Cyber International Politics poster at ECIR MIT Harvard CFR workshop 2014

Cyber International Politics poster at ECIR MIT Harvard CFR workshop 2014
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  IV Workshop on Cyber Security and the Governance Gap MIT, January 6-7, 2014 Preliminary Results Three Research Issues on Forthcoming Diplomatic Challenges Track 2 Initiatives Research Questions Marco Mayer , Adjunt Professor, Cyber Space and International Relations, PhD Programmes, SSSUP, Pisa Fabio Rugge, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Adjunt Professor, Security Studies, Florence University In cooperation with .   3: People to People 1.Cyber Politics: from the utopian level playing field to the new technological battleground 2.Exploring pathways to conflict mitigation, confidence building and track 2 initiatives • Building a common language and an appropriate glossary • Developing instruments to analyse trace and netrualize Cyber Risks  , Cyber Attacks   and discuss relevant Pubblic Policies • Sustain efforts to enhance education & training opportunities, promote Cyber Hygiene • Enhancing joint international research projects  • Evaluating 2013: China - US track 2 reports  , US - Russia Bilateral Commission 1: Academia to Academia 2: Agencies to Agencies Overcoming divergent visions and harmonizing the EU Digital Agenda   with EU and National Cyber Security and Cyber Defence Strategies: ongoing negotiations and future prospects •   Promote online discussions on the future of Internet and Cyber Space •  Security Awareness •  Enhance education & training opportunities Some issues for discussion : -how to overcome language barriers  -how to support non native English speakers -how to deal with Internet censorship ( i.e. child pornography  ) -how to fight digital addiction ( South Korea ) -digital slot machines addiction (  plus Bitcoin ? ) -how to tackle cybercrime and cyber terrorism at global level : (i.e. online human traffic child abuse, digital assassinations) • IR theory  Reframing K.Waltz Images: the Cyber Arena as a Mirror reflecting the real world while affecting it • Temptative Multidiscliplinary Analytical Definitions  Cyber Space and the relevant layers   (including the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum) Cyber Space Arena: distintictive feautures Cyber Power as a power of control and intrusion    Cyber Players  : Digital Major Powers, Internet Giants and Free Riders Cyber Risks, Cyber Threats, Cyber Conflicts  , Cyberdetterence (COD,COA,COE)   • Comparative Public Policy  The US and other National Cyber Security Strategies   • IR theory  Cyber Informal International Regimes and de facto Networks? Three areas for discussion   Transatlantic Level Outreach and relevant initiatives involving: • Antitrust National Agencies • National Privacy Protection Agencies • ICAAN, W3C, Internet Providers and other relevant stakeholders  Regional Level Global Level Global Health Cyber Security ( GHCS  ) Sensitive issues   Patients ’  Privacy versus Big Data Dual use technology - Wassenaar Arrangement 2013 December Update Patents and Anti Fraud, E  –  Health, Tele Mmedicine and NHS Strengthening, WHO Standard setting and relevant WTO and ITU rules Document analysis Media monitoring Process tracing Simulation Methodology Cybersecurity poses unprecedented challenges: • improving capability to counter cyber threats reducing the risk of miscalculation and escalation • enhancing resilience and recovery • improving actionable attribution of cyber attacks New norms and behaviours need to emerg e  The Case for NATO-EU Cooperation in the Protection of Cyberspace  BRIDGING THE CYBER SECURITY GOVERNANCE GAP A REALISTIC AGENDA FOR MULTI - TRACK DIPLOMACY
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