Faith S Hochberg Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Rev. 1/2010 do lO [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR ~ 2009 2. Co..rt or Orgatll;imtlan District of New Jersey .~a, Repor~ Typ~ (eh~ck apptol~iate type} [] Nominatitm, [] Initial Date [] Annual [] Firm! Rer*,rt Required b), the ,~thics 0 us.c ,,p. ~ ~0~-~) 3. Date af Report 06/30/2010 6. R%~ortlng Perin~ to 12/3112009 in Government ,4ct all 978 ] . Person Reportla, g (last name. first, middle initial) Hochberg, Faith S, 4. ~’ltle (Ax, ticle Ill judg~ indicate active or senior stat
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  do lO [ FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Rer*,rt Required b), the ,~thics in Government ,4ct all 978 Rev. 1/2010 ] FOR CALENDAR ~ 2009 0 us.c ,,p. ~ ~0~-~) . Person Reportla, g (last name. first, middle initial)2. Co..rt or Orgatll;imtlan 3. Date af Report Hochberg, Faith S,District of New Jersey 06/30/2010 4. ~’ltle (Ax, ticle Ill judg~ indicate active or senior status;.~a, Repor~ Typ~ (eh~ck apptol~iate type}6. R%~ortlng Perin~ma~gistrate judges indicate full- or part-time) [] Nominatitm, Date U.S. DislrictJudge [] Initial [] Annual [] Firm! to 12/3112009 5b. [] ,~nended R~port 7. Chambers or Office Address$, On the ba~ls of the Informado~ contained In Ibis Report and any modiflcaBons pertaining ~ereto, It Is, In my opinion, in compliance ~.I.S. Pos! Office ~md Courthous wlfl~ applicable inw~ and regulations. Federal SquareNewarK, N.J. 07101-0999 Rtwiewing OfficerDat¢ IMPORTANT NO TES: The instructio,~ accompanying this form must be followe~ Complete all pans, checking the NONE box for each part where you ha~e no reportable s’nforma~o~ Sign on last img~ 1. POSITIONS. ~s~o~ ,’,~un.~ o.~ se, a ~-tJ of ~ in,~.alo~) [~ NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY 1. VP and Secretary Hoehberg Foundation, Inc. 2. Board of Trustees Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation 3. Board of TrusteesNew Jersy Women’s Fontm C~’. NONE (’No reportable agreements.) --~ DATE PART1ES AND TERMS r~°l  ’FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page 2 of 9 HL NON-~S~ IN~. ~~~ ~ ~’s N~~ ~~ NO~ ~o r~ ~~ i~.) !. i~!~ 3- 4. ~ NONE ~ ~~~-)  ’PageFINANCIAL3 of 9 DISCLOSURE REPORT [ Hochbe~ Fatth S. 06/30/2010 ~ NONE (No reportable gi~s.) ~ DESCRIPTION I. 2. 3. [ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) I~REDITOR DESCRIPTION VALUE CODE 2.3. 4. 5.  ’ PageFINANCIAL4 of 9 DISCLOSURE REPORT [ 06130/2010 NONE (No reportable income, assets, or tran.~actions.) ~cfiption of A~ [nc~e d~ng Or~s value at ~d Tr~fons ~h~g ~ing ~ri~ (including t~st ~sets) r~ing ~it~] ol’re~ing Pl~e ~) after ~ch ~get ~ Amounl ~ T~ (e.g., ValueValue T~ (g., ~ Date ’: Value Gain I~ntily of ~ C~e I div., rent, (~e 2 ~ Meth~ buy, ~11; ~mm/~ [ C~e 2 ~ C~e I buye~i~ller ex~pt f~mprior di~losure [ (A-H) or inl.)(J-P) (.k~e 3 r~emption) : [ (J-P) {A-H) {ifpnvate 1. BBH None ~T Sold t~14/09 ~) 2. B~ a ~ Diviaend T 3. EWZ None ~7 Buy I 0/t 4/09 4. F~ None ~T 5. ~ None ’~T 7. NASDAQ 1~ (~) None T 8. OMEGA F~D None T 9. S~ 5~ F~d~ Divi~nd ~T ~0. s~ ~o~ ~ 11. V~ard Emerging M~kets F~d None T 12. U.S. Treas~ Obligations ~ Inlerest ~T 13. Pine Street P~ners Limited P~nership ~ ~ Distribution ~T 14. Tower As~eiates Limited P~e~hip None ~ U 15. Gol~ ~chs Real EstateTmsls ~ Distribution ~ 16. Unit~ States Treas~ Obligations ~ Interesl ~T Buy 07/28/~ I7. U.S, Tr~s~ Money M~et F~ds :~ ~teresl ~T
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