Biblical Timeline

Biblical Timeline. A Bible Study. Emergence of civilization as measured by formations of cities and written language . Nomadic until arrival Of Europeans 1492 AD. 1700 BC -1027 BC Shang Dynasty writing on oracle bones. Uruk Period 3500 BC – 3000 BC . Maya 1000 BC – 1521 AD
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Biblical Timeline A Bible StudyEmergence of civilization as measured by formations of cities and written language Nomadic until arrivalOf Europeans 1492 AD1700 BC -1027 BC Shang Dynastywriting on oracle bonesUruk Period 3500 BC – 3000 BC Maya 1000 BC – 1521 AD Aztec 1200 AD – 1521 ADEgypt Early Dynasty3100 BC – 2500 BCUruk Period 3500 – 3000 BC Cities first emerge in the Area of Southern Babylon.Mesopotamia Period 3000 – 2000 BC Capital City at UrSecular TimelineEgypt Early Dynasty3100 – 2700 BCEgypt Old Kingdom2700 – 2000 BCBiblical TimelineMahalalel3506 BCAdam & Eve3900 BCFlood 2245 BCNahor 2054 BCLamach 3027 BCTerah 2025 BCEnoch 3274 BCEnos 3666 BCNoah 2845 BCJared 3440 BCMethuselah 3214 BCSeth 3770 BCSecular TimelineAsia: Shang Dynasty 1700 – 1000 BC Mesopotamia Babylonian Period 2000 – 1500 BCThe Great States: 1500 – 1200 BCFall of the Great States:Hammurabi 1763 BC1200 – 900 BCBabylonia, Anatolia, MesopotamiaEgypt Middle Kingdom 2000 – 1700 BCEgypt New Kingdom 1700 – 1000 BCTutmoses III 1479 BCRamesses II 1213 BCThe Judges 1363 - 1050 BCBiblical TimelineThe Kings 1050 - 721Enter the Promise Land 1408 BCAbraham1955 BCExodus 1450 BCJoseph 1704 BCMoses 1530 BCTower of BabelIsaac 1855 BCJacob 1795 BCSamuelRuthEhudTola & JairSampsonDeborahGideonSaulAsia: Zhou Dynasty 1000 BC – 221 BC/South America: Maya 1000 BC – 1521 AD Assyrian World Domination 900 BC - 626BCPersian World Domination 539 BC - 323BCSecular TimelineBabylon Domination 626 BC- 539 BCUpper & Lower EgyptSplit 1000 BCPersians ConquerEgypt 525 - 323Assyria AttacksEgypt 700 BCFall of the Northern Kingdom (Israel) to Assyria in 710 BCJosiah’sReformation628 BCEzra returns to Jerusalem from Babylon 458 BCNehemiah goes to Jerusalem & Rebuilds the walls 445 BCNehemiah returned to Babylon 433 BCNehemiah returns to Jerusalem ? BCJeremiah600 BCEzekiel580 BCIsrael/JudeaDivided Kingdom933 BCDavid King1003 - 970 BCSolomon 970 BCJudea saved by miracle from Assyria in 710 BCFall of Southern Kingdom (Judea) to Babylon in 586 BCBiblical TimelineAsia: 221 BC beginning of the Great Wall (Qin Dynasty); Han Dynasty 206 BC – 8 A.D.Asia: Shang Dynasty 1700 – 1000 BC Secular TimelineHellenistic Greece Empire323 BC - 200 BCRoman Empire200 BC– 500 ADRomans Conquer Egypt 30 BC – 646 ADGreeks conquer Egypt 323 BC – 200 BCPtolemaic Dynasty200 BC – 30 BCJews in the Diaspora. Writing of the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books: Susanna [Daniel] 90 BC, Prayer of Azariah 175 BC, Bel and the Dragon 50 BC, Esther addition 50 BC, 1st Esdras 50 BC, Judith 300 BC, Wisdom of Solomon 50 BC, Sirach 180 BC, Baruch 180 BC, Letter of Jeremiah 50 BC, 1 Maccabees 103 BC, 2 Maccabees 100 BCEBiblical TimelineDestruction of the Temple70 ADDestruction Of Jerusalem136 ADConstantine makes Christianity the official religion of Rome AD 330The Empire is permanently Divided 395 ADSecular TimelineRomans persecute ChristiansStarting with Nero in AD 86 – AD 313New Testament Writings 40 AD – 85 ADTime of Heresies & SchismsMarcion - Rejected the OT & issued a NT of Luke + 10 letters Gnosticism - redeemer revealed away for souls to return to the spiritual world150 AD – 325 ADRatificationof the Cannon397 ADThe Nicene Creed325 ADChristians kicked out of the SynagogueDeath & Resurrection 30 ADBirth of Jesus 2 BCBiblical TimelineSecular TimelineThe loss of Northern Europe to Francia 550 AD – 800 ADFall of Rome410 ADLose of Southern & Eastern Mediterraneanto Islam 650 AD – 800 ADMahmoud AD 570 - AD 632Internal Political and Theological battles (mostly East vs. West)Christian Reaction to Islam incursion 650 – 800 ADBoniface I became the 1st “papal vicar” of Rome418-422 ADEstablishment Of the EasternOrthodox Catholic Church3rd ResponseRealisticAssessmentPositioning1st ResponseA chastisementfor sinsRepentance2nd ResponseApocalypticinterpretationPrepareBiblical TimelineMap circa 800 ADThe Dark AgesSeljuk Turks take Palestine and Jerusalem 1070-71Continuous Battles between Islam & ChristianityThe Holy Roman Empire was aGerman Empire established in962 ADCaliph Al-HakimStarts campaignTo convert allJews & Christians1009 ADSecular TimelinePapal revival Under Leo IX1049Schism betweenEast & West 10543rd Crusade1187-921stCrusade1096-992ndCrusade1147-49DictatusPapae1075Biblical TimelineEurope Main Map at the Beginning of the Year 1200The PlagueKilled1/3rdofPopulation1347-51Shakespeare: 1564-1616The Renaissance: 1350-1550Secular TimelineAristotle’scorpusbecameavailableIntellectual revival and establishment of universitiesThe beginningof theage ofreasonLeonardo da Vinci1452 to1519NiccolòMachiavelli1469 to1527Invention of Printing Press 1450Henry VIIIBreaks withRome 1538The SpanishArmada1588Rodger BaconintroducesMath, science& Philosophyinto religiousStudy 1285ThomasAquinas’NaturalTheology1268The 1400 began a time of financial corruption in the church/stateMartin Luther1483 –1546John Calvin1509-1564The 4th to8thCrusades1202-71 Protestants attempt to define themselves after Luther & CalvinBiblical TimelineEurope Main Map at the Beginning of the Year 1600AmericanRevolution1776Rene DescartesDiscourse on Reason163730 YearsWar16181648Rene DescartesDiscourse on Reason1637Frances Willard 1839-1898Women’s Christian Temperance David HumeExperienceonly source of knowledge1711-76Secular TimelineWW I1914 –1918WW II1939 –1945French Revolution1789Beginning of PietismMovement 1606John Wesley 1703-1791)Carl BarthDialectical TheologyTheology of Crisis1930’s & 40’sJohn Locke Reasonableness of Christianity 1695Albert SchweitzerIntroducesBiblical criticalMethods 1875-1965VoltaireandDeism 1763Karl Marx 1818-1883 Biblical TimelineEmergence of Puritanism in England 1603Europe Main Map at the Beginning of the Year 2000
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