Keith P Ellison Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

l ao t0 Rev. 1,7010 I ] FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Cout~ or Organ~oa U.S.D.C. Sou~ of Tex~ 5a. Repo~ T~e (~k ~p~d~ ty~) ~ Nomimfion, ~ ~al Date ~ ~ual ~ Fi~ R~poa Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (s v.s.c, app. §§ ~0t-I11) 3. Dale of Re~a 7/19~010 6. Reportng Fed~ 01/0 ! ~0~ to 1~1~9 I. l~er~ou Reporting (last ~zane, fir~ middl~ initial) Ell~on, Kei~ P. 4. Title (A~icle ~I j~ ia~ ~five or se~or s~; ma~ ~ judg~ i ndi~ ~11- or p~-~me) U.S. Dis~ctJu
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  ao t0 I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT R~poa Required by the Ethics l in Government Act of 1978 Rev. 1,7010 ] FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 (s v.s.c, app. §§ ~0t-I11) I. l~er~ou Reporting (last ~zane, fir~ middl~ initial) 2. Cout~ or Organ~oa 3. Dale of Re~a Ell~on, Kei~ P. U.S.D.C. Sou~ of Tex~ 7/19~010 4. Title (A~icle ~I j~ ia~ ~five or se~or s~;5a. Repo~ T~e (~k ~p~d~ ty~) 6. Reportng Fed~ ma~ ~ judg~ i ndi~ ~11- or p~-~me) 01/0 ! ~0~ ~ Nomimfion, Date U.S. Dis~ctJudge-Acfive ~ ~al~ ~ual~ Fi~ to 1~1~9 .5b. ~ Amend~ Re~a 7. Chmbe~ or O~ Addms 8. On ~e basis of~e ~fomaaon ¢on~in~ In ~ Repo~ a~ any modifl~ons pe~lnlng ~ereto, It Ig In my opin~n, in compliance 515 ~k S~et, Room3716 with applic~le laws and regulaao~. Ho~ton ~ 77~2 Re,Sewing O~c~ Dale IMPORTANT NO TES: I7~e instructions accompanying thls form must be followe~L Complele all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable information. Sign on last page. [--’] NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY I. Director Harry A. Blacl<rnun Scholarship Foundation 2. Director Executive Committee Order of Coif 3. Secretary Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee_.~-’District ~t ¯ ,.~ :..r:, 4. Counselor and Dkector Garland Walker Inn - American Inns of ~ ’ ~ :-= 5. Member Yale Law School Association Executive (~aanSitt~e O- ~.Y: 3> Ftg 6. Director Houston Achievement Place II. AGREEMENTS. tn,~o~i~,~,~vU~ot o.o,~ ~e ~,~. u-~ ~ oZl-a~.~ ~.,ao~) NONE (No reportable agreements.) DATE pARTIES AND TERMS I. Ellison Keith P.  Name of Ferson Rep~rtin~ Date of Report Pag~FINANCIAL2 of 8 DIscLOSURE REPORT I Ellison, Keith P. 7/19/2010 IIL NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. ~or~a ~ ~o~; ~-, ~. ~ ~-~ o~ ~o~.~ A. Filer’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE ~OURCE AND TYPE ~ (yours, not sp0ase’s) 1. 2. 3. 4. B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - If you ~r¢ married during any portion of the repordng year, complete tl~ sectlo~. (Dollar amount not required except for honoraria.) D NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 1. Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P. partne~hip profits 2.3. 4. IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -.~,o~io~, ~o,~g~./’ooa, ~,~.~,~ (Includes ~u~se to spo~e and depe~ent ch~d~: see pp. 25-27 of filing i~ctio~.) ~ NONE ~o reportab& reimbursements.) SOURCE ~ LOCATION PU~OSE ITEM~ PAID OR PROVIDED 1. ~n ~stimte 1~0~9-~1/2~9 M~h~set, NY Co~. on nafion~ sec~ T~s~fio~m~l~g/ng i~u~ f~ing thejudici~ 2. 3. 4. 5.  Name of Person Reporttn~ Date ~f Rcport PageFINANCIAL3 of 8 DISCLOSURE REPORT I Ellison, Kdm 1:’. 7/1912010 V. GIFTS. a,,a,,,~tho,,,o,po ..... d depend~nt children; see pp. 2S-31 of fding L’trtructions.) NONE (No reportable gifts.) SOURCEDESCRIPTION VALUE I. 2.3. 4. 5. [] NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR ~ VALUE CODE I.2. 3. 4. 5.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~ame of Pert:on Reporting Date of Report Page 4 of 8 Zillion, Keith P. 7/19/2010 VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUS TS - NONE (’No reportable income, assets, or transactions.) A. B. C. . D. Description of Assets Income duringGr~ss value at end T~ansaetions during reporting period (including trust assets) reporting period of repoRing period (1) {Z) (I) (2) (I) (2) (3) (4) (5 Place (X) after each asset Amount Type (e.g., ValueValue Type (e.g., Date Value Gain Identity ofexempt from prior disclosure Code I I div., rent, Code 2 Method buy, sell, mm!dd/yyCode 2Code Ibuyer/seller(A-H) 4 or int.)(J-P) Code 3redemption) (J-P)(A-H) (if private I (Q-W)transaction) I. 401(K) SAVINGS PLAN E Dividend PI T 2. - Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund 3. - Vanguard Total Market index Fund . 4. - Vangtmrd International Stock Index Fund 5. - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund 6. - Adams -Express Co. Common Stock 7. - American Opportunities Mutual Fund 8. - Van Kampen Interact Mutual Fund 9. IRA A Dividend O T I0. - Dean Witter Dividend Growth Mutual Fund I 1. - Dean Witler Money Market 12. - Van K~Jnpen Intemet Mutual Fund 13. RETIKEMENT SAVINGS PLAN B Dividend M T 141 - Spartan U. S. Equity Income 15. 401{K) PLAN -TAX DEFERRED E Dividend O T 16. - Fidelity Contrafund 17. - Fidelity Government Income Fund
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