Bernice B Donald Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

,~o-to aev. irzoo4 I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2008 2. Court or Organization Western Tennessee 5. RcportType (check appropriate type) C) Nomination, O h~idat Date (~) Annual 0 lqnal ~,epo~ Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (s v.s.c, app. §§ lOZ-n z~ 3. Date of Report 07/14/2009 6. Reporting Period 01101/2009 to 12/3112009 ¯ Person Reporting (Last nm~e. First name. Middle initial) Donald,, Bernice B 4. Title (Article 111 Judges indicate active or senior sta
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  ,~o-to I FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT ~,epo~ Required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 aev. irzoo4 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2008 (s v.s.c, app. §§ lOZ-n z~ ¯ Person Reporting (Last nm~e. First name. Middle initial) 2. Court or Organization 3. Date of ReportDonald,, Bernice BWestern Tennessee07/14/20094. Title (Article 111 Judges indicate active or senior status;5. RcportType (check appropriate type) 6. Reporting Period magistrate judg, es indicate full- or part-time) C) Nomination,Date01101/2009 U. S. District Judge - Active to O h~idat (~) Annual 0 lqnal 12/3112009 7. Chambers or Office Address 8. On the basis of the infom~ation contained in this Report znd anymodifications pertaining thereto, it is, in my opinion, in complianceUnited States District Courtwith applicable laws and regulations.167 N. Main Street, #951 Revie,,ving Officer Date Memphis, TN 38103 . ¯ ~ %i.:’i~..~.y. ,-?. , ’..:::~.,:. ~’,’i..?: : ..... ’:~.’:’.: ’..’-..:’.~;.,’ .,’ ’ ’. ’ ~’’ : .:~’ , IMPORTANJ NO~ES: The instructions accompanying this form must be followed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each part where you have no reportable information. Sign on last page. I. POSITIONS. (Repmling individual only; see pp. 9-13 of filing instructions) [] NONE - (No reportable positions.] NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY I. Vice-President American Bar Association 2. Member, Advisory Committee -Justice PrizePeter & Patricia Gruber Foundation Committee 3. Secretary & Member, Board of Governors American Bar Association ,, ~~ 4. Prize Committee Member Peter and Patricia Grnber ~ 5. Board MemberAmerican Bar Journal Magazine ~ :~ . r- ....-o F~:: 6. Stax Museum and Academy Board Member ~ ~..: CD ~~ II. AGREEMENTS, (Reporting individual only; see pp, 14-16 of filing instructions) ~ NONE - Iso r~pon.~h~e ~r~eement.~.) ~ATEPART~S AND TERMS I. Donald Bernice B.  FINANCIAL DISCLOSlYRE REPORT Name Donald,, Bernice B 07/1412009 III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. lI~eOo.~g i,~di,i~.a~ a~d spo,s~; see Or. ~7-24 of n~ing inst,~ctio~sl A. Flier’s Non-Investment Income ~ NONE - tNo reDortablenon-investment income.’~ ~ SOURCI~ AND TYPE GROSS INCOME {)’ouI.~, nol I. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income(If you were married during any portion ofthe reporting year, please complete this section. Dollar amount not required excepl for honoraria.) NO~NTE - (No reportable non-investment income.)I)ATE SOLI~,CE AN[)TYPE W. REIMBURSEMENTS --tra,lsportation. lode_ins, rood, cnteo.ainmcnt. (Includes those to spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 of instructions.) ..... NONE . (No such reportable rcimbursemcms.) DESCRIPTION I. American Bar AssociationFeb. 10-17, Boston, MA; Mtg of Board of Governors. (Transportation, food & lodging) 2. American Law Institute/American Bar AssociationMarch 5-7 Employment Law Program (Transportation and food) Lodging billed to entity.(ALI_ABA) 3. NYU Center for Labor & Employment Law March 19 Employment Law program for federal judges; (Transportation, food, and Iodgktg) 4, American Bar Association, Business Law SectionApril 16-18, Vancouver, Canada; Section meeting and educational program. Transportation, food, and lodging) 5. American Bar AssociationApril 21, Washington, D. C. Executive Committee mtg (Food, lodging, and transportation) 6, Best Lawyers in AmericaApril 24, Atlanta, GA Panelist on Ethics program (Transportation)  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N~me of Person Reporting Date ufRepml Donald,, Bernice B 07/14,r2009 IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -tr-~nsport~ion, ~o~gi,~g, roo,~, entertainment. (Includes those to spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 of instructions.) NONE - (No such reportable reimbursements.I SOURCE_ DESCRIPTtQN 7. Gruber FoundationApril 27, New Yor~, NY (Committee meeting to select prize recipient) (Trnsportation, lodging,and food 8. American Bar FoundationMay 7-8; Chicago, IL; Board Meeting (Transportation, lodging, and food) 9. National Institute on E. DiscoveryMay 22; Chicago, II (Educational program-speaker) (Trassportation and food) 10. Seattle Pacific Bar AssociationJune 4-5, Seattle, WA; Labor and Employment Conference; (Transorlation, food and lodging) 1 I. American Bar Association June 5-6; Vancouver, B. C.;.lournal Board of Editors meeting; (Transportation, food and lodging) 12. American Bar AssociationJune I I-14; Silverado, CA; Board of Governors meeting (Transportation, food, and lodging) 13. iLlinois Judges AssociationJune 15; Urbana, Champaign, II; Educational presentation Io state court judges (Transportation,and food) 14. American Bar AssociationJuly 30-August 6; Chicago, II; Annual meeting ; Board of Governors meeting; (Transportation, food, and lodging) 15. American Bar AssociationSeptember 9-12; Journal Board of Editors and Section Officers meeting; Chicago, 11(Transportation, food, and lodging) 16. Peter g’ Patricia Gruber Foundation September 24; Birmingham, AL; Justice Prize presentation (Transportation, food, and lodging) 17. American Bar AssociationOctober 29-November 1; Board of Governors meeting; (Transportation, food and lodging)  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT N~n~ ot’P¢~on Reposing D~ o~’Repo,~ Donald,, Bernice B07/14!2009 V, GIFTS, (Includes those to spouse and dependent chikh-¢n. S~e p].~. 2~-31 ofinstruetions.) ~ ~]O~E - INo SLlCh reportable gifts.) SOIIRCE DESCRIPTIONVALUE I. None VI. LIABILITIES. (Includes those of spouse and dependent children. See pp. 32-34 orinstructions.) ~i ~%~’ONE - ~,No reporlable liabilities.) CREDITOR DESCRIPTION VALUE CODE 1.
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