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  Treatment of septic artritic in a carpus of a horse with chinese medicine and conventional medicine Ana Stela Fonseca Abstract : Arthritic Septic has a difficult recovery. The implication is not the ability to develop or return to the athletic life but in maintain life. Studies demonstrated that the occurrence of septic arthritic in foals reduces the likelihood that it will start on a racehorse 1 .   Others show that the disease in Thoroubred foals is a significant loss in orses industry ! . Key words: arthritic septic" acupuncture" chinese herbal medicine" athletic horse This paper talks about a horse with 1! years old #rasileiro de ipismo $#% that had a Septic Opened Arthritic subse&uently to constant damage of 'arpus. This animal had  been a ( )ays *vent horse competing in amateur category for some years. After he changed the rider and start to be used only to show +umping it developed some  problems. The weight of the new rider was appro,imately !--lb. The training of that horse used to be lunging  appro,imately !- minutes every day  using special fi,ed reins that obligate his neck to be fi,ed at an abnormal position. After initially work on lunging the rider used to ridden that horse for more !- minutes and maintain the fi,ed reins./n some months of this type of work that horse starts to have some atrophy on his back and when putted to +ump always kicked the right forelimb on the fence independently how higher it was. Other problem was that he usually kicks the door with right forelimb when time of feeding comes. One day in the morning the horse appeared with the right forelimb$0F% in the air. e was unable to put weight on him 0F  lameness 2 degrees in 2 levels$enable to maintain weight in that limb%. is carpus was swelling" very  painful and hot with a little piece without hair but no evidence of wound or perforation. At the first day he received 3henylbuta4one $!.! mg5kg% /6 once a day and was submitted to an articular in+ection were more than 1-mls of yellow li&uid from +oint was throughout. /t was in+ected 7mls of 8entamicin $1"2mg5ml% and 2mls of pure )9SO $)imethilsulpho,ide%. After that procedure the animal was submitted to an eletroacupuncture in carpus. This therapy was used every day for 2 days demonstrate at the table. The pictures below shows the carpus before and during first infiltration.  Figure1: 'arpus before infiltrationFigure !: 'arpus during infiltration. Table 1:   0epresent the day that therapy was used. T0*AT9*;T1 o  )A<! o )A<( o  )A<= o  )A<2 o  )A</;F/T0AT/O;**T0OA'>3>;'T>0* The eletroacupuncture was used to dissipate the Qi  and  Xue $#lood% that was stagnated and generate pain. /n 'hinese 9edicine pain is the result of blockage of energy $ Qi % and #lood $  Xue % in a meridian. 3oints used are /11$arge /ntestine% and T2$Triple eater% in one pair of electrodes. /11 was choose because is a  He-sea  point $earth" mother point% ( and it is a powerful and essential point in the treatment of fevers and heat in the body" skin diseases" hypertension and disorders of the arm = . T2 was choosing  because is a  Luo connection point of T $Triple eater% channel and confluent point of Yang-wei  channel (  used to clears heat and activates the channel and alleviates pain = . ocal points are used around the lesion in a techni&ue called ?'ircle )ragon@ with four needles puncture around and into direction of lesion. Two cables of electrodes are used to the 'ircle )ragon techni&ue crossed over the lesion. /n one cable was fi,ed a little magnetic bit with 1--- gauss. The electroacupuncture is used in !-4 of fre&uency for (- minutes at the intensity that was comfortable for the animal. After (- minutes the  electrodes and the needles are took off and the carpus were bandaged. After the second day the horse stayed two hours in a day in a little paddock where could take sun and grass. /n the 2 th day someone forgot the door opened and the horse get away in trotting out the paddock with some degree of lameness $level (%.On the second day when bandage was took off a serum li&uid mi, to blood with low viscosity come throw from the little piece without hair in dorsal view of carpus. The  +oint was opened so a +oint lavage with !-mls of Saline Solution !"2 was proceed daily before the in+ection of 8entamicin and )9SO. /n the 2 th  day of lavage the li&uid that came from the +oint was clear and was decided that the infiltration will be  procedure at each ! days. Since pain was reduced in more than 2-" eletroacupuncture started to be used each ! days and the other days only dry needles should be used.Fig. (  *lectroacupuncture in carpus using 'ircle )ragon Techni&ue and in /11$arge /ntestine% and T2$Triple eater%.Table !:   0epresent the day that therapy was used. -  0epresent the day that therapy was not used.T0*AT9*;TB o  )A<7 o )A<C o  )A<D o  )A<1- o  )A</;F/T0AT/O;---**T0OA'>3>;'T>0*---)0< ;**)*--  The general condition of this animal was not good since the first time. e was in sub nutrition level E with Wei Qi  deficiency his tongue was pale and wet and his pulse very deep. Acupuncture for tonify his Wei Qi  and for the immunological system was used. )ry needle techni&ue and mo,a $mo,abustion% was applicable in points like 681= $governing vessel% meeting point of ( yang of hand   Du mai $68% 2   Baihui for <ang deficiency ( " #l!-$#ladder% for produce a good Wei Qi " #l!!$#ladder% for a good distribution of Yuang Qi  and good respiration" absorbing and drainage of the system and #l!($#ladder% for the bones and +oints 2 in the first week. At second week a&uapuncture with /n+ectable  Huang Qi  !mls per point was used once a week in  Baihui, 681=" #l!(" #l!- for the same reasons talked before.  Huang Qi  is one of the most important 'hinese erbs used to tonify Qi  and immunological system.After the 1- th day no more +oint in+ections was proceed. At 1= th day when the +oint was closedEstopped to come serum in the gau4e an A&uapuncture treatment with 1.!mls 'ondroitin Sulfate 1! per point was started to improve the function of Gidney$#l!(%" #ones and Hoints $#l!(" #l11%. /n the morning of 11 th day the horse appeared with carpus and around area including  pro,imal metacarpal region with a big swelling" hot and painful. e was lameness in = degrees$lameness in walk% so parenteral treatment was instituted with antibiotics 3enicilin 2.---.--- />5day /9 and 8entamicin ="=mg5kg in saline solution /6 once a day for 7 days" 1- )9SO solution /6 for 2 days and 3henylbuta4one !.! mg5kg /6 once a day for two days and nitrofura4one ointment was used in a bandage in carpus area. After finish the conventional theraphy carpus was very big" still hot and painful. ocal therapy with 'hinese herbs paste called 8olden <ellow Salve was started to use on the lesion area for 1! hours on with bandage and 1! hours out during ! months. )ry needle are institutionally in the same points described before twice in the week.Fig. =  'arpus when infection started around Fig. 2 E 'arpus after D days using 8olden<ellow Salve  Table (: /ngredients and actions of 8olden <ellow Salve Scientific Name  Pying   NameActions 0heum  Da Huang  'lear eat and dissipate swelling3hellodendron  Huang Bai 'lear eat" deto,ifyTrichosanthes Tian Hua Fen 'lear eat" promote body fluid'urcuma  Jiang Huang  Active #lood and relieve pain'optis  Huang Lian 'lear eat" deto,ifyAngelica  Bai Zhi 0eleave pain" clear Iind'old'itrus Chen Pi 9ove Ji and relieve painAtractylodes Cang Zhu )ry up )amp9agnolia  Hou Po )ry up )amp and move Jiicorice Gan Cao armoni4e#eeswa,  Feng La 'arrier Olive Oil  Zhi Wu You 'arrier  Three months after the initially treatment the horse started to do a physiotherapy walking for 2 minutes at first week" increasing 2 minutes each week. At the moment that he was walking !- minutes$! th month% he started to be ridden and some trotting started to be performed. For one month he had a physiotherapy with improving work. At the third month he had another A&uapuncture with 'ondrointin Sulfate 1! and was liberated for normal work.Fig. B  The right carpus with appearance very similar to normal once.Ihen writing this article that horse was with 2 months working and had a treatment for his back special cervical. is improvement was so good that the horse looks like another once in manner to work and in his all  body especially mental aspect. e is
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