 _______ (arrive) home! Unfortunately that 5 _______ (last long). When I 6 _______ (open) the front door, there 7 _______ (be) water all over the floor. My daughter 8 _______ (leave) a tap running in the bathroom earlier and she 9 _______ (go) out. The water 10 _______ (come) through the ceiling. It 11 _______ (cost) a fortune to repair. I certainly need that salary increase! Mark/20  Vocabulary  3 Choose the correct answers.1 We’re allowed to use MP3 players / calculators  in maths exams. 2 When I bend up / down  my back hurts. 3 My baby nephew nodded / waved to me when he left with his mum. 4 Actors usually beckon / bow at the end of a play. 5 Sometimes racism / terrorism  is a problem in a multi-racial society. 4 Complete the sentences with the correct words in the box. technician novelist musician vandal burglar 1 A _______ smashed the windows of our car. 2 He’s a _______ and plays in an orchestra. 3 My favourite _______ is Stephen King. I love his books. 4 We need a _______ to look at this computer. 5 The police arrested the _______ who broke into our house last year. Mark/10 Listening  5 ≤ 2.12  Listen to the radio interview. Are the sentences true or false?1 The professor went to the Arctic to look for polar bears. ___ 2 He went on his own. 3 There aren’t as many polar bears as there were before. ___ 4 Scientists agree on the problem of global warming. ___ 5 It’s going to become a problem in the near future. ___ Mark/10 Units 6–10 cumulative test  YD Solutions Tests A Pre Int 4P.Sec12:1 Sec12:1 YD Solutions Tests A Pre-Int 4P.Sec12:1 Sec12:1 15/6/07 15:20:33 15/6/07 15:20:33  Matura Solutions Pre-Intermediate Tests 2  A  Photocopiable © Oxford University Press Reading  6 Read the text. Community police  There is a new type of police officer on our country roads these days. They’re not real police officers, they’re members of the public called ‘community police’. The idea is that they help the police control the speed of motorists through their villages.  These people wear yellow jackets and stand beside the road with a traffic gun pointed at the cars to find out the speed. This is not official.  There is no camera and the people have to note down the numbers of the cars that are going too fast. This information is then passed on to the real police who send a warning letter to the owner of the car.Not everyone is happy with this scheme! ‘It’s not a good system,’ says Mark Good from one of the main motoring organisations. ‘Mistakes often happen.  The people take down the wrong numbers! The information is just not reliable. It’s never a good idea to get the public to do the police’s job. I think it’s ridiculous.’But, as the villagers say, speeding is a huge problem, particularly in the countryside. There aren’t enough traffic police and dangerous motorists need to be stopped. So what do you think? Let us have your views on the website. 7 Choose the best answers.1 Members of the general public  A  are joining the police force.  B  are fighting the police.  C  are helping the police.  D  are complaining about the police. 2 ‘Community police’  A  can take pictures of speeding cars.  B  can find out the speed of cars.  C  can chase speeding cars.  D  can contact the motorists. 3 The police use information to  A arrest the motorists.  B  send letters to the car owners.  C talk to the car owners.  D  follow the motorists. 4 Some people think  A  you can’t rely on this information.  B  the community police are better than the real police.  C  traffic guns don’t always give the right speed.  D  motoring organisations can help. 5 The villagers think  A  that the cars are damaging their villages.  B  the traffic police don’t do a good job.  C  cars are dangerous in the country.  D  more people are needed to check speeding cars. Mark/10 Writing  8 Write a letter to your English friend to tell him/her about ‘community police’ in your area. Say what they do and whether you think it’s a good idea or not and why. Mark/10Total/60 Units 6–10 cumulative test  YD Solutions Tests A Pre Int 4P.Sec12:2 Sec12:2 YD Solutions Tests A Pre-Int 4P.Sec12:2 Sec12:2 15/6/07 15:20:33 15/6/07 15:20:33
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